SENATOR-JUDGE Joker Arroyo lashed out at impeachment prosecutors for allegedly misleading the public when they released a list of 45 properties allegedly owned by Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona and his wife Cristina.

Arroyo also admonished Land Registration Authority administrator Eulalio Diaz for providing the list to the prosecution. The prosecution had attached the list in its request for a subpoena of documents to be used in the impeachment trial. The list was also made public to the media in the first half of January.

Defense lawyers had presented Diaz as a witness in the impeachment trial in order to debunk the list of properties that he himself had earlier provided to the prosecutors.

Diaz confirmed that he was the source of the list of 45 properties that prosecutors had submitted to the impeachment court detailing the alleged properties of Corona and his wife Cristina.

Prosecutors have since admitted that the original list was bloated, as some of the titles in the list had already been cancelled. The actual list of Corona properties, prosecutors said, is now down to 21 properties.

Defense counsel Noel Lazaro said that at least 17 of the 45 properties in the list Diaz had given the prosecution have had their original titles cancelled because they had already been sold to other people.

Of the original 45 properties, Lazaro said that further grilling of Diaz would whittle the number down to only five properties. For example, Lazaro said, the defense had already proven that at least seven properties had been sold to Demetrio Vicente, who had earlier testified before the impeachment court.

Diaz for his part said that the original list of 45 properties was generated through a computerized search of LRA records.

Senator-Judge Jinggoy Estrada asked why the LRA had not double checked the list before releasing it to the prosecution, which in turn released the list to the media.

Estrada also noted that Diaz had been a grade school classmate of President Benigno S. Aquino III, who has been supportive of the impeachment of Corona.

Senator-Judge Joker Arroyo complained of the cavalier attitude of Diaz. Arroyo said that the original list Diaz had released to the prosecution had already given the impression that Corona really owned 45 properties, when it was clear that the list was inaccurate and should have been trimmed first.

Arroyo said Diaz should have been more careful in screening the titles allegedly owned by the Coronas and requested by the prosecution. Arroyo said he was bothered by this “unfair” and “cavalier” treatment of the list.

Diaz said he was only asked for land titles that were linked to Corona. He said he expected that there would be further requests for “track-backs” or requests for more information on the titles.

Arroyo also castigated the prosecution panel, saying that they should at least have double checked and trimmed the list of 45 titles before it was released to media. For example, Arroyo said, there were some names in the list of 45 properties that were clearly not Coronas.

“Publicly stating that (list), and media repeating it, is terribly unfair. You present that there are 45 properties of Chief Justice Corona while the defense says they have only 5. How come when you received this letter (from Diaz), certain items I have read were not registered in the name of the couple, why did you announce to media that the Corona couple owned 45 properties?” Arroyo asked prosecutors.

“You misled the public. When you announced the 45, is that fair? When you say a person owns 45 and you are unsure, and in an impeachment proceeding?” Arroyo said.




3 Responses to Arroyo to prosecutors:
You misled the public



March 20th, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Haste makes waste, that’s the lesson for the prosecution. This does not however absolve Corona’s propensity for hiding his assets, properties and monies. I still adhere to, ” If he has nothing to hide, why not just come out in the open and explain all his assets. Why issue a TRO, SC administrative gag order, and land titles not transferred after 20 years. It’s easy to manufacture evidences specially if the person in question holds a lot of power and the sale among relatives. Why allow the country to waste time and resources if he is absolutely clean? It just goes to show that Corona is out there for himself. If he truly loves the country and is innocent, he will not allow the country’s resources to be wasted.

If Corona respects his office, he should just come out in the open. This could be settled in less than an hour. Explaining and justifying why his SALN is not show factually his assets. He should be a model of truthfulness and transparency being the chief justice. He is hiding under technicalities, suppression and 20-year old deeds of sale un-processed. Who can believe his truthfulness at this point? Al the evidences don’t resonate with the public because he is not showing his face.



March 21st, 2012 at 5:45 pm

So should the rest of the public officials. Starting with Noynoying himself. Funny that you invoke “truthfulness and honesty” when you speak of Corona. Have you ever asked why Noynoying is after Corona’s head? HACIENDA LUISITA. The case of HACIENDA LUISITA is an outright example of dishonesty, greed, deception, corruption—perpetrated by the family of Noynoying. YET Pinoys like you will turn a blind eye and perpetuate the myth that this family is saintly. No wonder your country is doomed. HACIENDA LUISITA—proves that Pinoys are shallow and intellectually-combust. They are incapable of instrospection and will likely SWALLOW what ABiasCBN and PNoy-Dictated Insights (PDI) will tell them.

I am witnessing the death of your nation.


Ruby Gonzales

March 26th, 2012 at 7:49 am

Mr. Gabby, you hail from what country? It astounds me how people so easily swallow the BS and pr spin put out by the Corona supporters. So the sitting president’s motive for getting rid of this hack-turned-judge is to keep his family’s hacienda? Really?

Corona was a midnight appointment by the former president who has been accused of election fraud. I’m not updated on her case so I don’t know if she has been charged with corruption yet. But this woman, her family and their cronies allegedly enriched themselves while in office. They have denied the allegations of course.
As to Hacienda Luisita. You probably saw the slick YouTube video posted by a pro-Macapagal-Arroyo and pro-Marcos person. Don’t tell me you bought it?
That whole land grab was done by the current president’s grandfather and their generation. If I were the president, I would make sure to point out that whatever happens to that land has nothing to do with me even if I come from the family who owns it. End of story and trumped up controversy.
On a side note, you really need to stop making sweeping statements about Filipinos based on what stance they take on certain issues. Do the rest of the world label Americans idiots because some of them belong to the Tea Party group and act like sheep? Of course not.
What nationality are you? Are you a Filipino who migrated to another country, changed his citizenship and now feels he can sneer at other Filipinos? Or perhaps you really are someone from another country who bases his knowledge of Filipinos solely through online articles and blog posts. Either way, you need to read up more on the culture, meet and interact with Filipinos before you make dire predictions about a certain group.
For the record, I was born in the Philippines and moved to America.My family was anti-Marcos long before it was fashionable and paid the price under Martial Law.. We are not balimbings and I do know who are the cronies under Marcos and Macapagal-Arroyo.

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