This is part of a podcast series produced by the PCIJ in 2006 to mark the 20th year of the 1986 People Power. Check our page Remembering Edsa here



'It's not just the leadership that must change. The people, too, must change.'


Eggie Apostol was publisher of the opposition daily, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, when People Power broke out. One of the leading lights of the "mosquito press" that published reports that could not come out in the Marcos-controlled media, Apostol was also the founder of the bestselling Mr. & Ms. Special Edition that printed uncensored follow-up stories on the 1983 Aquino assassination. In 1999, in reaction to President Joseph Estrada's attempts to clamp down on the press, she put out Pinoy Times. 


Photograph by Lilen Uy

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