This is part of the podcast series produced by the PCIJ in 2006 to mark the 20th year of the 1986 People Power. Check our page Remembering Edsa here



'We could not stay as bystanders'


Tessy Ang See learned her husband had liver cancer on the second day of Edsa. Chin Ben See put off going to the doctor, saying the fight against Marcos could not wait, so the couple continued discreetly collecting donations for the revolt from Chinese Filipinos who were afraid to be seen openly in support of the rebellion. Chin Ben See died nine months later, but Tessy pursued his dream of integrating the Tsinoy community into the mainstream of Philippine society. She became the community's spokesperson as kidnappers targeted the ethnic Chinese, who were seen as the new kings of post-Edsa prosperity.


Photographs by Lilen Uy

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