REMEMBER Vicente "Enteng" Romano III? He of fame whose quixotic effort to solicit a million signatures to pressure then Pres. Joseph Estrada to step down failed to muster enough numbers, but which spawned about 25,000 e-mandirigmas (cyberwarriors) that waged an email, fax and SMS letter-writing campaign targeted at the senator-judges during Estrada’s impeachment trial. He was recently moved to write this letter to members of the Kompil 2 mailing list, puzzled over the list’s "deafening silence" in the face of the raging issue of the supposed taped conversations involving Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

A Wake-up Call for Civil Society

I am amazed at the deafening silence of this forum on the raging issue of the wiretapped tapes.

I remember, not too long ago, how members of this forum mostly, convenors and supporters of Kompil 2, denounced with zeal and passion the excesses of the Estrada government.

We tolerated his womanizing, his drinking sprees, his gambling, even his gross incompetence at governance. But when he transformed the Palace into his personal fiefdom where he routinely received his cabals of thugs, pimps, and gambling lords — it offended our sensibilities. And when the impeachment trial began to expose the extent of the thievery and plunder of Erap’s regime — we stood up and declared once again, "tama na!, sobra na!"

Today, there is hint of thievery on a different plane. GMA may not be accused of robbing the national coffers; but there are allegations that she stole some ballots and in the process robbed the people of the leader of its choice, no matter how objectionable that rightful leader may be to some sectors.

Yet, we do not see any hint of outrage, not even pretensions of disdain, from this motley group who claim to have stood for what is right and moral at EDSA 1 & 2.


Some say it’s "people-power fatigue". Two untimely "regime change" merely transferred the reign of government from one political camp to the other. Nothing really changed. And ousting GMA now through people power will only return control to the Erap-Marcos forces — not exactly an exciting prospect for most of us.

I think a better explanation is our fear of the incompetent reigning. During the elections, we turned a blind eye to the blatant misuse of national funds for GMA’s campaign, thinly disguised as public service ads by major agencies of government. We reasoned:

It was a minor transgression needed to save us from the terror of a bumbling FPJ presidency. Besides, it was technically within the law, although hardly within the bounds of decency and ethics.

Today, we extend the same line of reasoning to our present situation: it’s just a minor case of indiscretion we can and we must let go, lest this all leads to a transfer of power to a blundering Noli de Castro. Besides, the technicality of the law will make this issue moot in the halls of congress or in a court of law.

On top of all these, many in civil society — especially those who are now in GMA’s camp, believe, or even espouse, that GMA is the best president this country could ever have. And there is no one in the horizon, within the opposition or administration camp, who comes even close to her in terms of competence, dedication, and implementation of programs. I believe they do so out of a sincere conviction based on seeing how GMA works up close.

I’m afraid there is a grain of truth in this. Looking at the personalities now in the frontlines of fueling this scandal, one can only shudder at the thought of who our next leaders would be if we succeed in ousting GMA today. It’s enough to dampen our spirits and abandon any effort to right what is wrong.

But then again, we have to ask ourselves:

  • Can any of these ever justify cheating?
  • even if it cannot be proven in a court of law?
  • even if it did not alter the final results of the elections, as some administration officials claim?
  • Should the lack of a viable alternative to GMA paralyze us into inaction?
  • Should we abdicate our role as guardians of morality in government and let GMA’s opposition drive their agenda, by default?
  • Just because everybody, including the opposition cheats in every election anyway — does it make cheating any less detestable than the jueteng scandal that toppled Erap?

If we search our conscience hard enough, the answers to these questions will be a resounding NO.

No, we cannot keep quiet in the light of these grave allegations, even if we believe the alternative is worse than the status quo, and even when we are convinced that GMA can yet do great things for this country. To do so means we are willing to condone wrongdoing, for as long as it serves our higher interests. If it comes to this, then we are not much different from traditional politicians. And we might as well relinquish any claim to a moral high ground.

I believe it’s time for civil society to once again rise and fight for what is right and moral. It may not be time, or even prove to be necessary, to ask GMA to resign. But I believe it’s time to ask her to speak out and tell us the truth about the tapes.

To those of you who have the ears of GMA, I plead that you assert your influence to make her confront the issue squarely — to deny or acknowledge that the voice on the tape is hers or not, and to explain truthfully the circumstances behind the tapes. And please convince her to do it now, and not later — before the tide of discontent forces her hand. The people are less interested in knowing who are responsible for the illegal wiretapping than they are in the truth about the contents of the tape.

To the rest of us, I appeal that we now openly declare our positions on this issue — on the streets, on the internet, and other media. Let us join hands in demanding GMA to speak out and tell us the truth NOW!

Maybe it’s even time to consider convening Kompil 3 — if only to demand GMA to tell us the truth, and nothing but the truth. The people deserve nothing less.

At the very least, maybe it’s time to bring back life to this forum, to hear the voice of indignation resonate once again, condemning wrongdoing of any form, no matter what the consequences.

It’s time to speak out and be counted.

God bless and God save our country.


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June 24th, 2005 at 4:09 am

mabuti naman. people are thinking these people have hitched their star on gloria and have benefitted and are continuing to benefit from her presidency that is why they are keeping silent, or even siding with her.

parang si amando doronila, up for ambassador to brussels pala kaya tepid and mga commentary and instead of being critical with gloria, limits his criticism for the opposition. heaven help us from these kinds of people, that is, those who put their self-interest above integrity.


jay cynikho

June 24th, 2005 at 6:12 am

People Power Fatigue? Hello? Daming po kasing nagkalat na pulis at sundalo, mga piling-pili. Mula po noong kay Marcos dumami ang Filipino. Dumami na rin po ang peace lover (hindi naman seguro duwag)

Sa Tondo pa lang, at sa mga riles inaagapan ng PNP. Wala niyan noong panahon ni Erap.

Nagkulang si Erap, wala siyang PhD Hindi niya alam ipamahagi ang kurakot, at saka peanuts pa lang ang kurakot noong panahon niya.

People Power Fatigue? Ano yun, medio nangangamoy.



June 24th, 2005 at 8:18 am

erap… nagnakaw… di kaya ng utak ni erap yun.

1. he cant count.
2. he didnt run like marcos or garci.
3. he didnt even take his salari when he was in office.
4. yung ninakaw nya na nasa equitable… if i remember…. pakihanap kasi wala na ngayn.
5. the whole scene was a plot of fvr, gma… and you knw the lwayer behind? … none other than romulo himself. its a real plot.
6. talagang plano against erap…
7. kahit ganun yung tao.. may compassion…



June 24th, 2005 at 8:28 am

investigate fvr…. he cannot come out clean. its impossible he is too perfect. we are all barking on the wrong tree.



June 24th, 2005 at 11:12 am

Today, there is hint of thievery on a different plane. GMA may not be accused of robbing the national coffers

Can somebody please tell me what mr. enteng romano 3 is smoking? must be strong stuff.


Atty C

June 24th, 2005 at 11:37 am

I am glad people are now coming out in the open to express their sentiments regarding this scandal. I admire Congresswoman Clovel Martinez for her courage in speaking out. Although her motives may be personal as it would seem like her husband was dropped by Malacanang during the last election, without her knowledge of course. As can be gleaned from the taped conversations, the people in Malacanang have a habit of dropping (inilaglag) supposed allies (re: Biazon over Barbers, but Biazon is wise and pro-active, inunahan niya si GMA, kung hindi niya ginawa yun, sugurado nalalglag siya at nakaupo sana ngayun si Barbers). Sorry, I am digressing.

I also applaud Bro. Eddie Villanueva, for making a stand. Likewise to Senator Ping Lacson for launching the “Be Not Afraid” movement. I hope more will join. I don’t hear anything from Father Robert Reyes whom I also admire for being known as someone who would speak out whenever something like this comes out.



June 24th, 2005 at 12:16 pm

Kudos to e-Madirigma! People in KOMPIL have benefited one way or the other under GMA’s adminsitration thats why they are quiet about the whole controversy. They have come out with the position of establishing a truth commission as their response to the allegations controting the administration. But, when are they going to move? What’s taking them so long to set it up? Their slow response to the point of almost not doing anything about it leads me to think that if ever they will be able to establish the truth commission,how would they be able to convince the “common tao” that it is a credible commission.

Siguro tame po ang masa… wag na nating ilagay ang ating laban sa kamay ng mga burgesya tulad ng karamirhan sa KOMPIL members. ang totoong rebulusyon naman po ay pangungunahan ng mga proletaryo!!!



June 24th, 2005 at 12:46 pm

rebolusyon na naman….d dapat.

taong bayan na naman ang mapeperwisyo… buhay na naman at secured itong mga pulitiko.

dapat sila ang pagdusain.

bakit wala pang search warrant ang malacañang?

ang comelec?

o baka hindi krimen sa atin ang mangdaya sa eleksyon.

yun cguro… kelangan ilegalize na rin… parang jueteng.



June 24th, 2005 at 12:52 pm

Pwede kaya citizen’s arrest na lang para sa mga magnanakaw ng boto? There were rumors then that FVR withdrew 200 million from Urban Bank before its collapse. FVR should forget believing in himself that he is our messiah.



June 24th, 2005 at 1:06 pm

Sino sino ba naman ang nagpa-umpisa ng EDSA 2 nung panahon ni Erap? Totoo kaya na sa isang bahay sa dasma village sa makati nagkausap usap ang mga namunong burgis na to para planuhin ang EDSA 2? Wala kasing mga mapala nung nakaupo si Erap at di nila ma-take talaga na walang Phd si erap at di aral sa States. Kahit sa pagnanakaw, walang tutorial man lang kung papano gumawa ng himala sa kaban ng bayan ng di agad mabubuko. Ano ba naman kasi ang panama ng mga Harvard University at West Point educated sa mga nakatapos lang sa Low school of St. Andrew Fields (mababang paaralan ng san andres bukid) ?



June 24th, 2005 at 1:46 pm

one thing i can say is that.whoever was in that disguised voice of the president is a very good impersonator we should look for her and give her a im a bit compassionate for Erap…they say he steels jueteng money cool…he has midnight contracts cool…he has too much many wifes cool pa rin…pero mandaya sa election at mang agaw ng kapangyarihan parang hindi cool…



June 24th, 2005 at 4:49 pm


dats the proof erap did not steal from the government, yung nakapaligid ang problema… that is GMA, FRV, and their cohorts.

in eraps time, di tayo nangutang sa world bank. self sufficient tayo… mabagal yes… but surviving. nung iniwanan ni FVR ang presidency, walang pera, bankarote ang gobyerno. victim pa ng asian crisis si erap.

note… ang nagpaalis sa kanila ay ang maprinsipyong middle class daw… that includes reyes, davide…este… mga hipokrito at suwail pala.

recently, it was proven that erap was not jose velarde. the second envelope did not the supposed impeachment trial…

nasaan na ngayn ang mga nagkasala kay erap? sumuporta kayo sa mas malalang sindikato at magnanakaw na tandem FVR-Arroyo. nasaan kayo ngayon na mas malala ang ginawa ng presidente?

d kayo makapagsalita?

di nyo kaya ang edsa4?

mga tarantadong ulol lang pala kayong mga sumuporta sa edsa dos.



June 24th, 2005 at 5:07 pm

“Civil Society” is a very misleading term because it is a self-serving, self-praising term. I think it is a linguistic descendant of the term “civilized people” — living primarily in Europe and North America — as distinguished from “heathens”, “barbarians”, “cannibals”, and others in Africa and Asia generally understood to be “inferior” to them for being “uncivilized”.

Likewise In recent Philippine usage, ie. Edsa Dos vintage, it is a term used to indicate “moral superiority” compared to Erap’s social and political supporters, who by constant implication “civil society” considered to be “evil society”.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Ample evidence is coming out tending to show how little real difference there really is between these two “societies” in their ability to be self-serving.

The members of so so-called civil society are stunned to silence at the discovery of this equivalence within their own selves. They are unable to rise to the moral heights they once claimed a monopoly over because they realize their true interests lie in the person of GMA herself and in the regime of which they have become an integral and inseparable part.

They realize their own personal, professional, commercial and political interests are in mortal danger along with hers. They are struck dumb by the growing recognition that they are actually not morally superior to “evil society” and are in some ways worse for being hypocritical about that reality.

They are in denial about this, a denial that is the root of the oft-repeated argument about “who will replace her? isn’t the alternative to her worse than even this rotten leader we have chosen and for which we broke the Constitution at Edsa Dos with the collusion of the Church the Military and the Supreme Court?”

Civil Society is unable to accept the concept of “Blind Justice” for they insist she must remove her blindfold and see who is being weighed against whom upon Justice’s awesome scales. “So what if she cheated,” they argue, “everyone cheats don’t they? Besides the alternative is worse isn’t it?”

Seeing themselves in the mirror of GMA’s moral depravity in stealing the 2004 elections, which some of them argue she did not have to even do to win, civil society has lost its self-esteem.

And they know they cannot recover it without surrendering that promontory of moral superiority they have so long claimed as their own, without destroying the myth that Edsa Dos was a “military backed popular uprising against a corrupt regime”. So far they have been telling themselves and the nation this comfortable legend of their recent heroism and patriotism, while ignoring the salient fact that it was four-day orgy of ranting and raving in front of Mama Mary combined with the back-room conspiracy of GMA with Sin, Davide and Angelo Reyes.

They cannot now live with themselves without the painful act of contrition inherent in admiting that Edsa Dos was a conspiracy of a small band of elitists in the Media, Church and Makati society that simply could not stand a President who peed on his lovers and bragged about it and who had not the patience to follow the Rule of Law, obey the Constitution and bow to the compromises of democracy.

Their newly-discovered fear of and disdainful spite for “people power” is merely a reflection of their guilty consciences for having so carefully built up this myth, this legend in their own minds of their moral superiority, now exposed as bankrupt and empty and even inferior to Erap’s populism.

After all, the sum total of their accomplishment was to partake of the booty that GMA plundered for them, a booty of political, social and economic privilege that they and their families have always claimed as a birthright.

They have come to realize their souls are old recycled souls, not fresh, idealistic ones. I pity them, for their own silence, like GMA’s, speaks volumes of their culpability to history as hypocrites who refuse to accept that they are not morally superior to anyone, and are in fact worse.

It will not be so easy to dislodge them, for like the ancien regime of France, they are proud, willful and strong runs the genomes of evil genius and diabolic intelligence in their veins. Unlike the supporters of Erap, who were mainly the poor and deprived, these people own much and have much to protect and selfishly defend.

This time, I fear, a real people power will arise, and it will be awful to watch how truth and justice assert themselves from below.



June 24th, 2005 at 5:59 pm

Yup we all know FVR is the evil of all evil here. When he knew that Erap will run the presidency in 1998, he made a lot of ‘hocus focus’ in his last days of governance. Marami siyang inutang at kinurakot tapos made some legal agreement papers that later when Erap was the president, siya ang nag-sign, naalala niyo pa ba? Sa time din ni Ramos nagsimula bumagsak ang peso vs dollar so later isinisisi natin si Erap kasi wala siyang alam sa Law & Economics. Magaling siyang magsetup ng situation para maligtas ang sarili niya at ma-frame up ang kalaban niya.

Masamang damo talaga itong taong ito. Nagsasalita pa rin hanggang ngayon. Habang buhay pa si Ramos, walang aamin sa mga sundalong nasangkot sa pagpatay kay Ninoy (they exercise their rights to remain silent, diba?).



June 24th, 2005 at 8:18 pm

Heard tonight in AM radio that Mike defensor has gone to congress via helicopter with bags ( of money?) supposedly to feed the crocs to sustain their defense of Malacanang. Pag nakaranas ka pala ng kapangyarihan nagbabago prinsipyo tulad nitong si defensor na siyang nagiging troubleshooter ni GMA, kung kelangang may i-“rescue” tulad ni Udong Mahusay gagawin nya ( soft touch yata ang term ).Sa TV kagabi sabi niya kung nagdududa sila na nandaya si GMA sa Mindanao ibibigay na lang daw nila ang 400t votes sa oposisyon- baluktot talaga pag-iisip. Para kang nagnakaw ng pera tapos nung mahuli ka e bibigyan mo ng parte ang nakabisto sa iyo. hindi pwede ang apology dito kelangan managot kayo, hindi simpleng paglabag ito. High crimes ito against the citizenry. Hindi lang dayaan ito may kidnappings pa dito. mananagot kayo sa taong bayan!!!!!!!!



June 24th, 2005 at 9:51 pm

” …..It was a minor transgression needed to save us from the terror of a bumbling FPJ presidency.”

Ok din talaga itong mga taga civil society. paano mo huhusgahan ang mga bagay na di pa nangyayari? nandyan pa rin ang superiority complex ninyo. Tingnan ninyo si GMA nag-aral pa sa abroad, ang daming alam na lenggwahe, napamunuan nya ba ng ayos ang Pilipinas? Yung talino nya ginamit nya sa kalokohan. At least siguro kung si FPJ ang nanalo, mapag-iisa nya ang majority ng tao except of course sa mga may superiority complex.



June 25th, 2005 at 12:02 am

namfrel, bill luz, concepcions, kompil, civil society, doronila, cunanan, magno = bourgeoisie (in all the negative connotations of the word).

the french resolved their issues with the guillotine. maybe that’s why we havent resolved ours: the oligarchy, with their heads still intact, just gets recycled and repackaged. case in point, joe de v, jpe, singson, angara, butz aquino etc. sila na lang ng sila. paulit-ulit. will nobody rid us of these scoundrels?



June 25th, 2005 at 12:13 am

namfrel, bill luz, concepcions, kompil, civil society, doronila, cunanan, magno = bourgeoisie–fascist bourgeoisie



June 25th, 2005 at 12:43 am

swerty said,
June 24, 2005 @ 5:59 pm

Yup we all know FVR is the evil of all evil here. When he knew that Erap will run the presidency in 1998, he made a lot of ‘hocus focus’ in his last days of governance. Marami siyang inutang at kinurakot tapos made some legal agreement papers that later when Erap was the president, siya ang nag-sign, naalala niyo pa ba? Sa time din ni Ramos nagsimula bumagsak ang peso vs dollar so later isinisisi natin si Erap kasi wala siyang alam sa Law & Economics. Magaling siyang magsetup ng situation para maligtas ang sarili niya at ma-frame up ang kalaban niya.

Masamang damo talaga itong taong ito. Nagsasalita pa rin hanggang ngayon. Habang buhay pa si Ramos, walang aamin sa mga sundalong nasangkot sa pagpatay kay Ninoy (they exercise their rights to remain silent, diba?).

si ramos ang nagpatigok kay ninoy para sisihin ng tao si makoy.baka pati lrt bombing pakana rin nya e,para isisi kay erap.



June 25th, 2005 at 2:34 am

I believe PGMA is badly damaged and would be so unfit to govern even if she survives this scandalous and shameful chapter of her administration (as what she hopes for).

Imagine, from a clean image she turned into what would probably go down in history as the dirtiest president we never elected.

I think it’s only a matter of time for her fall. Power brokers are working behind the scene for someone that will succeed her.

(I hope the business sector and military won’t play a major role so that the new president won’t be so compromised).

Transitional government? I won’t say amen to that.

I think Noli should replace her. Why? He’s the duly elected Vice-President (until proven otherwise). The protest against him is still pending and unless a wiretapped tape or an evidence of him committing poll fraud becomes material, he’s still the logical and legal choice.

Senator Pimentel thinks that since he was part of a questionable election, he should also resign. If that’s the argument, then all elected officials should resign, from national to local.

Others contend that he’s not fit to be a president which I think is the saddest part in our culture. We tend to look down at a person who doesn’t meet our personal standards. We used to be magalang but we became mayabang. (Maybe this administration has something to do with it, because its propagandist has successfully put that in the minds of some selected people. Remember what their machineries did to FPJ, Bro. Eddie, Bishop Cruz, Sandra Cam, Sammy Ong and other enemies of GMA. This government is very good in undermining people oppose to them, and if they succeed in putting in our minds that Noli is not fit, we have to live with GMA).

I think its one of the reasons why people are not that supportive yet of mass actions (people power is an elite metaphor) against this government, even if they cannot stomach PGMA

That’s why I find the comments and demeanor of Teddy Boy Locsin, when I saw him in Strictly Politics quite disturbing. He was telling the people that even if GMA cheated in the election in Mindanao it doesn’t mean that she lost in the election. I was reminded of a converstation with a relative from the States, and to quote her “ dapat lang dayain si FPJ kase wala namang alam how to lead the country”. I don’t think Locsin is pro-GMA, I think he just don’t want a NOLI to succeed her. These sentiments are also echoed by other so-called geniuses in our society.

Mr. Locsin, Noli de Castro is the constituted successor of Gloria. You keep on talking about the law about wiretapping but you forgot that the law you are quoting is the same law that tells us that the vice-president should succeed the president. I have this impression that he’s trying to say that even if Gloria cheats it doesn’t mean that she lost. What kind of thinking is that? Even if she cheats 1 vote she’s still a cheater and she doesn’t fit to be a president. Why? LACK OF INTEGRITY!

Before, you have high hopes when you installed GMA as successor to Erap. You were proven wrong! Erap didn’t resign why she should succeed. You thought she’s fit for the job, she’s an economist, with great potentials. But she failed!

Now a lot of businessmen, civil society, and other so-called Kingmakers are saying that Noli is not the rightful one. I think its high time that what you think is not fit should be installed because history proves that people like you lacks wisdom.

I was reminded of how God chose David as king. God told the prophet that he looks at the heart of the people, that’s why He chose David, even if he committed a sin, he repented and was acknowledge in scriptures as the greatest king Israel had. This was after the prophet keeps making mistakes of choosing his brothers as God’s anointed because of their external attributes and know-how.

I think the so-called masa is better in choosing people to lead them because they experience hardships more in their everyday lives. You may think that they’re stupid, but look at Gloria and his allies (Gonzales, Bunye, Wycoco etc.,), honorable and all but look at how stupid they are nowadays. do they look educated to you?

Let Noli lead us for a time and ask him to call a snap election, where he and other hopefuls can run for office and the winner will have a fresh and legitimate mandate from the people and our nation will have a fresh start too.



June 25th, 2005 at 6:55 am

if you will analyze things closely, FIDEL RAMOS is the common denominator behind most, if not all the evil that has befallen on our beloved country. his continued annoying presence in our present day history is due to his role as the lead agent of a group that is all out to dominate worldwide economy.

lest we forget, it was FVR who open the floodgates of globalization in our country. it was he who sold some of our country’s patrimony (PNOC, fort bonifacio, reclamation area, camp john hay among others) to foreign businesses. more things to ponder…who really killed ninoy or who was the real brain behind it? we never really got to the bottom of things after all this years. during cory’s term she said she was no longer interested to find out. without a doubt, marcos did not benefit from that particular episode?.. who set up the biggest cheating machinery that robbed miriam santiago of her presidential ambition? to bad for the lady senator the experience left her demented!…why did he connive to overthrow erap, the only president who garnered the biggest vote in philippine history? simple! because erap was tightening the noose around FVR’s plundering activities (centennial expo scam in pamapanga is just one of them). he rammed gloriadown the filipinos’ throat because she is another agent working for the benefit of big businesses.

sana di pa mahuli ang lahat. kung tuluyang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan, sana ay sama sama nating ipatapon si ramos at ang mga buwayang mangangalakal ng makati. sama sama nating itaguyond ang isang pambansa at malayang ekonomiya na di idinidikta ng mga dayuhan. tanging s gaonong paraan lang maitataguyod ang kapakanan ng ating mga mahihirap na kababayan.



June 25th, 2005 at 7:43 am

The “deafening silence” of “civil society” is full of ominous portents.

I think it signifies that “elitist society” is actually semaphoring its tacit approval for GMA to do whatever is necessary for all of them to stay in power.

I think their silence is not deafening but threatening. They are abetting a dangerous tilt to dictatorship, In the same way that those who could’ve spoken out against the growing militarization of the pre-martial law Marcos regime, did by their silence.

Foremost among this group would be Jaime Cardinal Sin, who ended up obsequiously cutting ribbons for Imelda for ten years before Ninoy Aquino died, and called it “constructive engagement” when it was pure capitulation.

Sin was saved from eternal damnation by the lucky series of events that then ensued. It is another comfortable legend that he was a hero for calling the people out to support the Enrile-Ramos insurrection. I think he could not have predicted the response or the result, which happily surprised him and everyone else. For what was it EXACTLY that he did in 1986 that he could not have done in 1972, as far as opposing the resident evil then?

Of course, no one falls under a simple set of labels. That would be rank prejudice. But I am speaking in general about the growing consensus among the most influential of GMA’s “civil society” supporters, who speak in private of a “no-choice” scenario.

It seems there is this conviction that no one can possibly be a better choice than GMA to lead the nation at this point, or conversely that every other alternative is “far worse.” It seems, in fact, that many of these forces see GMA as a “centrist” choice between two others: (1) the remnants of Erap’s “evil society”–which they paint as trying to make a comeback in the same way they seized power in 2001, ie, with the help of the Church and the Military; and (2) the leftists who are still trying to come forward and belatedly try a Stalinist Pinoy version of Maoism.

Convinced that liberal democracy can not be made to work in this context, they are willing to condone the state of undeclared martial law which UP’s Randy David and Dean Raul Pangalangan recently noted already exists.

Perhaps proof of this is acquiescence to an incident that ought to have sparked moral outrage in them recently, but didn’t. I refer to the wholly fascistic shutdown and illegal seizure of physical assets by Wycoco’s NBI, of that press printing President Evil Valentina posters for the Freedom from Debt Coalition a few days ago.

I laugh–though bitterly–at their posture of sage wisdom and prudence in keeping silent for now. Because the truth is, Kompil and its components whom eMandirigma was addressing, are not so powerful or influential with GMA as they delude themselves to be. His call for those among them to talk to the President and to ask her to “tell the truth about the tapes” reveals a rank naievete about what has happend to her and their so-called civil society.

The road they have trekked since Edsa Dos has been a series of anti-democratic moral compromises hiding in the clothes of an elitist people power, the incident of last week being only the latest.

That road has led a GMA dispensation whose true face can be limned in the likes of a provincial thuggee and long time trapo jueteng lord like Cong. Luis Villafuerte (formerly governor of Camarines), who makes even the evil society personalities they so despise look like angels. Whenever this lying sack of sh*t prepares to speak, his mouth opens without a sound but assumes a characteristic smirk that drips with disdain for the truth.

Or how about Chavit Singson, who threatens that an independent Ilokano Jueteng Republic will secede if GMA falls. Then of course there are the Justices of the Supreme Court in the First Gentleman’s hip pocket, led by the Philippines’ own version of Tariq Azis in Chief Justice Hilario Davide, who coyly told a recent gathering he would be unwilling to lead a junta to replace her. “Unwilling to lead a junta”? He must mean unwilling to lead a different junta than the one he installed in 2001!

The boogeyman of evil society that they have been using to scare people with as the likely alternative if GMA falls, is ironically already in their own beds.


jay cynikho

June 25th, 2005 at 9:13 am

Napailing ako nang mabasa ko yung sinulat ni e-mandirigma, parang pipit na nag a astang lawin. Tapos sabi ni Rizalist mahina naman daw sila sa kanilang reyna, bakit ba naging mahina, mahina ba silang mangurakot at mag abot, kaya no pansin sila?

mahabang tiis pa mga nagmamahal sa bayan. lalong tumatagal lalong umiinit ang bato at bolo politiko at dyaryo, pulis at sundalo sige kumampi kayo sige magbulag-bulagan kayo, habang tumatagal lalo segurong dadami ang tatabunan ng dayami.



June 25th, 2005 at 9:53 am

It was a minor transgression needed to save us from the terror of a bumbling FPJ presidency.

Really e-mandirigma? hindi parin nawawala ang superiority complex ng miembro na ito ng civil society. What rights God has given to you and your group that you believe you should guide us or lead us? Pareho lang pag-iisip nyo ng self-proclaimed messiah na si FVR. Hindi nyo ba napansin na ang hirap na dinaranas natin ngayon ay kagagawan din ng mga highly educated anointed nyo na si Cory ( dissolved the department of Energy) FVR ( Father of PPA) at si GMA ( bankrupted the national coffers to implement the great electoral plan to cheat her way to presidency). Maybe mayroon talagang Diyos at lumabas ang katotohanan ngayon. Hindi puwede ang apology lang dito. kelangan managot ang may kasalanan.



June 25th, 2005 at 10:46 am

bakit nga ba tahimik ang mga tao ngayon? eto at bistong bisto na ang pandaraya pero walang gustong kumilos? hindi kaya dahil ang karamihan ng sumali sa pagpapatalsik kay ERAP ay nahihiya? wala raw kasing alam si erap, dapat patalasikin sa pwesto.kaya ang pinalit ay yung may alam. pero ano nga ba ang nangyayari sa ating bansa ngayon? hindi ba mas mahirap ang kalagayan natin ngayon? bakit matapang si GMA ? sapagkata alam niya na may malaking taong nasa likuran niya..hindi siya mapapatalsik sa pwesto. wala na tayong magagawa kundi ang magtiis at magtiis pa..



June 25th, 2005 at 11:18 am

The troubleshooter a.k.a. the rescuer of Udong was seen arriving in Congress from a chopper with two bags full of money alledgely and the end result? read philippine star headline today june 25



June 25th, 2005 at 11:20 am

Ang problema salita tayo nang salita pero wala tayong ginagawa. ayaw nating lumabas at magprotesta… na dya-justify tuloy yung pinapakalat nilang “people’s power fatigue” .



June 25th, 2005 at 11:39 am

xanana said,
June 25, 2005 @ 11:20 am

Ang problema salita tayo nang salita pero wala tayong ginagawa. ayaw nating lumabas at magprotesta… na dya-justify tuloy yung pinapakalat nilang “people’s power fatigue” .
bibili pa kasi ako ng gatas ni baby..hehehe:-)



June 25th, 2005 at 1:05 pm

i want and i request that everyone watch the steps of gma, fvr, clan arroyo from now till they are ousted or replaced by election.

wire tap their conversations if possible to monitor all their illegal activities. sori pero mahirap ito… dahil everyday naka tap kayo. he he he.

biz associates para malaman totoong picture.

di nyo lang kaya ang afp kasi gnagawa nila ito.

monitor the assets of generals up to retirement.

and the wole administration bloc.




June 25th, 2005 at 2:06 pm

Nagiging epektibo lang ang EDSA Revolution dahil sa isang taong kayang magcontrol nito, yun ay walang iba kung hindi si FVR. May katotohanan na may ‘People Power Fatigue’ tayong nararanasan sa ngayon. Pero kung gugustuhin ni Ramos na magkaroon ng People Power uli ay kayang kaya niya itong gawin. We know that Ramos is powerful ang influencial to the AFP too.


Arnold Campillos

June 25th, 2005 at 2:50 pm

I’m afraid Filipino’s moral sense is badly deteriorating. If we can tolerate GMA cheating who is not even a relative to us, how much more if one day our own sons and daughters does the same thing? Sooner in the future ours will be a nation of thieves, which deserves annihilation if we don’t act now.



June 26th, 2005 at 1:39 am

sana remember ni gma na government of the people, by the people, for the people ito. kya answerable sya sa atin – its either she denies or not. hindi yung kung kailan nya gusto, wlang ibang ryt timing sa ganito. ngayun kung anu man ang sabihin nya as long sa nagsalita – bahala na si batman. at kung saka-sakaling magbabago din nman tayo ng presidente, palitan n pti form of government very obvious nman n di nagwowork ang present eh. palitan n ang lahat. kunbaga brand new na wag ng replacement lng ng mga sirang parte diba. atleast kapg brandnew medyo matagal yan at latest model p malamang. ang tanung papanu magagawa yun – yan ang hanapin ntin sa Miracle Worker…………………….. ingatz k lgi gma! at sana may goodnyt sleep k p rin – don’t let the bedbugs bite u hehehe



June 26th, 2005 at 12:33 pm

Here’s my 2 cents worth on this on going scandal. There are 2 ways to wiretap a GSM mobile phone. Method 1: You get to clone the SIM card and have access to the mobile network switching facility( That is you have some operator breaching(or bribing) the security at Globe or Smart)-highly unlikely. Method 2(ISAFP). You have to know Garcillano’s phone number(which is a prepaid number for security purposes) and know where Garcillano’s location within a 1 kilometer radius. Now who would know the number and whereabouts of Garcillano? There are theories going around on why Garcillano was wiretapped. They say that he might switch to FPJ during the canvassing( this very unlikely. FPJ couldn’t pay Garcillano. He was to receive millions operatin the cheating machinery for GMA. And most of all he could become COMELEC chairman as a reward. So in short there is no need to wiretapped Garcillano. He works for money nothing else. So lets go to another much more convincing theory on why Garcillano was wiretapped. GMA and his inner circle were planning to cheat during the election using Garcillano. Wiretapping Garcillano could be used as an ACE(or blackmail) in getting juicy contracts and post. The opposition never had a clue where Garcillano was only the inner circle knew it. So by inference it was someone in the inner circle who had the wiretapped done not the opposition and not even GMA knew about it until it blew up in her face. ISAFP has the sensitive equipment to wiretapped mobile phone calls but it had to be positioned close to Garcilllano’s phone. These equipment can be place inside a van parked nearby without anyone noticing it. So who among GMA’s inner circle authorized it? Your guess is as good as mine. After the spoils of victory were divided there was somebody left without anything in the bag. The tape was release in aid of collection or revolution. The revolution didn’t materialize but the collection was achieved(after a meeting in Malacanang). That is the reason why GMA couldn’t speak upto now. She was shocked and awed by one of her ally. She was out maneuvered, out witted, out gunned. She was made to look like a jackass(and had to swallow the demands of this ally). Now who was that disgrunted ally? I would like to know your intelligent guess. Here are some clues SUBIC and CLARK.



June 26th, 2005 at 6:11 pm

Hay….naglabasan na naman ang mga ND maintindihan. Ang mga magagaling na komunista. Most of you have short term memories, or ang babata pa ninyo (teens to late 20’s ang age and prone to the brain washing of leftist groups. Di ko kayo masisi. Pero guys, be objective!

FVR was the best president we ever had for the past 55 years! Brown out in Metro Manila was 8 hours a day before he assumed office. In less than two years – brown outs were gone. GNP was negative or either flat for 2 decades, when he assumed office we had a consistent and positive growth. We did not have budget deficit. If your Moms and Pops were government employees – asked them how much bonus they received during December or how much salary deferential or standardization the’ve received. Philippine in crisis during FVR’s time? Only in your dreams!

Because the economy was good…the NPA and the left was almost decimated that they blamed, and killed each other and themselves. Today the left joined GMA in EDSA 2, and now with ERAP for EDSA 3 (worse than balimbings).

If FVR stayed for an additional 6 more years we would have surpassed Thailand, and maybe equal Malaysia. We were on our way to NIC hood. But then ERAP and the Asian crisis surfaced…….and the rest was history! Because the country is in deep shit …the left recruitment is again on the rise. Marami na naman ang mapapariwara.



June 27th, 2005 at 12:53 am

I refer to the posting by Arnold Campillos. The signs are already here. Just look at the number of related people in politics today and how each supports the other when accused of any wrong doing.

We will be a nation of thieves indeed, “which deserves annihilation if we don’t act now.”



June 27th, 2005 at 4:39 am

something concrete needs to be done. i think there are enough people that can make sufficient noise and to let the administration know loud and clear that they are not going to get away with this.

what do you guys suggest? signature campaign? email petition? noise barrage?

gloria and her lackeys are nervous and insecure. we want to help them get more nervous and insecure enough for them to get out of malacanang.

we can complain all we want but we wont get anywhere. we need to do something concrete.



June 27th, 2005 at 5:02 am

here’s an idea

Saguisag urges civil disobedience

public servant lang daw si gma and she “cannot choose when to answer a legitimate question from a very concerned citizenry”

oo nga. tayo nagbabayad ng suweldo niya tapos pag nagtanong tayo, siya pa ang pipili ng oras kung kailan niya tayo sasagutin? tayo ang amo niya.



June 27th, 2005 at 5:49 am

eto pa

‘It’s Not My Voice Movement’ urged

puedeng partially thru an email petition; you know one of those messages where you attach your name at the end of a list and send it to all your friends.



June 27th, 2005 at 7:00 am

Non payment of taxes would only be succcessful if those who pay huge amount of taxes to the govt. heeds to Saguisag’s call. Karamihan naman kasi sa atin sa totoo lang ay hindi naman nagbabayad ng taxes, ni hindi nga tayo makakuha ng cedula, kung nagbabayad naman tayo ay kulang pa. I’d go for ‘It’s Not My Voice Movement’.



June 27th, 2005 at 7:52 am

I was wondering why PCIJ is mum about how the goverment manipulates relevant issues. I lathala nyo dito ang diskarte ng mga naglalagay sa mga journalists. I’m sure may mga tao behind the manipulation of stories sa tri media. Noong panahon ni erap, singko sentimos lang ang itinaas halos murahin ng mga journalist sa paglalagay nito sa headline….. ngayon… tatlong beses nagtaas ng gasolina sa isang buwan wala ka ni isang headline.

Tingnan nyo ang presentation ng facts ng mga key issues… very subttle… why… bayad ba yang mga yan? Are they really afraid… afraid dahil baka mawalan ng lagay.



June 27th, 2005 at 10:37 am

somebody, may i say, matino na na-disillusion, from the erap administration once said karamihan ng mga journalists ay bayaran. as in. di na envelopmental kundi atm journalism ngayon. karamihan ha. di lahat.



June 27th, 2005 at 11:05 am

halos lahat ng malalaking broadcasting company hawak ng gobyerno, it’s a shame nga lang on our family’s part kasi kamaganak nami one of the owners ng isa sa pinakamalaking company na yan. sana lang ilabas nila ang katotohanan at wag interest ng bulsa nila ang isipin.


Atty C

June 27th, 2005 at 11:38 am

You are right Masha and Almondreign22. Just look and hear how some of these journalists, and some of them used to be “respectable”, twist the discussions. They spin the issues and give it a twist favoring GMA. Anyway, it’s quite known that they regularly receive payola from patrons. So, magkanao kaya nagkakalabasan ngayon?

Hello? Dong Puno and Arnold Clavio? bakit yata medyo bumabago tono ninyo ngayon? Maka- GMA na kayo? Si Arnold Clavio talagang GMA yan (GMA7)… Kayo rin, presidents come and go, but your credibility (if there is) will surely also go.(That’s also for Doronilla and Olivares-Cunanan). Too bad seems like there is always a price for everything, even someone’s credibility…



June 27th, 2005 at 12:03 pm

naku! isa pa yang gma, 7 that is, na yan. wala daw kinikilingan. just ask bernadette sembrano and che che lazaro about that.

cuidao talaga tayo lahat sa mga yan. always be aware of where the “news” is coming from. we should always try to pare the “news” down to the phenomenon.



June 27th, 2005 at 3:56 pm

I think it’s human nature that we allow a wide leverage for people we like and nothing for those we hate. In the time of Erap, those who did not like him pounced on him like hell. Now, it’s payback time. It is wise to remember the admonition: do not be judgmental, for the measure you use against your enemy shall be used against you when it is your time.


Arnold Campillos

June 27th, 2005 at 4:42 pm

I support all means of protest actions against GMA’s refusal to resign or at least to speak about the tape controversy. I believe the so-called “people power fatigue” is irresponsible in so far as sensibility is concerned. We went to the streets against ERAP about issues which evidences were not as clear compared to what we have now on the tape scandal of GMA. The issues on ERAP case were not a direct violation of our rights as compared to GMA who herself disrespected our right of suffrage or the sanctity of our votes. I believe that most of the Filipino people have no doubt that ERAP won landslide for the Presidency and yet no one ever mention about people power fatigue when we were called for his ejection. GMA’s winning the presidency on the other hand is indeed full of doubt to most of the Filipino people and yet there is an atmosphere of relative silence. This to me is an indication that our genetic evolution on reasoning and logic do not seem to be developing but degenerating and this is more visible from the actions of most of our leaders in the government. I pray that we remain to be different from other first world countries. Because if not, the only way to overcome all our defects and be able to enjoy the kind of life similar to the first world countries is to undergo the process of bloody elimination between the forces of contending parties in this country. But in the meantime I favor the resignation and replacement of GMA.



June 27th, 2005 at 8:39 pm

It was a very interesting piece you wrote on your column in Philippine Star entitled “If its Lacson, be afraid”. Please allow me to present my theory on how these tapes came to be. I don’t like to comment on the jueteng issue. There are 2 ways to wiretap a mobile GSM phone. Method 1: You need to clone the SIM with inside help form a mobile operator and you must have complete access to the mobile network switch(In this case SMART or GLOBE)-this is highly unlikely since the operators themselve would not allow this to happen. Method 2(used by ISAFP) You must know the person’s number(Garcillano’s phone was a prepaid phone for security reasons) and the exact location of the person when the calls takes place within a 1 kilometer radius. The machine with ISAFP is sensitive but needs to be close to the phone being tapped. Now the question arise who authorize the wiretapping. Who knew Garcillano’s phone number? Who knew the whereabouts of Garcillano who was continuously on the move? The opposition didn’t have any clue about Garcillano. I don’t buy the reason that Garcillano was wiretapped to make sure he won’t turn around. That leads to the question turn around from what. Only the inner circle knew about Garcillano’s purpose and therefore his whereabouts and phone number. Why was Garcillano wiretapped? I’m sure he didn’t plan to joint the opposition during the counting. Who nominated him to the COMELEC? I think the guy knows very well whom he owes. So the wiretapping was not planned from the very beginning. But I believe someone from the inner circle had the wiretapping done for some future use knowing that there will be an illegal operation during the election. These wiretapping can be use to bag juicy contracts and post to someone who possess it. These tapes were release in aid of collection or revolution. Not from the opposition but from the greed of someone within the inner circle. That has been settled out already in a meeting in Malacanang. The president was shocked and awed with these tapes and all the more it came from an ally at that.



June 27th, 2005 at 10:19 pm

IF I WERE GLORIA……(after her dramatic True Confessions ng mga Bituin :) )

Seriously, Can we put up suggestions here as to what she could do??? Masyado na yata siyang cloaked and hidden in the shadow of lies, immorality, hoodlums in robes, etc.
Maybe we can speak with her here…( Im sure may nagbabasa nito na taga-palace)
1. If I were Gloria, I would offer to resign effective lets say July 30 2005 but also offer a smooth transition period as a proof that she is not after the Malacanang throne but is working for the good of the Filipinos. I think she can offer that she will step down but endorse her projects and plans to the president who will take the place. Offer that all her allies will shut up and work harmoniously with the opposition. If she is really serious about being a Model of good values and if the interest of the Filipino is her Primary Concern…..Please GMA….listen to the people and listen to your conscience. Wala na ba talaga yun sa yo???? :(
Any other suggestions?



June 27th, 2005 at 10:33 pm

Wow! We made it to some U.S front pages and a google top story. Hmm.. but still.. Ms. Arroyo still denies rigging the elections. But only confessing that she talked to a certain comelec official. But other than that. No confessions on cheating and such. So the matter still seems to be here. Alot say that this is a other tactic of stonewalling. Well, i dont know about that. But I think she tried to say, “Ok, iam sorry that I talked to a comelec person only to secure my votes and not to alter anything. But I still won fair and square.” I admire that she spoke. But in total. The matter is still here. As one law professor and student said in an ANC interview. Both shared the same view by saying, “Her apology was for nothing it seems.” Well… I dont know.. Right now.. Iam quite confused.. waah.. Godbless!!



June 27th, 2005 at 10:48 pm

The cheating President is confident of surviving this political tempest and has no intention whatsover of resigning. She is unperturbed by the re energization of civil society that was found inutile by her in Edsa 3. It was the military and a handful of political elite that saved the day for her. Even if civil society does not stay with her, she couldnt care less.The military establishment is firmly standing by their fake commander in chief who has confessed to electoral improprieties.She has done the most undemocratic thing. And yet we stand idly by….God forgive our nation. Have mercy O Lord on our children.



June 27th, 2005 at 10:51 pm

Naz, listen to tape #15. di ka mako confuse.



June 27th, 2005 at 11:31 pm

kayong mga nagedsa 2!! hoy mas grabe pa ang pinalit nyo.. garapal sa salitang garapal… asan na ang mga civil society daw kuno!!! ano may pwesto na kyo sa gobyerno.. cheap nyo!!!mga pangsarili lang pala ginawa nyo. binaboy nyo ang pilipinas.. karamihan din pala sa inyo mga imorral..para sa bayan daw, ah ewan.. anong akala nyo kayo lang ang puedeng mabuhay..bat nanahimik kayo!!! dinaya na tyo nananahimik pa kayo.. may mga busal na ata kayo.. eto na ang nagyari sa pilipinas pinamumunuan ng mapagsamantalang pinuno na ang akala at a ay wala ng katapusan ang sarap..maawa kayo sa mga kababayan nyo.. at hinde lang sapat ang SORRY noh!!! hustisya sa para mga boto ng mga pilipinong inagawan ng karapatan



June 28th, 2005 at 10:56 am

Mahapdi ang nga nabanggit ni emer pero may bahid ito ng katotohanan. Nakalulungkot pero ilan sa mga miyembro ng civil society ang tumanggap ng kanilang gantimpala sa rehimeng Arroyo matapos palitan si Erap.

Talaga bang kapag sikmura o bulsa na ang pinaguusapan nalilimutan na ang kapakanan ng bayan?



June 28th, 2005 at 10:10 pm

Hay….naglabasan na naman ang mga ND maintindihan. Ang mga magagaling na aktibista-komunista. Most of you have short term memories, or ang babata pa ninyo (teens to late 20’s ang age and prone to the brain washing of leftist groups. Di ko kayo masisi. Pero guys, be objective!

FVR was the best president we ever had for the past 55 years! Brown out in Metro Manila was 8 hours a day before he assumed office. In less than two years – brown outs were gone. GNP was negative or either flat for 2 decades, when he assumed office we had a consistent and positive growth. We did not have budget deficit. If your Moms and Pops were government employees – asked them how much bonus they received during December or how much salary deferential or standardization the’ve received. Philippine in crisis during FVR’s time? Only in your dreams!

Because the economy was good…the NPA and the left was almost decimated that they blamed, and killed each other and themselves. Today the left joined GMA in EDSA 2, and now with ERAP for EDSA 3 (worse than balimbings).

If FVR stayed for an additional 6 more years we would have surpassed Thailand, and maybe equal Malaysia. We were on our way to NIC hood. But then ERAP and the Asian crisis surfaced…….and the rest was history! Because the country is in deep shit …the left recruitment is again on the rise. Marami na naman ang mapapariwara.



June 29th, 2005 at 4:46 am

They are still on the denial stage. In fact majoruty of them refused to read the transcript or listen to the 3-hour wiretapped taped conversation.



June 29th, 2005 at 7:38 am

Sabi ni Alex Magno at ilang pang maka-administration wala raw public outrage or outrcy unlike EDSA II, hence safe si Gloria.

Simple lang naman kung bakit hindi agad nagma-martsa ng malawakan sa kalye ang mga tao: karamihan kasi sa mga grupong dapat bumuo sa isang malawakang pagkilos ay puro hindi mga magkaka-kosa. Siyempre asiwa ang mga maka-Erap na humalo sa mga grupo ng civil society and vice versa. Sabihin pang nand’yan din ang mga supporters ni Bro. Eddie, Ping Lacson, atbp. Nagkakahiyaan ‘ika nga. But I’m sure it will eventually merge and unite because of one factor: Gloria

No matter what GMA does she can’t escape judgment day. Soon.


Arnold Campillos

June 29th, 2005 at 7:49 am

If GMA continue to be stubborn and indefinitely insist on staying in Malacañang, I’m afraid her exit might reach a point similar to that of Marie-Antoinette of France.



June 29th, 2005 at 5:33 pm

Jammer and Friends,

I support and I believe that BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA is the best alternative to GMA and other trapos in the government today. Here’s his statement and stand about corruption (kaya ayaw siyang pansinin ng mga buwitreng politicians and businessmen noon hanggang ngayon).

You don’t need to solicit funds para pambili ng boto ni BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA kasi lahat ng mga supporters/volunteers nya ang nagbigay ng funds and whatever resources/efforts sa kanyang candidacy last 2004 at hanggang ngayon. Kami ang bumili ng sarili naming t-shirts, pagkain at nagtiis sa mainit na araw doon sa Luneta last 2004 para maipahayag namin ang aming paniniwala na may pag-asa pa ang ating bayang Pilipinas. It’s volunteerism at its finest.

But you are right, BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA cannot do it all alone. HE needs the help of all the GOOD FILIPINO DOVES AND HAWKS in the government and the civil society. HE NEEDS YOU AND ME to help in this quest for the Philippines to rise and soar again.





June 29th, 2005 at 5:47 pm

Sa lahat ng mga pangyayaring ngayon ay patuloy na nagaganap sa ating bansa… dayaan, nakawan, patayan, inggitan, salisihan, taguan at iba’t iba pa.. Isang bagay ang malinaw, tayong mga Pilipino ay masyadong emosyonal, hindi natin makontrol ang ating mga sarili..Nung sumigaw si Cory, si Ramos, si Enrile, si Cardinal Sin.. sugod tayo sa Edsa… sipain si Marcos… Umupo si Erap.. sumigaw si Gloria, si Cardinal Sin, si Ramos, sumali pa si Cory, … sipain si Erap…takbo tayo ..sugod sa EDSA …. Ngayon…heto na naman tayo sipain si Gloria…konti pa lang ang sumisigaw.. EDSA lang ba talaga ang lunas para mapaalis sa puwesto si Gloria? Baka meron pang ibang paraan mag-isip po tayo….. nakakasawa na ang EDSA parang hindi na totoo…



June 29th, 2005 at 6:36 pm

May naisip akong isang magandang paraan para mapadali ang paglayas ni Gloria sa Malacanang… Makikita natin dito kung talagang maraming Pilipino ang naniniwala na dapat maalis si Gloria.. kailangan nga lang ang sakripisyo… para bang si Cristo ng ipako nila sa krus…



June 29th, 2005 at 7:52 pm

disobidient society pero may possible consequence…..Martial Law uli.



June 29th, 2005 at 8:15 pm

Si FVR, ah bukod siyang pinagpala sa lahat ng pinagpala.. Jabidah massacre, hindi po lahat ng niratrat dito ay muslim, may isang Bulakenyo po na nakaligtas dito, isa siyang Sarhento, sa hita lamang ang tama niya at kinakasihan na nakalligtas, nakalangoy at nasagip ng isang mangingisda, na ang taong ito’y dinala naman ng nakasagip sa isang pulitiko na nagyayabang na babarilin niya si Marcos kapag nagbalik sa Pilipinas, sariwain natin sa ating ala-ala. Na dinala naman ng pulitikong ito kay Ninoy. At dito po nagsimula ang kalbaryo ni Ninoy hanggang sa siya ay ipapatay … alam na ninyo… Lumipas ang panahon, nagbalik si Sarhento sa lugar ng mga nagligtas sa kanya, para magpasalamat at para hukayin ang kayamanang ibinaon nila sa Limbones island, na siyang pinag-ugatan ng Jabidah massacre… Isang buwan at daang libong puhunan… mano-mano walang makinarya, mabubulahaw ang militar… Pero nahuli pa rin sila… Helikopter ang bumuhat sa baul, 35 bara ng ginto, 35 kilo ang timbang ng bawat isa… Dinala sila sa Malakanyang, nagpsalamat si FVR, siya ang nakaupo noon, tinapik ni General Fulgaran si tatang, kayo lang po pala ang magiging daan para makabayad ang Pilipinas sa pagkakautang.. Pakituro na rin po ang dalawa pang baul… Hindi ako tanga…. Umuwi sila sa kanilang lalawigan, nagsumbong kay Gobernor, ayaw kong banggitin ang pangalan. Tarantado pala kayo eh, kung sinabi nyo sa akin , sanay tinulungan ko kayong maghukay… he he he. Nadyaryo to mga katoto, pero sabi sa dyaryo, tanso ang laman ng baul.. Kaya pala nagpipilit si Ver na umuwi, ayaw pakinabangan ni Ramos ang kanyang baul, ganun din si Imelda, pero sorry na lang sila …. Na kay tabako na ang lahat…. Mamatay at mabuhay si Ramos hindi niya kayang ubusin ang kayamanang ito na sinasabi natin na pag-aaari ng sambayanang Pilipino. Ah, FVR bukod kang kang pinagpala sa lahat ng pinagpala….
Kaya ang militar ay sinasabi nating hawak ni Ramos, hindi po dahil sa impluwensiya ni tabako, ito po ay dahil kayang bilhin ni tabako ang suporta ng militar. May special force si tabako sa Cavite, baka hindi natin alam, fully financed by Tabako… magsuri po tayo.


Arnold Campillos

June 29th, 2005 at 9:02 pm




June 29th, 2005 at 9:12 pm

handa na ba tayo kung baril o sandata ang ipaiiral nila?



June 29th, 2005 at 9:25 pm

So what?!! Even if it will be proven that she indeed cheated in the May polls, were the other candidates as innocent and honest aS THEY PROFESS TO BE? i DON’T THINK SO. hEY, i AM NOT A GREAT FAN OF gma, I VOTED FOR roco. Even if they said my vote will be wasted since he’s not winning. I did’t care. It was my first vote and i didn’t want to waste it. bUT IT’S BEEN 1 YEAR AND THE COUNTRY SHOULD START MOVING FORWARD. pLUS, WHY PUT ALL THE BLAME ON gma? Obviously these people are exploiting the difficult situation the country currently faces like high oil prices, new taxes for their gain. I would never participate in any action calling for her resignation. Back in highschool, one good example for me of patriotism is clearly dmonstrated by street activism (the rallies, mobilizations). I WAS VERY WRONG….. I am no longer surprised if the leftist group would call for her resignation. They have been doing that since DAY 1 of her administration. A NEOLIBERAL TECHNOCRAT WITH A PhD in ECONOMICS sitting in Malacanan and embracing the demon of globalization , it is such horror for these self-proclaimed “nationalist”. Putting the blame of rising oil prices and consequently of basic goods on the president reveals the certain level of intelligence (or may be lack of) that these people have. Before I used to think that they are so nationalistic and patriotic… But after careful study (a pol sci subject helps), I realized that all of their actions are but a ploy for planting the seeds of dissent in the urban areas. All of this happens while the other side of the NDR, the NPA wage war in the countryside. While I see society still controlled by a well-entrenched elite (the Cojuancos are a good example), I believe that by educating the voters we can actually make a positive result no matter how small. What we need is voters education, maybe overall quality education. Who ever said that the process of nation-building is easy and won’t entail a lot of sacrifice? And please, avoid using the phrase “ANG TAONG-BAYAN NA ANG SUMISIGAW NG IYONG PAGBABA” , “ANG KABATAAN” and other similar statements. Was a referendum ever held to know the sentiments of people like me? If there ever was, it was a sham. I am a Filipino and part of the youth and yet I am not clamoring, shouting, and clenching my fists for GMA to step down. In fact I am praying, yes I am praying that she will finish her term which will be in 2010. Yeah, call me all sort of derogatory names. Please, do so… I respect your opinion but don’t expect me to embrace it as you people do. Does that mean I no longer belong to these groups? No one elected these people to be our mouthpiece against the government. I CAN ONLY SURMISE THAT THE COUNTRY WOULD BE IN A WORST POSITION IF FPJ was the president. Even if she is the president, we are stupid if we think she is in full control of things. Just look at her tax measures. Though passed, these laws have provisions serving the vested interest of certain groups inserted by our congressmen. We could blame it on the weak party system, but what about the intelligence of the majority of the voters? I still give her credit for trying to put the country’s economic fundamentals in order. Can FPJ, with his distorted pro-masa image and mindset ever prioritize such legislative agenda? He would probably intensify the donation drive (canned goods, water, housing, etc.) long perfected by our traditional politicians. What the other people are proposing are far more dangerous. First, a military junta. Read the current situation in Myanmar and the house arrest of Nobel Prize winner Aung San Su Kyi, and see what further danger we’re bringing this country into. Another one is the revolutionary government. Who would choose the members? They keep on bringing the name of Cory as a model of selfless dedication to the country. Oh please!!! Wake up!! Hacienda Luisita. hello??!!! Majority of countries are already in the new millenium. This country is still stuck with a feudal- type of problem such as that of land reform. I know that the money used by this family to buy the land was a government loan. Do majority of the voters know this? The probable answer is no. People cannot keep on using extreme poverty as an excuse for ignorance of such things. If we accept this argument, why are we allowing people of such sort have a say in the election of our leaders? In order to give the Phils. a semblance of democracy in the minds of the gullible and of the international community? Wake up?!! Stop being stuck in the utopian clouds and start treading the cold land of reality. It is difficult but if we want this country to move forward, start now. But then this is just my opinion. Third, a shady government headed by Estrada and allies. Majority of Filipinos may be suffering from amnesia and fanaticism, unable to distinguish the reality from the celluloid, but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. I take great pride in the subsidized (though not in full) tertiary education I am having right now. I intend to make full use of it and not waste it by being swayed easily by people of questionable integrity. While I accept the fact that I may not be the most intelligent person in the country (if I were I would have gotten a scholarship abroad and be back in the country afterwards), I am not stupid and ignorant either. These politicians can’t even wait for the next elections. Despite my family only eating only twice a day and barely able to pay for our electric and water bills, I am not yet in a hallucinatory state that I’ll start blaming the President for all my woes. I blame government for bad governance, high graft and corruption, inefficient bureaucracy and bad roads, I won’t blame her for lack of food and other basic things that my parents should be providing in the first place. The state is not an extension of the nuclear family to whom one depends on for food, water, electricity, clothing and housing. Basic education and health services, yes! How about helping ourselves first? A good example is for parents to minimize the number of children that they have. If only human beings can subsist on grasses just like rabbits, maybe we could start having many children. But then the nature would start to work. Since we are on top of the food chain, only rapid depletion of scarce resources like grasses can help control the population. To the Church, get real!!! You should at least consider the fact that GMA wouldn’t dare talk about family planning to avoid the ire of the “people of clothe” I used “people” since there are women in the church no matter how patriarchal the insitution may be. Personally, I don’t care what other people do with their money. If they defend their crusade against gambling as it leads to the enslavement of poor families, then let me return to my old point. If these people can’t control their vices and as they (CHurch people) say become slaves to it and destroying the lives of children in particular, then why whould the same people be allowed to vote? Shout elitism for all I care. I blame the people of such sort for this. These priests are making all the decisions as if the people they’re professing to be defending are dumb and can easily be fooled. I recognize that EDSA won’t be possible without these priests, nuns. But EDSA would never have succeeded without the people who are not “of the clothe”. It is already part of our culture, jueteng. Well, our family haven’t played in one but since I am a Filipino it is a part of me. Legalize jueteng that is my suggestion. I am not the only one who is uiggesting such an option. If we want the state to regulate such “distasteful” and “family-wrecking” activity then we let the state control it. Such crusades are only futile just like the liquor ban that happened in the United States in the first decades of the 20th century. The government is corrupt I am not blind to that. We can address that problem and generate revenues as well. I have a particular disdain for leaders of various religious groups who insist on running for a seat in government since god told them so. I am not using the capital G for god since I know my God won’t let their leaders engage in petty politicking only wolves in sheep’s clothing poorly engage in. They may say what they want to say as a citizen of this country but don’t use god or dare put oneself in such high moral ground. As for a possible repeat of PEOPLE POWER I really hope not. It was already difficult for GMA to push for various reform measures that need the cooperation of Congress in her first year. These people are reducing her into a lameduck president. What I am afraid is that instead of much- needed reforms she’ll be exerting her remaining political energy into satisfying crucial elements like the Military giving concessions. This is such a bad timing since the land-grabbing case of Generals in Fort Bonofacio is already pending in the courts. Who said the poor are the only professional squatters in the country? Why, this generals organized a homeowners’ association to defend their squatting. Their land valued way below market price. Money that could have funded the AFP Modernization, retirement benefits of veterans. Do the people calling for GMA’s ouster know of such things? If they do, then they should know that in this country, a change in administration would mean a change in policy. People look at the long term not jut in the short term. We haven’t even got hold of the original tape and yet most people insists on giving comments. Obviously, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. And if she be found guilty, let me get back to my opening statement…. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



June 29th, 2005 at 9:45 pm

We all know that most of the poiliticians who runs in government office are cheaters, vote buyers, etc. but this may be the first time that a solid proof may be presented. Hahayaan na lang ba natin ito? Paano na next time? Ganito na lang ba? Mandaya ka, huwag ka lang papahuli, kung mahuli man, humingi ng patawad, abswelto na.



July 2nd, 2005 at 12:15 am


You can not teach a child to be honest if u tolerate dishonesty. I am sorry for you. We are not putting all the blame on GMA, but she represents all that is wrong in this country. Kaya nga patuloy kaming kikilos kahit wala na c GMA. Your a cynic and nothing can be expected from a cynic, but I happy m surrounded by people who know how to dream and people who have not lost their sense of dignity and snce of moral outrage. Are u a political science student? You have a wrong concept of state and government. Ang pamahalaan ay itinatag ng tao para palingkuran ang tao at pangalagan ang mga yaman ng estado. Otherwise, d natin kailangan ang gobierno na kinakatan ng isang tao nang-agaw ng panguluhan.


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