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On May 13, 2019, three in every four or 46.9 million of the nation’s total registered voters of 61.8 million cast their ballot. This means, however, that nearly a quarter, or one in every four of all registered voters, failed to claim or exercise their right to suffrage – or to vote and be voted to public office. How has this default affected the results for good or ill of the last elections? And what better things could have happened, if only more voters were more engaged?

Whoever steps down among “the Gods of Padre Faura” – and all judges and justices in the Philippines, in fact – gets to take home a stash of cash and a bagful of fancy tokens. But the recent parade of short-term Supreme Court justices is costing taxpayers a lot more in terms of payable retirement benefits.

One has been chosen but who is the fairest, fittest of them all? Three associate justices of the Supreme Court were nominated to the chief justice's post. What vision, judicial philosophy, body of jurisprudence, and character do they offer? Read back to know!

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