Metro Manila-based officials like to think of themselves as among the most progressive and liberal politicians in the country, as the Metro is the home to the national government and most other democratic institutions. But in a survey conducted by interns of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism over the summer, Metro Manila’s local executives were proven to be very conservative, even regressive, when it comes to respecting the citizens’ right to know and right to be informed of their local governments’ affairs.

PCIJ interns went the rounds of the Metro’s 16 cities and lone municipalities to find out if ordinary people can test the right to information that is guaranteed by both the 1987 Constitution and several other laws including the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials, or R.A. 6713.

The video story above was produced with the assistance of PCIJ interns Anne Jeanette O. Priela, Krystal Kay S. Jimena, David Faustino T. de Castro, Essen Mei M. Miguel, Henor G. Gotis, Eric H. Rivera, and Stephanie Directo.

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