November 22, 2005 · Posted in: Podcasts

La vida doble

FILIPINOS are natural-born mimics. Ours is a country where there’s always someone spoofing someone else. And of course, everyone wants to spoof a president — any president. Whether it’s on TV, during concerts, office parties, and from time to time, at people power marches on Edsa, someone somewhere is impersonating a president.

Impersonation has grown to such popularity in this country that there may now be more presidential impersonators than are presidential wannabes. In this podcast, I talk to one such talent: broadcast journalist, Tony Velasquez. Tony is one of countless Filipinos who have fun — lots of it — at the expense of a president.

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November 27th, 2005 at 10:55 am

I think that there may be credence to our being as helpless people not being able to understand quite honestly the kind of trouble we’re in, we don’t even know exactly the kind of money we owe to outsiders so that I find our way of taxation as a kind of mimicry like daggers to our back, anyway you die laughing.

The worst picture being of people with salted fish hanging sampling by just the thoughts not actually eating, actually, I find it yet demeaning than parlay to mimic dramatize issues to do with the squalor of being so poor, there is too much of drama to mimic life in the country and I can’t find myself to just joke about it, it’s not funny.

Yes. Other people find solace making fun of things especially the squalor of life so unforgiving, but we I imagine should try to putting sense into the barb of things than dabble to mimic what I believe is a very serious matter like life and death situation, people are dying and conscience when they ask to waver, whether be to mimic make jokes and just be careless people, well we deserve to be punished, but I don’t think so.

We truly need to change our ways especially serious people like us (I hope to God we are) find ways to first convince the Marxists and the Muslims there is chance we can find peace by talking peace, and more so especially with our soldiers to desist politicizing be tools to trouble makers, can’t we not just be the people we were?

I watched the director’s awards given to two people I have so much respect and adulation for, Armida Siguion Reyna and Tito Dolphy. Actors of worth like hymns of life rhythms to lullaby us into wakeful tears, reminding life so beautiful. I saw antiquities of the pure gold of Pinoys being true and full of sense, very remarkable people indeed.

I noticed too the grey of Ms Armida’s persona, is this to exemplify our outcry? She has aged this beautiful woman of substance, I was teary all through the evening just as strongly to remind the countless death and the dying, and can we actually save life?

Armida reminds we have few time left…