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Luzviminda Siapo refuses to cremate her son’s remains, even if it will eliminate the lease requirements she could not afford. 'Ang gusto ko pag namatay ako pagsamahin ang buto namin, para man lang makasama ko ang anak ko ulit. Yan ang pangarap ko–magkasama kami sa libing.'

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Democracy is vulnerable to authoritarian assault because it is a promise that is hard to keep. If people fall for the Golden Age fantasy, it’s because democracy itself seems like another fantasy. Democrats — with a small “d”— make lofty speeches about freedom and equality but the reality falls far short. Democracy requires the taming of self-interest and greed so there can be equity and inclusiveness, dialogue and mutual respect. Democracy cannot flourish if the soil from which it rises is poisoned by injustice and division. It requires constant tending, especially in the seasons of discontent.

Marawi Bishop Edward Dela Peña’s phone rang before 8 p.m. on May 23, 2017. It was his secretary’s number calling. The bishop was away and had been waiting for news all afternoon, praying fervently that church workers at the Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Marawi were safe from the violence unfolding in the city. 'To my surprise, it was the voice of an angry man on the other line. He was already giving me his demands.'