This is part of the podcast series produced by the PCIJ in 2006 to mark the 20th year of the 1986 People Power. Check our page Remembering Edsa here



'What I'm fighting for today is an extension of what I fought for before'


Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda a fish vendor at the age of five to help feed her family. But she grew up to become Kumander Liway, renowned throughout Negros for her exploits as a communist guerrilla. Arrested in 1982, when she was eight months pregnant, Oebanda was released with other political prisoners after Marcos fell. Moved by the tragedy of the flood in Ormoc, Leyte that killed 8,000 people in 1991, the former rebel helped form the Visayan Forum to raise funds for the victims. 


Photographs by Lilen Uy

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