In cyberspace today, a virtual “Star Wars” movie is unraveling, as candidates for national office launch take-no-prisoners campaigns to win friends and voters.

By the accounts of bloggers and techies, some candidates have taken to launching black or grey operations on the Internet to either boost their presence and influence or undermine the campaign of their opponents.

Perhaps George Lucas himself would not have foreseen it: his sci-fi opus that tells of Sith Lords and Death Stars would play out in real life in the Philippines, with the candidates and their campaign staff taking on the role of producers and directors.

It’s all part of the courtship, or in truth, seduction, of the people on the Web, a platform that until now remains outside the purview of election laws in the country.

To be sure, the situation has sparked a new awareness among bloggers about the ethical dilemmas they now face, and possible threats of regulation that they might soon have to grapple with.

A sidebar story “Web of threats,” talks about legal and regulatory threats that are stalking online communities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

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online around 2010 elections


The revolution will not be won by tweets alone | The Pro Pinoy Project

October 7th, 2010 at 9:51 am

[…] Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism called it, “Death Stars, black hats online around 2010 elections.”  The people on the Web, the article suggested were seduced by the campaigns.  The piece […]

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