WHEN Bulacan Governor Josie de la Cruz asked her brother to run as barangay captain in Bocaue, people knew that Joselito ‘Jonjon’ Mendoza was being groomed to take her place in 2007.

He now sits as an ex-officio member of the Bulacan Provincial Board and is up against former governor Roberto Pagdanganan and incumbent Vice governor Rely Plamenco this May.

The images above show posters of the governor and her brother Jonjon. The New Year posters, for example, are found right in front of the Bulacan capitol. Now similar campaign posters litter the capitol’s front yard.

One month before the campaign period, bright yellow calendar posters with the words, “Ang Bagong Bulakenyo, Naglilingkod at Maglilingkod pa!”, were distributed all over the province.

Also, the capitol had the bicycles under the governor’s “Bisikleta, Bilis Kita” program covered with tarpaulin bearing photos of de la Cruz and Mendoza. The program has over 3,000 beneficiaries.

The brother also has a large billboard in front of the capitol, advertising the province’s program on youth employment. The project’s slogan was named after Jonjon: “Job Opportunity Networking, Job Opens to New Entrepreneurs.”

De la Cruz herself has programs named after her – Project JOSIE, JOSIE Leadership, JOSIE Barangay, and JOSIE vans (mobile training teams for out of school youths). She also has Negoskoop, or “Tulong ni Gob sa Negosyo ng Koop Program.”

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April 21st, 2007 at 9:51 pm

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May 2nd, 2007 at 11:09 pm

I worked for the Cebu City government before and was given the chance to visit the province of Bulacan. I was surprised and amazed of how organized and systematic their procedures are. Frankly, i havent been to a government office as systematic and shall I say, as hi-tech as bulacan. I commend Governor Dela Cruz for setting the vision and for working hard to achieve it. The province of bulacan is a very good example of a government that’s not afraid to adapt to changes and implement new technology. What’s very noteworthy also is the provincial government’s aim to continuously improve their employees’ capability by giving incentives for well-performing employees. This is not very common with government agencies. Visiting bulacan’s provincial government was like visiting a private institution.



May 2nd, 2007 at 11:52 pm

Kudos to Bulacan to its thrive to champion in e-governance. I’ve always been an enthusiast to their so-called ‘paperless bureaucracy’. Who wouldn’t want to cut the cost of paper? Their effective and efficient information systems empower their governance. Thus, helping them better serve their constituents. These, are just one of the few things that’s making other local government units crave to replicate.

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