Alecks Pabico made a huge dent in the Philippine online journalism scene, so it came as no surprise that there was an outpouring of tributes from various bloggers and online journalists for the PCIJ’s former multimedia editor. Here are a few of them.

J. Angelo Racoma

“Alecks was often cited as a resource for striking a balance between blogging and journalism. After all, he is primarily a journalist, with years and years of experience with investigative journalism, starting from his University days. He then moved on to be a part of the PCIJ, which was known for its fearless fact-finding and reportage, especially in a country with a record of journalism-related violence. Alecks is a big supporter of the use of technology and multimedia in journalism. He was largely responsible for bringing the PCIJ online, particularly the PCIJ blog, which had risen to its peaks during periods of high profile political scandals in the Philippines.

“But apart from the serious professional Alecks is known to be, some would perhaps know him best for his lighter takes on life. His humor is subtle, but profound. I guess I can strongly relate to him in that regard.”

Cha Felix

“I have been reading and hearing his name in a lot of journalism forum and symposia, but the first time I saw him was in GMA 7’s special documentary show for Presidentiables–Isang Tanong (he was PCIJ’s representative then). After that show, I became his fan.

“I remember about two years ago when we were required by our Journalism Professor, Gil Santos to attend a Journalism Event. It was like an awarding for outstanding journalists. He was a foot away from me and I can’t even say ‘Hi.’ I just smiled. And that was the last time I saw him, because after that I changed career.

“I have learned what human rights is because of him. I’ve learned how to be a journalist because of him. And wherever you are Sir Alecks rest assured that you will be remembered.”

Danny Arao

“Alecks and I joined the news section of Kule in the late 1980s. If memory serves, I was just a few months ahead of him.

“He was my best friend even if we were the complete opposites – Alecks was funny and level-headed, I was serious and hard-headed. Alecks was always smiling and sometimes self-deprecating, I was always unsmiling and sometimes self-conscious. If our sense of humor were like a beer, Alecks’ jokes are Red Horse (extra strong, on target!) while mine are Super Dry (corny, off the mark!)

“How could one forget his countless jokes and pranks? Let me give you a classic example: One day, he found a bat on campus, brought it to the Kule office and borrowed a friend’s paper fan. He put the bat on the conference table near him and covered it with the fan. For every person who would enter the Kule office – the door was very near the conference room – he would request him or her to hand him the fan. I could still see the smile on his face when someone shouts or curses upon seeing the dead bat underneath the fan. He would then ask his victim to sit beside him and wait for the next one. If I recall correctly, I was Alecks’ third victim.”

Robert JA Basilio, Jr.

“Alecks was so loved that hours after he died on Wednesday last week, funeral arrangements were already being prepared by an ad hoc committee composed of his friends — an ADB consultant, a UP law professor, a litigator, and myself, a drunkard.

“Although I fail to remember having to volunteer for such a responsibility, I took to the mission with much aplomb since it involved free alcoholic drinks upon its successful completion.

“Moreover, it was my only way of paying tribute to Alecks, one of the gentlest, funniest people I have known (and I say that as someone who excoriates the living, the dead, and other half-dead entities whose only contributions to this planet are hot air and carbon emissions).”

Roy Choco

“Una sa lahat, nais kong ipabatid ang aking pakikiramay sa pamilya ni Alecks Pabico. Hindi ko siya kakilala pero nung may isinulat ako tungkol kay Dr. Escultura, yung article ni Alecks ang nagbigay ng lakas ng loob sa akin para magpatuloy sa pagsusulat tungkol doon.

“Kanina ko lang nalaman na pumanaw na pala si Alecks Pabico, nanlumo ako dahil isa itong malaking kawalan sa Pilipinas. Isang mabuting tao at manunulat ang nawala sa ating bayan.”

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