THE INFORMATION contained in the client signature card allegedly filled out by Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is “authentic,” according to Philippine Savings Bank president Pascual Garcia III.

During a grilling by Presiding Officer Juan Ponce Enrile, Garcia however stressed that there were differences in the way that some of the information was “indicated.”

“The information is authentic,” Garcia said. “The way that some of the information is indicated is different.”

Pressed by Enrile to explain how the document was leaked from the bank vaults, Garcia said he had “no explanation.”

“It would all be speculation,” Garcia said.

Pressed further by Enrile for more details on the document, Garcia said that “the personal details (in the document) are authentic up to a certain point; but there are differences.”

Prosecutors had attached the photocopy of a document that appeared to be the client signature card of Renato Corona for a dollar account with PSBank in their request for a subpoena of more bank documents.

The document has become controversial for two reasons: first, PSBank officials have been insisting that the document was “fake” or “spurious” because there were some differences between the prosecution’s photocopy and the original that was still in the bank; secondly, prosecutors still have not been able to explain to the impeachment court how they came across a confidential document that is supposed to be protected by either the bank secrecy act or the foreign currency deposits act.

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