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Mining in Palawan has pitted indigenous peoples against tribal leaders who have allowed big companies to mine their ancestral lands. The mental anxiety and stress brought by these conflicts also have a cost. 

A nickel mine is on the brink of a major expansion in Mt. Bulanjao, a rainforest system considered by indigenous peoples as their ancestral home and protected by a Palawan conservation law.

The Iloilo River, which was on the brink of being “biologically dead” a decade ago, is again teeming with marine life and biodiversity. Two tributary creeks – Dungon Creek and Calajunan Creek – threaten the health of the rest of the waterway, however.

Palawan Quicksilver Mines ceased mercury mining operations in 1976 and a community settled in the abandoned mining site. Four decades later, in 2017, the residents were found to have long been suffering from various ailments linked to mercury poisoning.