IT was by far the longest, most applauded, highly interactive and technology-driven state of the nation address that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has so far delivered. The clear intent, according to Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, was to depart from the regular monotony of her past SONAs and to allow the people “to visualize and not just listen to the President’s report on her accomplishments in the past five years and the job ahead to move the country forward.”

Going by the thunderous response that almost every sentence Arroyo uttered got, the SONA as an entertainment form did reach new heights yesterday. Never mind that the ones who seem to have been entertained the most were those in the gallery which, to begin with, was filled to capacity by the Arroyo faithful — local government officials in particular who, upon hearing their names mentioned, displayed the same shallow jubilation of the common folk at being greeted on FM radio or national TV. (At least there we can say that we are all mababaw.)

Those who watched the address also attested to being treated — sarcasm or none — to a Powerpoint lesson in Philippine geography, as well as to the spectacle of sports celebrities and beauty queens.

It was just the right theatrics that lent itself perfectly to a political event, despite Arroyo’s disavowal of political matters in her address this year. Triumphal and confident, her SONA sounded very much like an election campaign speech than an accomplishment report as she promised one mega infrastructure after another to prop up her long dreamt about mega regions, generously mentioning the names of her political allies in the process in a tacit endorsement of their candidacies in the next elections.

“This could be the new face of patronage,” quipped Rep. Imee Marcos, probably reminded by the uncanny resemblance to the practice that her father raised to an art form under martial law. It’s easy to dismiss a dictator’s daughter. But could her assessment be farther from the truth?

Because what then does it make of those whose names never got mentioned? For political analyst Ramon Casiple, it’s a clear signal to her political allies and opponents alike that Malacañang is already preparing for the 2007 elections.

Even Sergio Ortiz-Luis, chair emeritus of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, got the same sense upon listening to Arroyo’s SONA. Remarking that Arroyo is “either a master politician or a good economist,” the businessman said her project-laden speech has won her the solid support not only of the heads of local government units but of voters at the local level less than a year before the mid-term elections.

“How can her candidate lose at the local level, especially if these projects come through? These will mean jobs for everyone there,” said Ortiz-Luis in a recent Inquirer interview.

Or if not the 2007 elections, then the more immediate matter now in the hands of congressmen — the impeachment complaints against Arroyo.

For this reason, the impeachment case is practically doomed, says Casiple. Because who else outside of the minority bloc will endorse the complaint and risk losing Malacañang’s patronage? At the same time, there is an open invitation — spelled out in “why pick up old fights when we can join hands instead?” — being extended to the political opposition to join her bandwagon so it can share in the spoils.

Reference to putting an end to the reign of “Imperial Manila” in the SONA therefore becomes a mere function of rhetoric as patronage — in the form of big-ticket infrastucture projects — will assuredly still flow from the Palace by the Pasig River.

In this light, Arroyo’s SONA, for all its triumphalist tone, is also somehow an admission of defeat, albeit veiled, that the Palace efforts to amend the Constitution via the people’s initiative route — with its no mid-term elections provision — have turned naught.

Even the so-called “The de Venecia Code” convening Congress into a constituent assembly (Con-Ass) to work on charter change is being abandoned, says Casiple. “They will still try until next month but with stumbling blocks in the Senate and the Supreme Court, they are now open to the holding of a Constitutional Convention.”

36 Responses to SONA heralds ‘new face of patronage’



July 25th, 2006 at 5:52 pm

The good thing about the recent SONA is that it made the filipinos dream and it acknowledged the efforts of our local leaders (athletes, a boxer and a beauty queen. For as long as the filipino stomach is hungry, to give them fantastic dreams could be a pallative solution. But until when?



July 25th, 2006 at 8:26 pm

You’re right Alecks, a new face of patronage. The people must now decide if they would be hoodwinked again by the administration and its minions. How many promises has the pretender in the palace made in the past and how many of those did she keep. Voter education is the only answer for now. The 2007 elections will be the barometer of the sentiment of the ordinary Filipino.



July 25th, 2006 at 10:51 pm

my local exec friend is still hopeful that chacha will push through this year and No-El will happen. i don’t know if they have a fifth ace in their sleeves…but somehow he’s confident enough to say it to me…fifth ace? that would be cheating…

hey, did she not allow herself to be proclaimed president by cheating? so what else is new?

they have a thing going to end the red tape in our outmoded constitution. they will push through with this by whatever means necessary. look at how careful the speechwriter avoided the use of the phrase charter change with its much maligned connotation. he instead used constitutional change to veil gloria’s ultimate goal of crafting the fundamental law to subscribe to her (as well as her minions’) whims and caprices…all for their survival; all for their self-perpetuation; all for their unending prosperity.

as chancellor palpatine* once said, all who gain power are afraid to lose it; even the jedi, so too our noble leaders (esp. gloria, who has grown to possess enormous power) are afraid their powers will eventually conk out. happen this must not…a thought racing through our noble leaders’ minds.

i don’t know what the fifth ace meant and i don’t know what promises are made to the local execs by the palace. definitely my friend won’t tell (he has no inkling probably?). but this he told me: charter change will push through, there will be no midyear elections next year as the elections will come in november 2007.

maybe the answer lies in the SONA: the mega infrastructure project outlined in gloria’s enlightening (as it brightens the minds of congressmen and local execs to big bucks in the form of kickbacks inevitably included in the project) SONA is a cunning way of enjoining a large proportion of our countrymen to her side…all in the name of progress, prosperity and unity. this will pave the way for the realization of her dreams.

pardon me, but this is not a new face of patronage. this is plain old DPWH corruption in the works…only in a much bigger scale with an in your face attitude…also a plain old cheating style incumbents are wont to commit…patronage politics of old, in short.

(but then again, is gloria really the legitimate incumbent? therefore, a plain old cheating style of the one who cheated her way to incumbency!)

i just hope and pray my local exec friend is wrong about his information.

*in star wars, the revenge of the sith; i quoted a sinister character to portray more of the evil in gloria & co.’s characters



July 26th, 2006 at 3:12 am

“This could be the new face of patronage,” quipped Rep. Imee Marcos…

Oh really? Words of wisdom from a Marcos. Sana ang buong angkan ninyo ay ma-kidnap at mapugutan ng ulo mga magnanakaw na animal!

Also, here’s what loud-mouth, know-it-all, Escudero had to offer as an alternative:

“Subjects like trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and algebra, should be taught only in college or as high school electives since these are not relevant to the everyday life of Filipinos…”PDI

Hoy Escudero, ikaw ba ay tanga o nagsasalita para lang mag ingay? Sigurado ka ba na irrelevant ang math sa buhay ng mga kabataan? If that is the case, no freaking wonder the majority of Filipinos have no idea how many years our society has been decaying with politicians like you around. Ikaw din, sana ma-kidnap at mapugutan ng ulo! TANGA!!!!


tongue in, anew

July 26th, 2006 at 5:43 am

In Jinggoy’s own contra-SONA, he divulges more lies attributed to the Great Economissed’s SONA. He says Gloria has not received any funds from Japan’s JBIC and the four ongoing projects JBIC has funded are not Gloria’s but Erap’s.

The Iloilo airport (Drilon’s pet project, to which inauguration Drilon invited Gloria to relocate Malacañang in Iloilo at the height of the Garci scandal, only to ask for her resignation a few days later, remember?), the Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway, the Mindanao Container Terminal, and the Camanava flood control project were all approved in 2000 and JBIC-funded, according to Jinggoy.

Akala ko si Makoy lang ninanakawan ng credit, napakadesperado namang pati si Erap, inaagawan din.

Kunsabagay, yung mga natapos na project na pinagbabanggit niya sa SONA, dahil wala na yatang maipakitang original na kanya, pati na barangay road, inari akala mo siya ang may pagawa.

Nakakahiya ka baka sa susunod na SONA pati pagpapasundot sa kanal ariin mo pa, Credit-grabber!


Global News Blog » Philippines - Ikaanim na impeachment complaint vs GMA inihain sa Kamara

July 26th, 2006 at 10:31 am

[…] SONA heralds new face of patronage Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Philippines – 17 hours agoIT was by far the longest, most applauded, highly interactive and technology-driven state of the nation address that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has so far … […]



July 26th, 2006 at 1:16 pm

I used to enjoy writing lots of comments in this forum. Not any more. Because there is too much negativism, unproductive criticisms, anger, hatred, sarcasm and fault-finding. Nothing is ever said any more about the good things behind the bad. Many foreign readers who come here for some news and who may not be quite knowledgeable or familiar, including fellow Filipinos living abroad, cannot fail to have the wrong perception, as there abundantly are, that this is the kind of breed the Filipinos are like today. It casts the wrong face of the Filipinos because of the impression that there is endless squabbling and fighting among ourselves. Because all we do is talk about politics. It would be totally unfair to have this sweeping impression on the Filipinos. It is just that some think with malice, some show genuine concerns, and still some stand for their convictions. Quickly forgotten, there are also an infinite number of Filipinos who want to do something better, something much greater than speaking out their angry minds, but to also bring something positive that will help raise this country to the next level which countless striving Filipinos are doing now … like this Englishman who kept his faith in the Filipinos.

With my profound apologies to PCIJ, please allow me to reprint this story because of its relevance to the situation. This story has long been making the rounds in the internet and perhaps may have reached some of you. I would like to share this beautiful story with those who have not. Thank you.


These days, it’s so fashionable to give in to the belief that this country is hopeless, that it’s catch as catch can and the devil take the hindmost.

But every once in a while, a story comes along that stands out because it highlights the best in every Filipino — the traits that we sometimes forget we have and that others have to see in us before we even remember that they exist.

Then, you realize that we’re only hopeless if we think we are. And that we can actually do something to improve the lives of the people around us if we set our minds to it.

Many people have heard of the story of Dylan Wilks, the rich young Englishman who started a life of improving the plight of poor, homeless Filipinos by selling his BMW to build cheap houses for 80 families. But few people really know what led Wilks to do what he did two years ago.

Now Wilks has settled in Manila, where he has become one of the most prominent endorsers of everything good in the Pinoy. He was interviewed recently by Bo Sanchez for Kerygma magazine, the alternative Christian glossy, which is published by Shepherd’s Voice.

Nowadays, when every politician seems to be talking about how to save the poor and the country without really doing anything, it’s nice to hear from someone who has actually dedicated his life to doing just that — one household at a time.

* * *
Dylan Wilks was born to a poor family. But at the young age of 20, he started a computer games company that made him a millionaire. Soon, Dylan operated in nine countries and ran his own TV channel. Then at the age of 25, Dylan sold his company for multi-million British pounds. He became the ninth richest person in the Great Britain under the age of 30.

But one night, while lying in bed, he was distressed by a nagging question that wouldn’t let him sleep. “God, why am I rich?”

He asked if there was a reason for his immense wealth. Ironically, he also felt terribly empty inside. This, despite his ability to have any kind of pleasure he wanted. He had just bought himself a brand-new Ferrari and took one holiday after another. But he was discovering that pleasure was like fire… it constantly needed more fuel to keep it going. And he realized he would never be happy in the path he was taking.

One day, a Filipina friend visited him. She said she felt guilty going there because her plane fare could have built two homes for the poor. That made Dylan pause. How can you build two houses for that measly amount? He decided to investigate.

In January 2003, he visited the Philippines. And for three hours, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Director Tony Meloto brought Dylan to different GK villages for the poor. With his own eyes, he saw something that would change his life forever…

Bo: What did you see on that day?

Dylan: I saw hope. More than newly built houses, I saw transformed lives. We were entering rather dangerous slums, breeding ground for thieves and kidnappers… yet in the middle of that was an oasis… the Gawad Kalinga village. I saw people smiling, men working, children laughing… I’ve seen many other projects in South East Asia and across the world. And I’ve never seen anything like GK. This was different. This really worked!

Bo: So what did you do after your trip?

Dylan: I went back to England. I saw my BMW parked in the garage and realized I could build 80 homes with it… and affect the lives of 600 people. I saw the faces of the children I could help. I called up Tony Meloto and told him I was thinking of donating $100,000 to Gawad Kalinga and asked him if that was okay…

Bo: What did Tony say?

Dylan: He said, “No, I don’t want your money.”

Bo: Only Tony can say something like that. (Laughs.)

Dylan: He said if I was really serious in working for the poor, I should go back to the Philippines. So two months later, I sold my BMW and flew back to Manila. And in June of that year, I made a decision to stay in the Philippines and work for GK for seven more years.

Bo: Wow.

Dylan: I’ve decided to invest in the poor of the Philippines. Not in stocks or bonds. If I can help in uplifting the poor of this country, I can say that I spent my life well.

Bo: I presume your family wasn’t too crazy about that decision.

Dylan: No! They thought I was brainwashed by a religious cult! (Laughs.) So my mother came and spied on me. But she was soon convinced of the beautiful work we were doing and went back home and told my sister about it. And my sister said, “Oh no, they brainwashed you too!” (Laughs.) But today, all of them support what I do.

Bo: You’ve made a decision to give up your wealth for the Filipino poor.

Dylan: I don’t see it as a sacrifice. When you give charity out of pity, you feel pain parting with your money. But when you give charity because you love, you don’t feel that pain. You only feel the joy of giving to someone you love. That’s what I feel.

Bo: I hear you built an entire village for GK in Bulacan.

Dylan: I don’t see it as my village. I just provided the materials. Architects, engineers, volunteers gave their labor. Together, we built 63 houses for the poor.

Bo: Amazing. What else do you do?

Dylan: I go around the world telling everyone that Filipinos are heroic. Because I work with them every day… the volunteers of GK.

Bo: What do you see in the Filipino that we take for granted?

Dylan : You’re hardworking. You’re always laughing, always eating, always singing. Even in your problems. You’re loyal. And honest. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally, that’s been my experience. And you have the bayanihan spirit. The pyramids of Egypt are beautiful but they were built by slavery. GK villages are more beautiful because they’re made through the bayanihan spirit of the Filipino. It’s especially this bayanihan and love of family and community that makes the Filipino more valuable than gold. If you take a golden nugget and kick it on the floor for 400 years, afterwards you won’t be able to see much gold, just mud. This was what happened to the Filipino… for 400 years you were slaves and then you suffered under dictatorship and corruption. This is where the crab mentality came from; I don’t think it’s a natural Filipino quality because every day I see the gold under the surface of ordinary Filipinos. If we wipe away the mud by bringing hope and being brothers to one another in bayanihan, the gold will shine through and the world will see it.

Bo: Let me get personal here. I hear that you don’t only love the Filipinos, but you’ve fallen for a particular Filipina.

Dylan: (Smiles.) Two months ago, I married Anna Meloto, the eldest daughter of Tony Meloto. She grew up with the GK work, so we’re totally one in our mission. And yes, I’ll be having Filipino children. The best way I can secure a future for my kids is to continue to help raise this country from poverty. Instead of building high walls in an exclusive subdivision to protect us from thieves and kidnappers, I will go to the breeding ground of thieves and kidnappers and help transform their lives
Bo: Thank you for this interview. You don’t know how much you inspired me.

Dylan: Thank you for being our partner in GK. I read Kerygma every month and I’m happy to see GK stories in every issue.

Bo: It’s our immense privilege to tell the world about it and ask others to join the miracle.

Dylan: To me, GK isn’t just Gawad Kalinga. It is a part of “God’s Kingdom” in this world. Thank you.




July 26th, 2006 at 2:19 pm

Like it or not GMA is smart. Something that can’t be said about all her “best friends”
I think she is just acting like a skilfull politician who is also the president of the entire Philippines.
The Philippines is not & will never be “Imperial Manila”.
I think for once we are seeing a President that is thinking of the entire Nation & as always “imperial manila” trying to bring her down.
In a way GMA critics are getting to be so monotonous & corny already.
They say nothing new & have nothing to give to be able to make a difference.
In a way they are relegated to be the “professional fault finders” that are not capable to lead anyway.
Between a person who is trying everything to lead the Nation & those trying everything to stop this nation from moving on. I would go for the person who shows leadership.
Between a person who is trying to make a difference & those who can’t make a difference. I would go for the person w/ a difference.
Because this country does not need critics.
It needs people who are capable of making a difference & can generate jobs & wealth.
And not those who just ride on other peoples hard work.
Talk is cheap.
We just waist so much time talking & not achiving anything.



July 26th, 2006 at 3:33 pm

dylan wilk’s story is indeed old news!

…and tony meloto’s account of his past is an old one too!

…exactly one year and one month today when pdi featured the lives of messrs. tony and dylan in their sunday treat. i know, for i still hold the section (hard copy) of that newspaper issue…and allowed others to read it when i get the chance.

From Rags to Riches, and Back to the Slums
This Englishman Gave It All Up to Build Homes for Filipinos

i’m not embarrassed to save something others may consider worthless. besides, you can view the articles online and you can even spread them more efficiently through email. but it’s one thing for anyone to spread old news (without knowing if it was read or not) and another thing for anyone to witness others to read that old news. i consider the latter to be much better…

the two stories certainly uplifts anyone who were able to understand that integrity, honesty and kindness makes a man (or a woman – to those feminists out there). tony’s and dylan’s paths crossed and it really is a miracle.

…a miracle that i know can happen to other Filipinos…it never hurts to pray that more of our countrymen will be incorruptible, honest and kind.

arturo, when i feel dejected by sad, disturbing news (esp. politics) i am but human that i vent my anger to write what i think…nonetheless, i thank you…for reminding me to again unfold that particular newspaper and resume to spread the good news…even an old one!



July 26th, 2006 at 6:40 pm

You’re welcome Baycas. Yes, I know the Dylan Wilks story is an old one. I came across it a year ago yet and got it again today in my email. I did not mind reprinting it here not for those who have read it, like you Baycas, but for those who have not, and perhaps for those who want to read it again. You see, reading it once more and reflecting on it gives a refreshing feeling as it did to me and I hope it does to others too.

I don’t think it should embarrass you to keep old but priceless stuff. A true account of an inspiring story is always welcome news especially during these difficult times because of the message it tries to convey. It doesn’t really matter how old the story is, my friend, because a good story will keep coming back. Stories in the Holy Bible are as old as time itself but people keep going back to read them because they give them spiritual relief.

Baycas, it’s fine if you express your angry thoughts in a negative way on matters that are objectionable to you. That’s perfectly your right to do so. But just as you are free to express them, I too, want to express something in a positive way.



July 26th, 2006 at 7:36 pm

tigilan nyo na yang pagalingan nyo sa english at wala din naman kayong naitutulong sa bansang pilipinas.di nyo ba napupuna ang mga pinagsasabi ni joselu ? imbis ay mag bigay na lang kayo ng idea kung pano makakatulong sa kalagayan ng ating bansa. ano man ang kasalanan ng bogus nating presidente bahala na ang hukuman ang mag husga sa kanya. yan ay kung hindi mabibili ng pera ang ating kagalang galang na mga hukom.Sa mga drawing na proyekto ni bogus presidente arroyo ang masasabi ko lang sa dami ng mga ofw sa ibat ibang bansa ay nakahanda kaming mag bigay ng tulong ngunit may katibayan ang bibitawan naming pera halimbawa share certificate ng banko central. sa ganun anumang kinita ng bawat project ay pwede naming ibenta ang share na aming binili sa bawat ofw sa buong mundo kahit tig sampung libo piso lang ay makakatulong yun sa ating bansa. eto yung nakikita ko sa bansang aking pinagtatrabahuan na kung may project ay willing sila bumili ng share ang mga tao sapagkat alam nilang may dividend kahit maliit at higit sa lahat nakatulong sa gobyerno .



July 26th, 2006 at 9:02 pm

Oh really? Words of wisdom from a Marcos. Sana ang buong angkan ninyo ay ma-kidnap at mapugutan ng ulo mga magnanakaw na animal!

it’s sad that we now see a marcos lecturing arroyo and her supporters about corruption and illegitimacy–and the reality is, she’s right… about Arroyo’s corruption and illegitimacy.

my, my… how times have changed.

ang masama pa, we know that IMELDA and Arroyo are now allies.



July 26th, 2006 at 9:06 pm

it’s funny to see a marcos lecturing arroyo and her supporters about corruption and illegitimacy–and the sad part is, she’s right… about Arroyo’s corruption and illegitimacy. sigh

my, my… how times have changed.

ang masama pa, we know that IMELDA and Arroyo are now allies. o-in-naman.html



July 26th, 2006 at 9:48 pm

Mowa, mayroon din tayong certificate na sinasabi mo at matagal na panahon itong isinagawa. Ang tawag dito ay government bonds. Magtanong ka sa mga bangko kung papano ka makakabili nito.

PS. Mawalang galang sa iyo Mowa, walang masama kung magsalita ng English ang sinoman na marunong ng salitang ito at iyan ang hinihingi ng pagkakataon. Ang masama ay kung pipilitin magsalita ng hindi naman pala kaya. Ang akala mo ba ikaw lang ang nakakatulong sa bayan? Gaano na ba kalaki ang naitulong mo sa bayan at tila minamaliit mo ang kakayahan ng mga nandito.



July 26th, 2006 at 10:16 pm

by project na certificate ang sinasabi ko kaibigan kesa mag salungatan tayo pag pasensyahan mo na lang.hindi ko minamaliit ang mga nandyan.lahat pwedeng bumili ayon sa iyong kakayahan espesyally mga ofw sa ganun mga pinaghirapan namin ay mapapakinabangan din pag uwian . tulad ng nangyari ngayon sa lebanon. maliit na idea lang yan kesa naman sa englisan pare pareho naman tayong pilipino .kung kaharap mo amerkano mag english ka kung pinoy magtagalog ka …


Huseng Bulag

July 26th, 2006 at 10:27 pm

Mowa, saludo ako sa inyo. Sana hindi magbabago ang pananaw mo kahit na malaman mo na P530,382,446 galing sa Medicare Funds ng OWWA ay inilipat sa PhilHealth nung 2002. Pagkatapos, idineklara ni dating Labor Sec. that OFWs who had incurred medical expenses would no longer be reimbursed by OWWA.



July 26th, 2006 at 10:52 pm

matagal ng issue yang owwa fund ,hinokus pokus ng mga nandyan kaya di ko minamaliit ang kakayahan ng pinoy lalot pat sa mga ganyang magic magic .bank to bank ang pag iissue ng share sa mga project lalot pat di naman kalakihan kung ofw o mga nandyan ang bibili ng share .gobernment bonds ? 10 k lang naman di na kelangan ang gob bonds .


Huseng Bulag

July 26th, 2006 at 11:22 pm

Tama ho kayo, mowa. Magaling maghokuspokus ang mga namumuno ngayon sa bansa. Ang perang pinaghirapan nyo at taos-pusong itutulong sa bansa baka mauwi sa kawalang-kabuluhan. Nasa survival mode ngayon ang pekeng presidente. Kung nagawa nila noon ipagkait sa OFW’s ang nakalaan para sa kanila, paano natin matitiyak na ang mga susunod na perang galing sa inyo ay gagamitin sa nakatakdang paglaanan nito? Sinungaling ang pekeng presidente at mga alipores nito. Di ba may kasabihan na ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw? Di ba’t marami nang nangyari dito sa kasalukuyan na nagpapatunay dito? Yung akin lang ay pagpapahalaga sa perang pinaghirapan at pinagsakripisyuhan nyo. Saludo pa rin ako sa inyo sampu ng mga kasamahan nyo dyan. Kailangan ng bayan ang inyong pagmamalasakit. Inspirasyon kayo ng sambayanan.



July 26th, 2006 at 11:56 pm

matagal na ang pagsasakripisyo naming mga ofw . sa katunayan akala ng mga anak namin at mahal sa buhay kami yung nasa larawan na one thousand.



July 27th, 2006 at 12:38 am

I used to enjoy writing lots of comments in this forum. Not any more. Because there is too much negativism, unproductive criticisms, anger, hatred, sarcasm and fault-finding.

well, nobody’s forcing you to read this blog, mr. defensor.

my suggestion to you toro is to go read sassy or bong austero’s blog na lang… or go read the manila standard today or the philippine star, kasi i assure you na hindi mo magugustuhan ang iilan sa mga articles ng PCIJ.



July 27th, 2006 at 7:28 am

sa pagkuha palang ng Overseas Employment Certificate sa POEA sakripisyo na … dadagdagan pa kung saan nga napunta yung binabayad namin sa OWWA at PhilHealth … pero anong magagawa namin ? hindi kami papaalisin ng bansa kung walang OEC .
samantala , makakasabay pa namin sa eroplano papuntang hongkong o kung saan man ang ating magagaling na mambabatas at government officials kasama ang kanilang mga pamilya na mukhang mag to tour or mag shopping spree.
haaay kakalungkot talaga.



July 27th, 2006 at 12:18 pm

No problem Mr. Escudero, nobody is forcing me to read anything written in this blog, but nobody can tell me what I want to say. Yes, Johnmarzan, I have read them all from Sassy to Austero, from the witless to the sublime. Sad to say that a very simple commentary on my part had provoked a rather stinging reaction from you. Napikon ka yata, tsk tsk, sport ka lang pare.



July 27th, 2006 at 2:23 pm

suit yourself.



July 27th, 2006 at 2:30 pm

Mlq3 wrote in his column,” GMA was applauded 160 times., she cackled with delight. I have only seen such orgiastic devotion in old films of Mussolini addressing the grand fascist council. the president’s bravado, after all, recalls what some admirers of Mussolini used to say – at least he made the trains run on time.”

the opposition was happy with how new senate president Many Villar handled himself during SONA. he did not clap 160 times. maganda ang explanation ni sen. Villar, sabi niya ang mga pumalakpak ng ganon karami hindi nakikinig. opps, mukhang tinamaan si jdv. eh siya yung cheerleader ng grupo.


July 27th, 2006 at 11:02 pm


“tigilan nyo na yang pagalingan nyo sa english at wala din naman kayong naitutulong sa bansang pilipinas”
There is nothing wrong writing in English, di naman eto school na bibigyan ka ng grado sa galing mong mag Pilipino o mag english, alalahanin mo may mga foreigner din na nagbabasa dito. Kung may mali man sa spelling or grammar, oks lang yun, ang mahalaga dito e yung idea mo ay mailahad mo sa paraang nakakayanan mo (pwera na lang kung pilit na minamali yung mga spelling tulad ni Joselu dahil may ibang hangarin yun). Wag mo din sabihin na walang maitutulong sa bansa, dahil wala ka naman karapatan na husgahan ang bawat isa dito. The main purpose of the blog is to share idea in whatever form acceptable to the rest of the people. Pero yung bawat isa may karapatang mamulitika kasi bomoto sila db? So, may karapatan silang husgahan ang presidente kung sino man siya, mabuti man o masama yun e nasa humuhusga na, pwede rin namang neutral.

”ano man ang kasalanan ng bogus nating presidente bahala na ang hukuman ang mag husga sa kanya.”
Ikaw na rin ang maysabi ”yan ay kung hindi mabibili ng pera ang ating kagalang galang na mga hukom” Yan na ang isyu ngayon, impeachment is beeing bought via pork barrel and project promises and via technicalities. Wala ng hukuman, nakikita mo ba yun?

Wala namang problema sa mga panukalang proyekto o pagtulong ng mga OFW to provide funds. Ang problema eh yung mag mamanage ng proyekto. Di mo pa ba nakita sa mga nagdaang mga proyekto? Foreigner already provided funds pero nakurakot pa rin tulad ng bagong Airport, yung privatization ng electric facilities, yung mga highway na over budget, diba maliking isyu na iyon? Tapos itatapon mo pa yung kaunting naiipon nting mga OFW sa kanilang management? Paano natin masisiguro na yung hawak natin na certificate of shares e hindi mawawalan ng silbe pagdating ng panahon ng pag kubra? E etong ngang CAP ng anak ko naglaho considering na BPI and backer nun, may ginawa ba ang gov? wala, asan ang BPI? Andiyan pa rin nakatayo pa rin. Yung isang anak ko pa nasa pacific plan, nanganganib din yun na matunaw.

”at higit sa lahat nakatulong sa gobyerno”
At bakit naman kailangan ko na tulungan ang gobyerno? E diba dapat na ako, tayo, ang tulungan ng gobyerno? Bakit kamo? Yung mga nakaupo sa gobyerno umaasa sa perang share sa tax diba? O e bat ko yun tutulungan e may nakalaan na para duon? Management lang ang hinihingi sa kanila ng bayan, at kung kulang man ang pondo, aba eh dapat gumawa sila ng paraan kung papano yun malulunasan, pero hindi yan nangyayari kasi yung mga pulitiko natin umaasa lang, tapos kakaltasan pa nila yung inaasahan nila sa sarili nilang kapakanan. Halimbawa, sasabihin nila wala tyaong kalsada kasi wala tayong budget, aba! E di dapat hikayatin niya yung mga tao na mag balikatan, o kaya humingi siya ng abuloy sa mga mayayaman, o kaya mag isip siya ng programa na magkakapera ang kaban, o kaya mag pa BOT siya. Management siya hindi palamunin na naghihintay ng pork barrel na susi sa lahat ng kurakot.

”matagal na ang pagsasakripisyo naming mga ofw”
Matagal na nga ang sakripisyo kaya nararapat lang na wag mo ng itapon ang natitira mo pang 10K sa kasalukuyang gobyerno.



July 28th, 2006 at 12:00 pm

my dear Toro;

on more than one occasion, we both differed on a subject in opinions. there are times though, albeit not too often, that i find myself either in total agreement or almost- with yours. being strangers to each other (maybe), is not really a bad start, don’t you think? how i wish it we agree more in constant terms rather than the exception, as it is.

more than anything else, what is important than agreeing or not, is we continue to TALK, never mind if at times, in a loud voice. see, the moment we cease talking; the start of ill will and bodes of dark tidings, begins.

we both do not want to further the strains, i know.

i could only wish further, that our so-called leaders do the same – seek out and talk – to their enemies, imagined or otherwise instead of sending goons either to harass, maim, or worse as often the case, forever silence critics and dissenters.

there is an ongoing rebellion in the countrysides, in the ranks of the military forces, and society polarized as ever, that cannot be denied.

sarcasm, parody, scathing remarks, rebukes, angry figures of speech, and wit; are the only little ‘guns’ left to us, the critics against politicians and some business people recidivism, who could unfortunately command at will state’s machineries-against us.

critics did not come out from thin air. and as its ranks grow every day, the foregoing latter’s actions and inactions; further fuels its growth into spectacular levels. note, how this blogsite’s contributors (comments), steep turn from mild to passionate anger, over recent months.

why on earth did this happened? it cannot be simply disregarded as mere ‘talunan’ or losers attitude, for if those who weild power, continue to treat it that way, we are surely in the direction of full-scale revolution- where there would be no clear winners, but cannot be said the same, of losers.

the nation, collectively without doubt, stands to lose. and the hardest part of ANY revolution, is when to rein in the swords, when to stop.

imho, as there is still time, i appeal to Toro and enjoin everybody to talk- no matter in what form, discuss carefully every issue in the hope of arriving into a collective consensus and agreement towards national justice and lasting peace.

besides my friend, if you are not around, who is going to try and infect us of your limitless optimism?



July 28th, 2006 at 2:35 pm

What’s wrong with the people here? I remember the firt time i made a comment in this blog i was branded as a GMA loyalist.

Keep your cool Toro, as what freewheel said – if you are not around, who is going to try and infect us with your limitless optimism.



July 28th, 2006 at 6:18 pm

mac,. di na natin trabaho yung bantayan ang mandurugas sa gobyerno ang sa kin lang kahit pano sa mga gulong nangyayari ay makatulong tayo sa kahit na maliit na idea kesa mag salungatan tayo . bayaan mo na ang ano mang agency na humusga sa mga corrupt. nandyan din ang anti corruption,nbi.Ombudsman.mga pulis etchetera.konsensya na nila un kung puro pagnanakaw ang gagawin nila, kung gagawin natin dito magpalitan ng magagaling na english e wala naman action o idea wala ring mangyayari at saka wag na sana nilang tawaging bagong bayani ang mga ofw kasi sa harapan lang yun sinasabi pag nakatalikod ka na ang pagkakakilala nila sa mga ofw ay mababang alipin.


July 28th, 2006 at 7:42 pm

Kabayang Mowa:

Sabi mo: di na natin trabaho yung bantayan ang mandurugas sa gobyerno

Sagot ko: Malaking pagkakamali yan Mowa. Trabaho ng bawat isang mamayan na bantayan ang Gobyernong pinagkatiwalaan ng mga mamayan na siyang mamuno. If you insist in your point it only means you do not know where politics start.

Sabi mo: ang sa kin lang kahit pano sa mga gulong nangyayari ay makatulong tayo sa kahit na maliit na idea kesa mag salungatan tayo.

Sagot ko: Nadale mo, sa sariling pananalita mo na rin nagmula na makatulong sa kahit maliit na idea (teka nag english ka ah? Kala ko ba ayaw mo sa english?). Ang isang idea (panukala o pag-iisip) ay nararapat na dumaan sa isang discussion para malaman kung eto ba talaga ay nararapat sa mas nakakarami (democracy). Ang sumalungat sa isang idea hindi nangangahulugan na mali yung idea, pinapakita lang duon na meron ibang pag iisip na nasasagasaan. Ibig sabihin walang masama kung mag discussion ang mga tao. Kung sa ginto yan dapat mong isalang sa apoy para lalong kuminang. Kung nagkakasalungatan man sa ngayon dito sa forum eto ay nagpapatunay lang na madaming pagiisip na dapat bigyan ng pansin, hindi yun nangangahulugan ng isang pag aaway.

Sabi mo: bayaan mo na ang ano mang agency na humusga sa mga corrupt. nandyan din ang anti corruption,nbi.Ombudsman.mga pulis etchetera.

Sagot ko: papano kung ang mismong mga agency (ayan nag english ka na naman) na iyan ay mismong mga corrupt (ayan nag english ka ulit). Papano natin pagkakatiwalaan yan na merong mangyayari? Yung kapatid mo binubugbog ng Tatay mo tapos sasabihin mo sa pulis bayaan nyo na lang ang tatay ko ang mag ayos ng gulo. Papano yun eh mamatay na yung kapatid mo sa bugbog ng tatay mo?

Sabi mo: nandyan din ang anti corruption,nbi.Ombudsman.mga pulis etchetera.konsensya na nila un kung puro pagnanakaw ang gagawin nila.

Sagot ko: Konsensiya ba kamo? Eh papano kung walang konsensya? Ok lang ba yun? Sasabihin mo sa tatay mo na nagbugbog, konsensya mo nalang yan tatay kung mamatay ang kapatid ko. Eh papano yung konsensya mo na pinabayaan mo yung kapatid mo na mamatay?

Sabi mo: kung gagawin natin dito magpalitan ng magagaling na english e wala naman action o idea wala ring mangyayari

Sagot ko: Bakit yung english ang nakikita mo? Bakit hindi yung idea na nakapaloob sa english nila? Hindi bat ang isang action (nag english ka ulit) ay nagmumula sa isang idea? At ang isang idea ay nagmumula sa mga nagsasalita? Kung may naglahad ng ideya sa isang pahayagan, o isang blog o isang kapulungan at yun ay narinig ng isang tao at iniligay niya sa gawa, dibat yung kanyang gawa ay nagmula sa isang ideya na hindi naman sinasadyang sa kanya ay iparinig? Tingnan mo yung storya ng DHL or FedEx. Yung ideya na yan nagmula yan sa isang college student, ng inilahad niya yang ideya na yan pinagtawanan siya, pero asan na ngayon ang ideya? Multibillion na diba?

Sabi mo: saka wag na sana nilang tawaging bagong bayani ang mga ofw kasi sa harapan lang yun sinasabi pag nakatalikod ka na ang pagkakakilala nila sa mga ofw ay mababang alipin

Sagot ko: Yung pagbabago sa isang kinalalagyan ay nagmumula sa nakalagay. Ibig sabihin, kung ang gobyerno ay naglahad ng isang gawain na itaas ang pagtingin sa mga OFW, hindi yan nangangahulugan na magaganap sa magdamag. And pagtangap ng lipunan sa isang uri ng lipon ay ay di tulad ng pagkain na isusubo at lulunukin, yan ay isang matagal ng proseso. Ikaw at ako bilang isang OFW ay nararapat na pangatawanan ang isang iginawad upang tuluyang maangkop ng lipunang ginagalawan. This will start by how you deal with the people whom you engage in your everyday life.

The summary of my point are:

1. You should not condemn people who are discussing in English. Pansinin mo yung mga enclosed parenthesis ko. Dibat ikaw din ay gumagamit ng wikang banyaga sa paglalahad ng iyong ideya? Samakatuwid ginagamit natin yung ibang wika dahil duun natin naipapahayg ang saloobin natin. Ang pagkakaiba mo lang, mas kakaunti yung pag gamit mo ng wikang english.
2. You should not take someone idea in personal. Action come from idea, idea come out of talking or writing. Remember the rule…..those who know WHY normally become the boss, and those who know HOW normally become the worker. The boss does not necessarily have an original idea, he may get it somewhere and implement it, likewise the worker is encourage by a good boss to talk an idea because maybe in the process the boss may get something good no matter how small or crazy the idea is.


Ambuot Saimo

July 29th, 2006 at 12:42 am

Good to be back from “Retreat”.

Wow!!! Mukhang seryosohan na ang usapan dito.

Mga Kabayan, Bungto-anon, Kabalen, “Kumare o Kumpare” etc.,
Sa aking payak na pang-unawa ang medyang ito ay bukas sa sinumang nais magpahayag ng kanyang sinasaloobin, mungkahi, komento, kritoko sa ano mang usaping inihahain ng PCIJ sa kahit anumang lenguahe (Hapon, Aleman, Pranses, Kastila, Arabik, etc) huwag lamang iyon ay libelyoso, eskandoloso o mahalay halimbawa.
Ang pagiging kritiko o pagtawag pansin sa mga nanunungkulan sa gobyerno ay karapatang ng mga mamamayan sapagkat ang kapangyarihan hawak nila ay “pahiram” lamang sa kanila ng mga mamamayan. Bilang may-ari, karapatan mong manmanan kung ang ipinahiram mong gamit ay ginagamit nang ayon sa inyong kasunduan o hindi ina-abuso. Kung hindi, karapatan mong tawaging kanyang pansin o kung kinakailangan bawi-in agad iyon. Kung kinakailangan gamitan mo ng dahas, gamitan mo ng dahas! Huwag mong hayaan na lamang dahil kung hindi, masasanay iyon at ikaw hindi na igagalang.
Nguni’t malungkot isipin, na hanggang sa kasalukuyan, marami pa rin sa atin ang mapagsawalang-kibo. Hindi natin silang lubusang masisisi dahil sa marahil tayo ay humayo mula sa ating mga ninunong nagsipagwalangkibo habang ang Pilipinas ay hinahalay ng iilang mga Kastila sa loob nang mahigit 300 daang taon.
Ang magandang balita ay diumano, ang mga tampalasang dayuhan ay nagsilikas na nang tuluyan sa Pilipinas at maari ito ay totoo. Nguni’t ang masamang balita ay ang mga pumalit sa kanila ay iilan mga kababayan natin mismo- na mga ganid at walang mga pakiramdam, pakialam at pakikipagkapwa. Nanaising pang itapun sa basurahan ang kanilang mga “tirang pagkain” kesa ipamigay sa mga nagugutom nilang mga “alipin” na nakakarami. Ngayon, nasa atin na ang desisyon- manonood na lang ba tayo?

Back to SONA:
I advise that somebody wakes up Gloria or she will not wake up anymore from “bangungot”. It’s obvious she’s dreaming in her “enchanted kingdom”.
Gloria’s SONA is nothing more than an advance “electioneering campaign” which is prohibited by law and an outright lies and deception hoping the Pinoys are “tanga” and would buy them. It’s really funny. Where she will get those funding building “highways and bridges from the Earth to the moon and to Venus?” Even the United States has no capacity to do it!!! U-utang na naman??? Susmarya!!!
SONA is about reality- a solemn report to the people on the current state of the country and should not include “dreams”.
This administration is on a rubber boat bouyed by lies and deception. The people are now little by little discovering the truth and the boat is sinking and she used the SONA to pump wholesale lies and deception to stay afloat. Joselu is right, “Gloria is smart.”



July 29th, 2006 at 10:12 am

mac, siguro alam mo kung ano ang nangyayare sa ating paligid, naririyan ang mga senador na nasa opposition at maka gloria, sila sila ay nagtatalo talo at yun ay ilang taon na ang nakakaraan siguro alam mo na ngayon kung hanggang saan ang pagtatalong yan . ganun din ba ang gusto mong mangyare sa forum walang katapusang pagtatalo talo?magulo na nga ang ating gobyerno sa ngayon magulo pa ri n kayo dito( at yun ay di ako kasali sa gulo dito) kung may nakita kang idea (english) pano tayo makakatulong sa ating bansa sa lahat ng mga nangyaring discussion dito ay ipagpaumanhin mo na lamang kung sakaling di ko man nabasa . gustuhin ko man ,ikaw o tayong lahat na nasa ibayong dagat bilang isang ofw na bantayan ang mga namumuno sa ating gobyerno ay masasabi ko lang na di na natin trabaho pa yan at yan ay gawain na ng ahensyang aking nabanggit at konsensya na nila yun kung wala silang konsensya ay konsensya na nila yun.ang pagtawag na pagbabago sa isang ofw na tulad mo ay masarap pakinggan ngunit ang nais kung ipahiwatig sa iyo ay mga kapwa nating pilipino na nasa mataas na antas o yung mga tinatawag na residence ng ibang bayan o yung mga negosyante na sa labi lang nanggaling ang tamis na pagtawag sa mga ofw na bagong bayani ngunit sa likod naman nuon ay hindi ganun ang katotohanan.yung summary mo in 2 ang katotohanan lamang sa likod ng iyong mga pag salungat na kumukuha ka lang ng idea upang maging isa kang boss.


July 29th, 2006 at 4:22 pm


Ipagpaumanhin mo, pero masyadong magulo ang pagkakadugtong-dugtong ng mga pananalita mo na parang walang pinatutunguhan. Pero at least iniwasan mo yung english na kinamumuhian mo na sa aking palagay ay ginagamit mo ngayon sa trabaho mo. Yan ay isang ganap na magandang pagbabago sa pakikisalamuha mo sa kapwa mo tao.

“magulo na nga ang ating gobyerno sa ngayon magulo pa ri n kayo dito( at yun ay di ako kasali sa gulo dito)” Sabi mo, di ka kasali sa gulo sa forum, pero naghahain ka ng mga idea mo. Ang katotohanang ikaw at ako ay nagpapalitan ng kuro kuro ay patunay na ikaw ay kasali sa kung ano man meron sa forum na eto. Tulak mo kabig mo, ganyan kagulo ang mga pahiwatig mo. Kaya pasensiya na kung di ko ganap na maunawan ang mga pahiwatig mo, tulad ng mga sumusunod pa:

1. “konsesiya na nila yun kung wala silang konsensya ay konsensya na nila yun”…..walang konsensiya pero pinapaubaya mo sa konsensiya?
2. ”yung mga negosyante na sa labi lang nanggaling ang tamis na pagtawag sa mga ofw”………ano naman ang kinalaman ng mga negosyante sa Mga OFW?
3. ”kung may nakita kang idea (english) pano tayo makakatulong sa ating bansa sa lahat ng mga nangyaring discussion dito ay ipagpaumanhin mo na lamang kung sakaling di ko man nabasa” ……….Di mo nabasa o di mo naitindihan? Malaki ang pagkakaiba ng dalawa na iyan.

Nagyon kung ang nakikita mo sa forum na eto ay isang malaking kaguluhan eh bakit ka nakikisali? Hindi kaya ang layunin mo ay marinig ang kung ano man ang mga naiisip mo? E diba isang ideya yun na nangagaling sa iyo? Eh panay nga ang sigaw mo sa Shout Box eh tapos sasabihin mo di ka kasali? Tulak mo kabig mo, ganyan kagulo ang mga pahiwatig mo.

”…..bantayan ang mga namumuno sa ating gobyerno ay masasabi ko lang na di na natin trabaho pa yan” Basahin mo yung sinulat ni ”Ambuot Saimo” diyan sa itaaas mo patama iyan sa sinasabi mo. Pilipino yan, siguro naman naintindihan mo na yan.

Hindi mo ba alam ng ang malakanyang sa ngayon ay nagbabasa ng mga sinulat natin dito? Kasi kumukuha sila ng idea na makakatulong sa kanilang mga gawain. Kung meron man silang mapulot dito diba iyan ay isa ng pagtulong sa gobyerno? Na pilit mong inuunawa pero di mo maunawan kong papano makakatulong sa gobyerno? Kung ayaw mong maging boss wala namang pumipilit sa iyo, pero ako gusto ko maging boss ng sarili kong negosyo balang araw kasi ayaw kong mag paalila ng habang buhay dito sa ibayong dagat. Kaya patuloy ako sa paglimot ng mga ideya.

Anyway goodluck na lang sa iyong pakikibaka sa buhay. Siguro naman I have said enough about the issue that we have discussed. Sabagay ayaw mong manglimot ng ideya so di ko inaasahan na may malilimot ka sa mga pinagsasabi ko. Pero di ko iniisip na nasayang ang oras ko sa iyo, dahil kahit papaano nailabas mo ang mga naiisip mo, yun nga lang medyo magulong intindihin.



July 31st, 2006 at 10:08 am

Thanks for the good words, Freewheel. There’s a lot of sense in what you said; written with logic and rationality. I cannot agree with you more about continuing the talk. Talking with one another is good for the soul provided it is done sensibly, without malice, and devoid of antagonism. I agree there will always be differences of opinions but that should not make the protagonists look like one is a hero and the other a heel. You are quite correct in your observation that the number of government critics in this forum has grown, and as it grows the emotions become more pervasive. On my part, however, what I see beyond what you have observed is that the number of pro-government critics has dwindled to the point that there seems to be only one left, Joselu, (I say that name says she’s a woman) holding herself up quite well in spite of the rebuke and sarcasm thrown at her for going against the tide. She continues to be rebuffed for saying what she believes in. I admire her for that. Gone are the fellows who used to write favorably about the government and with whom I have had some testy encounters in the past. Perhaps the feeling that they are not welcome made them decide to leave, which leads you to notice the disparity in the number of critics remaining in this forum.

On many occasions I have criticized the government for its shortcomings. I abhor some of the actions taken by the President too. Only the mindless will not. I have written my critique on this many times before I don’t have to repeat them every time I write. I don’t find it my obligation to anyone to explain which side I am on or wear it like a badge of courage. And perhaps, because I am not always heard saying it has made others think I am a GMA apologist which I am not. Like blogger Enzo, who complained of getting bashed for saying something favorable to GMA, I am not a pro-GMA, and neither am I anti-GMA. I am pro-country and pro-people, and I do and say what I think is best for my country. Just as I sometimes agree with Joselu, there are more times too that I don’t. Her political beliefs may differ from mine but, that doesn’t make her less patriotic than anyone here. How every one figures me out with regard to my political orientation is the least of my concerns. I criticize not by way of an emotional outburst and sarcastic pen, but with reason given fairly and objectively. When there are some good things the government has done that are worth mentioning and where proper credit must be given I say it. I do this not to antagonize any one here but for the benefit of those who are clueless and wondering if there is anything good left about the Philippines other than the negative side of the country that many keep telling and retelling endlessly. I try to show the positive when others show only the negative.

Unfortunately, for attempting to say that, even for thinking aloud that there was too much anger and hatred in this forum, it provoked an angry reaction from one who bashed me for saying that. I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to say even that. I am told, in not so many words, to go some place, my presence here is not welcome. Is the subtle hint a notice of sorts to make me understand that this forum has become an enclave of for-anti-GMA- members only?

Some enjoy writing their anger day in, day out. I have no problem with that. But when things would not work the way you wanted it and the others won’t follow your lead, then it’s time to do something better, something more productive under the circumstances even if you have to do it alone. That, in my view, is how I can help this country to rise again. That is my boundless optimism.



July 31st, 2006 at 4:10 pm

nandyan ang idea sa magulo kong mga sinasabi ,ewan ko ba bat pinatulan mo pa.sana di na humaba pa.anyway,thank you !


Cecile Impens

August 3rd, 2006 at 4:09 am

Para sa iyo ito Mowa,

Ipagpaumanhin mo na lang ako, pero itinatanong ko lang kung paano mo nasabi na “bayaan mo na ang ano mang agency na humusga sa mga corrupt”.
Anong agency ang nasa isip mo Mowa?
May alam ka pa bang government agency na HINDI CORRUPT? Kaya naging malala ang sakit ng bayan ay dahilan sa katulad mo Mowa, mga taong nagbubulagan at nagbibingihan! Walang nakikita, walang naririnig! Ayaw daw ng gulo pero ang totoo ay ayaw lang ipaglaban ang TAMA at lalong ayaw labanan ang MALI.
Marami pa tayong dapat ipaglaban sa buhay Mowa. Isa na ay ang kinabukasan ng ating mga anak, mga apo, mga pamilya, kaibigan, higit sa lahat, kinabukasan ng bayan! Anong bukas meron tayo?

Ang mga government agencies na nasa isip mo Mowa ay “nasa himpapawid, nasa itaas natin. Doon, sila ay nagbubulagan, nagbibingihan at tayo ay inaapakan. Ang masakit lang, tayo ang nagsusueldo sa kanila!


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July 23rd, 2007 at 11:44 pm

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