JESSE Robredo is running for mayor for the sixth and last time this May. The reform-minded local chief executive of Naga, Bicolandia’s premier city, is acknowledged as a paragon in local governance. But he surprised everyone when he announced at the last minute that his wife is also running for mayor.

The move, he assured supporters though, was no trapo masterstroke to build a political dynasty, as it is meant only to counter efforts to disqualify him by the camp of the Villafuertes. He also says this will be the last election that he will be involved in.

The disqualification case assails Robredo’s Filipino citizenship — a recurring question almost every election. Though previous cases were dismissed, three times by the Commission on Elections, including one by the poll body en banc, Robredo fears that the Comelec would give due course to the petition this time.

In this podcast, the Naga City mayor talks in greater detail about the citizenship cases filed against him, what he thinks are his administration’s legacies, the lessons he learned from his exposure to politics and governance, the worst criticisms he has faced, and his plans once he retires from public life.

Listen to the interview:

Part 1
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Part 2
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3 Responses to Mixing politics and good governance



April 30th, 2007 at 5:48 pm

is Robredo running unopposed? if not, how can it be beneficial to his candidacy if his wife runs also? it would mean he and his wife will have to share the votes of their supporters and this will be to the advantage of his opponent. unless Robredo withdraws from the race and let his wife run instead.


Alecks P. Pabico

April 30th, 2007 at 7:57 pm

Please read my report, Jr_lad. Robredo is facing a disqualification case filed against him by Jojo Villafuerte, who lost to Robredo in 2004 and is running against him again in the coming elections.

The move, Robredo says, is to ensure that Villafuerte will still have an opponent should the Commission on Elections give due course to the pending disqualification case against him.



May 3rd, 2007 at 1:19 pm

of course Alecks, sorry to miss that. Villafuerte is the complainant so he should be the opponent… and a tough one.

my point is, what will happen if the case against Robredo is dismissed as what happened in the past (i wonder about his lack of confidence after winning against the same case 3x already)? it means there will be two Robredos running. is there enough time for his wife to back-out just in case the case against him is junked for the 4th time? but judging on how the present comelec decides cases, a ruling or final decision could happen after the election (just take the case of peter cayetano). in my opinion, he just put himself in a very disadvantageous position with that move. while other candidates are vehemently protesting the presence of namesakes on the same race, Robredo just did the opposite by letting his wife joined the race. are the voters in Naga smart enough not to waste their votes through technicalities? his opponent should thank him for that move.

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