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Scandals in the (First) Family

IN his comment on the post "The missing pieces," cy_nick asked about the scandals that have rocked the Arroyo administration.  Besides the two current controversies, now being called the "Juetenggate" and "Gloriagate," we’ve come up with this initial list.  Feel free to add to it.

IMPSA: Four days after it assumed office, the Arroyo administration approved the awarding of a controversial $470-million contract to the Argentine firm IMPSA (Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona Sociedad Anonima) to rehabilitate a hydroelectric plant in Laguna. Justice Secretary Hernando Perez was later accused of demanding and receiving $2 million dollars from ex-Rep. Mark Jimenez, who brokered the deal. Jimenez said he wired the amount to the account of Ernest Escaler in Hong Kong on Feb. 23, 2001 from his bank in Uruguay. The former congressman has been extradited to the United States and has pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and making illegal campaign contributions.

SAN FRANCISCO: From the time she was first elected senator in 1992, President Arroyo had failed to declare in her sworn Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth the properties her husband, Jose Miguel Arroyo, bought in San Francisco through his California-based LTA Realty Corp. Newsbreak reported that Mr. Arroyo acquired, re-sold, and managed at least five properties with a total value of at least $7.1 million in the Bay City from 1992 to 2000. The First Couple said they bought the properties in trust for Mr. Arroyo’s younger brother, Ignacio, now a congressman.

BONG PINEDA: President Arroyo got loudly questioned about her personal connection with alleged jueteng boss Bong Pineda: She is godmother to one of Pineda’s sons. She denied any impropriety, saying she doesn’t associate with Pineda or his crowd. In an interview with Time Magazine in 2001, she said that when she was asked to be godmother, she got counsel from then archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin. "Cardinal Sin said, as a Christian, if I am asked to be a godmother, it is my Christian duty," she relates, "because the sins of the father are not the sins of the son."

MIKEY’S HORSES: Newsbreak broke the news on a plan of first presidential son Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo to import the 32 thoroughbred horses from Melbourne, Australia. The then Pampanga vice governor, now a congressman, denied the allegation. He admitted, though, he was in the horse trade business; he owns Franchino Farms along with cousin Franchino Pamintuan and friend Ralph Mondragon.

JOSE PIDAL: On Aug. 18, 2003, opposition senator Panfilo Lacson  accused First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo of money laundering for supposedly siphoning off at least P321 million in campaign funds and contributions to a secret bank account under the fictitious name Jose Pidal and three other accounts using the names of his aides. Among the “donors,” Lacson said, was then Rep. Mark Jimenez who contributed a total of P8 million. Lacson also accused Mr. Arroyo of having an affair with his accountant, Victoria Toh. Following Lacson’s allegations, Mr. Arroyo’s younger brother, Ignacio, came forward to say he is Jose Pidal.

AGRI FUND: First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo was linked in May 2004 to the alleged diversion of P728 million from the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani program to President Arroyo’s campaign war chest in the form of development assistance funds to local government units. Then Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn I. Bolante, Mr. Arroyo’s classmate at the Ateneo de Manila University and a colleague at the Rotary Club District 3830, cleared the First Gentleman of involvement. Bolante was tasked to oversee the implementation of the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani program at the time.

PHILHEALTH CARDS: Six weeks before the May 2004 elections, two lawyers from PRO-CON(stitution) filed a disqualification case against President Arroyo before the Comelec, saying she was behind the enhanced Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s Greater Medicare Access or GMA program which they claimed was meant to prop up her candidacy. Earlier, another PRO-CON lawyer filed a criminal suit, also before the Comelec, against then PCSO chief Maria Livia “Honeygirl” de Leon and PhilHealth president (now Health Secretary) Francisco T. Duque for vote buying, intervention of a public officer, using public funds for election purposes and using banned election propaganda. Public funds were allegedly spent to enroll families in PhilHealth for one year to induce the enrollees to vote for President Arroyo. The premium cost of P1,200 for each family member was chargeable to PhilHealth and the PCSO. The PhilHealth identification cards bore the President’s picture and the name. Their distribution coincided with the start of the election campaign.

LAS VEGAS SUITE: First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo was the subject of another controversy over his alleged use of a $20,000-a-night suite at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada during the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Mexico’s Erick Morales last March 19. The story first appeared as a blind item in the March 23 column of Inquirer sports columnist Recah Trinidad which said a "heavyweight backer" of Pacquiao had stayed in the $20,000 suite at the MGM Grand. The column did not mention Mr. Arroyo. Mr. Arroyo said he did not see anything corrupt about accepting a generous offer of a suite from the hotel as he thought that his stature as the husband of a head of state entitled him to such perks.

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Kamiyu Bidan

June 13th, 2005 at 6:30 pm

When there’s smoke… there’s fire. All too many “circumstances” pointing in one direction.



June 13th, 2005 at 6:35 pm

JuetengGate & GloriaGate are only two. Could you please add another one … PidalGate … All roads lead to Malacanang is correct. Also, the Nani_Perez_Gate is another one …

What I foresee is they will kill Samuel Ong just like Capt Villaruel or Villareal. The number of military deployed at San Carlos Seminary will unfold the coming event. That will be surely another ‘overkill’



June 13th, 2005 at 6:54 pm

For how long can we Filipinos endure this high form of corruption? Stealing the true will of the Filipino voters I think is the highest form of crime. What now can we do? Mainstream media is not carrying with utmost concern this “tape issue”, I myself is lost with these issues you have mentioned. People are left in the dark of what is real and the “truth”. People are receiving screened and gray information. Which group will give to the people the true and right information they deserve? Good thing pcij is here and I am hoping and praying other groups, especially the mainstream media will follow. God save our country.



June 13th, 2005 at 8:10 pm

there’s no doubt, we’ve been cheated for long…how will juan dela cruz recover from this greedy couple…



June 13th, 2005 at 10:46 pm

I am not sure if this site is just a political propaganda or what is the agenda behind all of this, and I am tired of the never ending effort trying to bring down our president my question is. “DO YOU HAVE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE”? who is well educated and can bring unity, weed out corruption, and can rise our fellow countrymen from poverty? think about it people are voting for individuals that has no prior experience in politics whatsoever! and are not even educated. I wan’t a leader that i can be proud of in an international scale, Just imagine how would ERAP or POE would look if put in a United Nations debate concerning current world issues? they will turn out to be “absolutely atrocious” so please i ask all of you out there who are fortunate enough to be educated to please, please unite and help our fellow countrymen and educate them how to make better choices when it comes to voting and stop trying to bring people down and help each other and keep a watchful eye on corruption. For everyone out there that is not aware all of this chaos is just a plot to de-stabilize the current administration so money hungry, selfish thieves can take the office and do their dirty work. I really miss President Ramos term, everyone criticized him of going out of the country too often even though he clearly stated he is trying to boost the county’s economy buy bringing in more investors which turned out to be true and that right there is a prime example of false accusations and wrongful speculation in a nutshell what i am trying to say it “Lets all unite for a better and prosperous tomorrow”

Jospeh Bolus
Washington D.C.



June 13th, 2005 at 10:47 pm

i wonder if the president’s having alleged boyfriends should be included in this list.



June 13th, 2005 at 10:59 pm

to the lone patriot,

we must take things one step at a time. the question you should ask yourself first is does the content of the tapes constitute an impeachable offense. (i think it does.) if you answer yes then what should be done. it would be eaiser for all of us if she resigns like nixon did but if she doesnt then the impeachment process should be commenced.

if she resigns or is impeached then noli de castro will replace her. i dont like him but he is next in the line of succession. then we can move step by step again. let’s not think of speeches in the UN muna. what would make me proud is not erudition or a multi-liguist but someone with integrity and with a clear vision to improve the lot of those who cannot even eat 1 full meal a day.



June 13th, 2005 at 11:02 pm

didnt gma remove support from the iloilo congressman (posada/s?) to put in her bro-in-law ostensibly as a reward for owning to the pidal accounts?



June 13th, 2005 at 11:05 pm

all i can say is SHE CHEATED!

and now, shes making us all look stupid!

Evil midget president!




June 13th, 2005 at 11:08 pm

Obviously, this is a forum where people can express their views. A better alternative? Yes. PGMA and the vice prez should resign because of fraud. The senate prez then sits as acting prez and a new election should be called.

Well-educated? Look at what happenned to the Phils. when ran by the so-called well-educated leaders?

“I wan’t a leader that i can be proud of in an international scale…” Huh? Are you proud to have a leader who cheats us blind? Who connives w/ other gov’t. officials to rig the elections?

“Just imagine how would ERAP or POE would look if put in a United Nations debate concerning current world issues?” When did a country’s leader find a need to debate in the U.N.? When was the first and last time that it happenned? Debates in the U.N. takes place among each country’s ambassadors, not among its leaders.

“plot to de-stabilize the current administration.” Call it whatever you want, plot, scheme, conspiracy, etc. The fact remains, in as far as I am concerned, that GMA cheated and have seen to it personally that votes are manipulated. If you are proud of that, then MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS! TULOY ANG MGA PANGUNGURAKOT! ANG PANDARAYA! ANG PANLOLOKO! SUPPURTADO KO KAYO!



June 13th, 2005 at 11:33 pm

Dear Joseph Bolus,

“DO YOU HAVE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE”? YES WE HAVE. You just don’t realize how much of the people’s money was used to run the chetaing machinery during the 2004 elections.Yes you can claim everybody cheats during election and I agree. But right now the internatioal debt of the soverign Filipino people is unbearable. It’s too much money gone to the pockets of the corrupt officials. Every year SOVEREIGN BONDS are issued carrying high interest rates to finance budget deficit which are actually money being pocketed thru corruption. Have these borrowings benefited the Filipino people? Who will end up paying these DEBTS? Will Jose Pidal pay up? Will Gen. Garcia pay up? Will our corrupt congressmen pay up? You say these is a destabilization plot. Our country is not going to be stable anytime soon. We have a debt crisis which can explode anytime which can trigger a civil war. Who do you think took all the money? Don’t tell me its ERAP again.
You miss President Ramos who invited power investors and made our electricity rates 2nd only to Tokyo. We DON’T NEED POLITICIAN’S. We need righteous Leaders. Ramon Magsaysay comes in mind. So don’t tell us about no political experience, lack of education. You can’t unite the people if there is distrust. Who is responsible for this loss of trust.



June 14th, 2005 at 12:08 am

kabayang lone_patriot,

kamusta na ang washington? sori tinalo sila ng miami sa conference semi-final ng NBA. i’m sure mas angat ang buhay mo dyan, at sigurado rin ako na hindi mo ramdam ang tunay na hirap ng buhay sa pinas. kumbaga eh “second hand info” ka lang.

medyo masakit naman ang dating nang iyong sulat sa itaas. ang iyong panawagan ay ni-limit mo lang sa mga “educated”. at parang sa tono mo ay ang mga hindi edukado na kagaya namin ang may kasalanan kung bakit nagkakaganito ang pilipinas. kaming bang mga “uneducated” ang nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan? di ba yung mga educated ang silang nagnanakaw at yumayaman? kaya nga maraming uneducated kasi mahirap ang buhay dahil sa corruption na ginawa ng mga magagaling at edukado nating pinuno.

sigurado ako this site is not a political propaganda,…this is an open forum.

Your posing the question “DO YOU HAVE A BETTER ALTERNATIVE?” i think you’re missing the point, by a very huge distance. The question is not whom we want to replace GMA with, the question is whether GMA has the right to be president. The question is not who should be president, it is who should not be president.

I also disagree that someone who is educated can bring unity, weed out corruption and can rise our countrymen from poverty. One good example is GMA, doctor of economics, UP professor blah blah blah. What happened to our country? What kind of government does she has?

If you want a president that you can be proud of, definitely it would not be the one caught calling up a COMELEC Commisioner during the election canvass.

fan ka rin pala ni heneral FVR, the father of PPA. sori di ako impress sa presidency nya.

kung gusto mo ng tunay na pagkakaisa, huwag mong i-distingushed ang edukado sa hindi edukado. pantay-pantay tayo. meron tayong tig-iisang boto, kaso di ako sigurado kung nabilang nang tama ang boto gaya ng nakaraang eleksyon ng 2004.

sige po, medyo mahaba yata nasulat ko. mag-tatrabaho na po muna ako, medyo madami-dami pang balut ang ilalako ko.



June 14th, 2005 at 12:53 am

lameduck president

this is what gma will be if she gets to continue her term. five more years of second guessing her decisions (ex. the implications of whether she will reappoint garcillano), and substantial doubt evidenced by the tapes of whether she should be the president at all. as such she will be ineffective and the country will hardly move forward.


gloria resign

June 14th, 2005 at 2:15 am

Indeed god is alive, despite the proliferation of newspapers that truly are worthless ass wipes for their partisan envelopmental reporting we still have PCIJ to rely on for independent news and truly investigative reporting. In contrast to those envelopmental journalist who sits on their ass waiting like Juan Tamad for the provervial guava to drop on their lap whose toilet paper, errr newspaper content are pure praise release of the highest bidder. Keep it up and may your tribe increase……. let me just give my opinion on the Las Vegas suite. Expensive suites in Las Vegas are for the exclusive use of whales (high rollers or gamblers whose bankroll are not less than mid six figures in US dollars) and are free to those that meets the casino criteria of time spent and average bet per day. It does not matter whether you are the richest man in the world or of royal blood much less the highest official of your land, these suites are not offered to anyone who think they have the status to be there unless you are a player. Of course you can book in these suites, but you have to pay the price as in the case of mike arroyo. It was his own feeling of importance that he felt he deserves such suite but definitely not the casino offering him the suite because he is the first houseband. To be treated and considered a VIP in the casino is not about one’s status in life but how deep your gambling pocket and willingness to take the risk in playing at the tables.



June 14th, 2005 at 6:21 am

If gloria represent the poeple of the Philippines,… I’d rather stay forever out of the Philippines,…If she represent the mother of Filipinos,..I’d rather think that I was born free,…shame on you gloria….better resign.!!!!..let the Philippines to move on…



June 14th, 2005 at 8:23 am

“So don’t tell us about…” Well let me first state two facts i am a Filipino living in the states and i am sure as hell proud to be one! i have seen many Filipinos here that denounce where they came from which saddens me.. Anyway I am not vouching for PGMA or any greedy “leader” because those are the same people who brings poverty us Filipino people, all i am saying is this might just be a plot by someone who wants to take power and corrupt! and regarding the suggestion on PGMA resigning i totally agree with that but i hope the alternative will be better because we really really need someone that can weed out corruption and uplift our people, cause its seems like it is just a cycle that repeats itself so we have to nip the bud once and for all. Filipinos are extraordinary people just put them in contrast with Europeans or Americans they will stand out and excel, because we are smart, VERY creative tsaka masipag tayo its just the opportunities that our country lacks and the goverment is to blame. I know we won’t accomplish this overnight but we have to start now and keep a positive view on things because our country is lacking that, i just hope and pray that one day there will be enough jobs with great benefits and perks so nobody won’t corrupt anymore. and regarding the U.N. that was just an analogy. I apologize to everyone if i came out offensive its just i am VERY frustrated on the current developments i thought we were done with this when erap was ousted but apparently not and do us all a favor and please tell our fellow kababayans stop voting TV and movie personalities for the love our beloved country…

“We DON’T NEED POLITICIAN’S. We need righteous Leaders”

I agree but sadly in todays world that will not suffice, its 2005! what we need is a leader who is not only righteous, but smart and well versed in all areas of leadership… that im sure everyone will agree, that is my ideal president..



June 14th, 2005 at 9:03 am




SHAME ALL of You who are just after the MONEY… You still Want Manang GLoria to be on the seat for an IMAGE of an “ECONOMIST” leader in our country….but we don’t need a corrupt PUBLIC official like Manang GLORIA….Let the Trial begin ASAP…

Like her Father…Corrupt as Always…



June 14th, 2005 at 9:37 am

Don’t expect Gloriaetta to resign, don’t expect her allies to betray her. They are all party to her stinking government. They don’t respect us as people but a nuisance oposition. During Marcos time they branded us communist now they called us destabilizer or terrorist. Let us go to the street, gather numbers, demand for her removal including all her allies and let us start fresh from the beginning. Create a comelec with new officials to conduct a credible elections and vanished those old politicians be it from administration or opposition. I assure you we can do it in 1 year’s time because we Filipino can. Don’t wait for 5 more years of Gloriaetta’s stinking rules and after that another 6 more years of her annointed one. Let us stop this continuing assault to the intelligence of Filipino people. And if we want to stop this, we do it NOW and not after 5 more years! If everything is in place now, then, I will return to Philippines and bring my hard earned money, invest in a manufacturing business, hired our own workers and live happily ever after.



June 14th, 2005 at 9:54 am

Impeachment against Gloria will be useless because her allies dominates both houses. Impeachment complaint will not progress at the lower house because she has the numbers. If in case this will prosper she also controls the senate.

There is no complainant or petitioner-either GMA, Garcillano, Barbers, etc that they were wire tapped and in effect as of now there is no court order from any appropriate or competent court declaring that the gloriagate tape was illegally obtained. These are, I believe, the basic elements under RA 4200 that NTC should have considered before they have made that order warning or prohibiting any broadcast media in playing the tape. I think the basic premise of RA 4200 is not suppressing press freedom (which by the way the GMA government is invoking) but protecting individual rights against eavesdropping to be used against them.

One good question here, “which shall we give the proper weight: (a) the truth and big discovery divulged in the tape that concerns national interest alleging national election fraud or (b) invoking the individual right of GMA or Garcillano.”



June 14th, 2005 at 10:08 am

to lone patriot, so does that mean if we dont find an ideal leader at this point, you are willing to stomach gma’s cheating?

mahirap kay gma, she is not only proud but she also surrounds herself with half intellects and/or ex-generals.



June 14th, 2005 at 11:10 am

Stupid of us to ask Gloriaetta to resign, stupid of us think that she will resign voluntarily. She even lied to us and cheated us just to get the presidency and now we ask her to resign? Do you thinks she has the conscience to think of our country and welfare and resign? Stupid of us to think. Let us do our part now! We have to demand for her removal including her vice president by going to the streets and show the numbers. If I have to return to Philippines just to support the people on the street then I will return. I will do this for the sake of my countrymen and my children’s future.


jose roberto

June 14th, 2005 at 12:09 pm

one thing for sure: the Philippines is again faced with a huge task of social and economic responsibility. I believe that pgma will never step down as president. never. she got to that position easily and sure as hell will not turn it over to the whims of the opposition as well as the church.



June 14th, 2005 at 12:38 pm

If GMA wants to make an economic turnaround in our country let her do it. Lets see if she can withstand the TRUTH and after her de facto presidency, we will demand the ill-gotten wealth she acquired.


Life in Autumn » Sinong Mas Malala?

June 14th, 2005 at 1:18 pm

[…] , bakit si FG naman namigay ng mga pustiso ah. Useful din naman yun. Pero sa dami ng kontrobersyang nakadikit sa pangalan ni FG, siguro nagwiwish na si PGMA ngayon na sana may diborsyo sa bansa. Wi […]



June 14th, 2005 at 1:22 pm


Agree tayo dyan – WE DON’T NEED POLITICIAN. We need righteous leaders!

So definitely hindi nga si GMA yun, politician kasi sya…

So sinong papalit? Who’ll replace GMA? Its not for me, you, or anyone to answer. It’s for the voters/people to answer, that’s why we have an election. Kaya lang nagkadayaan, obviously….

Kaya agree ako resignation ng GMA and Noli to pave the way for snap poll. Let the people decide. Kung may mandate ang leader, mas madaling i-unify ang bansa.

Dapat lang tanggalin na si GMA. Kung si Erap, the only president (post Marcos era) who convincingly won the election, tinanggal because of betrayal of Public Trust. Take note: Betrayal of Public Trust because of accusation of corruption. Eh si GMA from the very start ay Wala ang Public Trust sa Kanya!! Kasi she never won the election.



June 14th, 2005 at 2:01 pm

Let us be a little kinder to Gloria. Her sense of truth, honesty and interity has been severely impaired by a nasty neurological malconnection due to reading too much Machiavelli.



June 14th, 2005 at 2:27 pm

Dapat na talagang bumaba! Bakit di niya sagutin yong simple question ni Juan dela Cruz na kung boses niya yong nasa tape, “yes or no” lang di ba? Bakit wala siyang comment, parang bulag, pipi at bingi na siya! Silence is admission of guilt! di ba yan ang kasabihan?

Maliban sa pandaraya sa “election! meron pa ring Jose Pidal at jueteng” pa! ano ba yan? Ang lumalabas na sinungaling ay ang sambayanang Pilipino at silang mga namumuno sa gobyerno ay mga santo at ang babait!… pag nagsalita ka against GMA you are destabilizer ng gobyerno! ano nasa Martial Law na naman ba tayo?



June 14th, 2005 at 4:23 pm

GMA’s political DNA is severely mutated. It’s time to send her to the autoclave.



June 14th, 2005 at 4:48 pm

Bakit mas tinititigan natin ang wire-tapping case at hindi yung mas malaking mabubunyag na paglabag at pandaraya sa taong bayan na ginawa noong nasa tape na yan.
Kung tutuusin mas maituturing na isang malaking kabayanihan ang ginawang pag wire-tapped na yan. Dahil kahit alam niyang mapapahamak siya pagnalaman ang kanyang ginawa, pero ginawa pa rin niya ito dahil alam niyang mas makakatulong ito sa bansa upang masugpo itong mga ginagawa nilang pandaraya sa taong bayan, lalo na sa mga mahihirap. Palibhasa, ni minsan hindi nila nararanasan ang magutom, matulog na walang laman ang tiyan.


P.N. Abinales

June 14th, 2005 at 4:54 pm

I’d like a different spin to this GMA-wants-to-remain in power thread. I agree she has no interest in resigning. What made her different from, say, Manuel L. Quezon, however was that she really does not understand what power is and how to wield it. Her idea of power is quite too narrow and personalized. She is someone who can never imagine herself as “the state.” Quezon, however, had these interesting things to say about power: “To tell the truth, gentlemen, I should like to continue being President of the Philippines if I were sure I would live 100 years. Have you ever known anyone who had voluntarily renounced power unless it was for a lady that, in his opinion, was more important than power itself, or because of the threatening attitude of the people? Everybody likes power. It is the greatest urge of human nature. I like to exercise power.”

Gloria does not have the confidence, the arrogance and the appreciation of power as Quezon. Thus she will — even if she finishes her term — never be remembered as having the same autocratic chutzpah as Quezon and even Marcos.



June 14th, 2005 at 5:31 pm

Opps! Martial Law na tayo… Baka Pahuli tayo lahat! hehehe
Well, I strongly believe that the president is no longer capable of running the country after the Audio CD scandal or the “Gloriagate”.
Her image was severely damaged, her credibility was gone.

Why is GMA guilty?
1.) Thousands of soldiers were deployed here in Manila to ensure that EDSA 4 will not happen.
2.) Her loyal spokesperson Bunye told us the truth.
3.) Her silence and rudeness in interviews shows her guilt.
4.) She said that her phone was “wiretapped” and she said she was not the “lady” in the CD…contradicting noh…asan na yung na wiretap sayo?



June 14th, 2005 at 6:33 pm

Heard Nograles on DZMM saying the tape cannot be played because it was gotten illegaly, at malakas pa ang loob na sabihin na….” e nagpadaya sila eh” . Arrf!!!! Arffff!!!!. That guy is a bar topnocher. Rewind tayo sa panahon before EDSA 2. That bar topnotcher was saying ” The people should know the truth!!! The second envelope must be opened!!!



June 14th, 2005 at 6:54 pm

Followup on Nograles, I’ve also seen this glob of cholesterol being interviewed in one of the political talk shows in anc.

He claimed that he had already heard portions of the tape and even went far as saying that “if you heard the tapes, you can deduce that the president was even concerned for her votes na baka raw sya madaya”

Please naman sir, hindi tanga mga televiewers so wag nyo na po i-twist yung truth. Lahat ng nakarinig ng mga taped conversations courtesy of this blog site knew what they heard. Bar topnotcher ka pa pala… Pwe



June 14th, 2005 at 10:01 pm

I think…guys remember Lawyers are damn good Liers in other words… Money still plays on other people’s mind… No wonder… ang PINAS laging grant grant grant….Loan Loan Loan sa ibat ibang kanto ng mundo eh….eh we have to take note na dami alligators and crocodiles messing around the bush sa government… Huh…bilangan at pamahalan ng koste…pagandahan at paramihan ng bahay…palakihan at pakapalan ng bank accounts at negosyo..paramihan ng properties….kotong here,kotong there… at the end of the day…

FILIPINOS…we…us… (referring to the masses paying all time high DEBTS with escalating interest per annum)….

can we afford to pay a fake President and corrupt Public officials…. ? can we afford a family hounded by their black shadows milking us Filipinos?

It’s your CALL….It’s our Call….Let’s ACT NOW…


“like father, like Daughter” think of it a million times



June 14th, 2005 at 11:01 pm

Well to see this is sad indeed. I will not deny. I, my friends, family and other people were in the enviorment of great ‘nationwide turmoil.’ I remember that day. Me my dad and younger sister went to the mall. Uhh.. festival mall in alabang. We heard the news, radio. But it was just protests and allies being joined here and there. Until we reached the ground floor where a certain TV shop was. It so happend it was airing the local news. Never in my life have i seen so many people run like that to a TV-multimedia shop. As if they were giving the tvs for free. So we all checked it out. Whats all the comotion? We watched amongst the crowd. little did we know. Violence broke out. People were out of the malacanang gate, shouting ‘Erap Resign!’ continusly! Then elite tanks and apcs started to comeout and in. Then pro and antis started to fight. My heart was pounding.. my dad explained to me and my sister. I did know it was happening. But never knew it could go there. Even outside the alabang area it was quite a comotion. The guards radio posts were being flocked and drivers and people just stopped ahwile to listen to the radio. I remember when we left, i presume that they were listening to AM. We were listening to AMCHANEL.666. The comentator was shouting ‘komosyon ho,’ something like that.. scared i was. I was grade 5 when that happend. Seeing now that iam Sophomore Highschool. Seeing these contreversies to the pres. shocked me. Something like before but i did not really see people on the streets and etc. I do take my stand. I do belive the audio is true. Iam shocked. And in my opinion it doesent need audio to prove allegations of corruption/cheating? It is in it itself. But there is more to this. I pray to the Lord. On my stand as I see. That we have a new system. We have to break the cyclone of these. The Filipino people do not deserve this. On Ms. Glorias part.. it is sad.. because like I said.. I cannot deny.. I did look up to her.. seriously.. a new pres. to help our economy and people. I was looking forward. I was looking up. Yes, to young to vote. But.. still never let me out. She is the president. But.. seeing this. Hearing stories from many people. The news.. etc. I do not mean to be biased. But this is my stand.



June 14th, 2005 at 11:12 pm

cont part 2 on comment: I ask myself.. at 15 what can i do? I do not belive the youth just because under 18 is restricted to shout out rights.. I belive that at my age and others too.. I/we can do something aswell.. fighting for good.. for justice.. this is my stand. I press for the resignation of Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Where is it going? Where are the accomplishments? Where? The Filipino people dont deserve this. It doesent matter what kind of corruption. No one does deserve it! I ask for people to pray for a WHOLE NEW CHANGE. THAT WILL BREAK THIS CYCLONE. God is with us. There is still hope! ALOT! Of things can improve! Iam thinking.. if there is more I can do.. I will.. take to the streets for support I will.. Right now.. Iam telling all my friends/ teachers.. Spreading it in diffrent manners with no malicious intent.. praying endleslly.. Iam sorry if I said anything harmful in my comments. Just want to express my comments. Thankyou. Godbless and takecare. Godbless the Philippines. God bless us all! – nic



June 14th, 2005 at 11:15 pm

Don’t believe on lawyers, economist, artist, military and housewife for president anymore. Let us try engineers, doctors, nurses, seaman and from other professions naman. Let us cleanse now our country and start fresh with new breed of honest people. Let us show our numbers, just set a date and I will be there with you.



June 15th, 2005 at 12:25 am

lets stop the oppostion in creating orchestrated dillemma on pgma, lets not support those who are just using the media to spread humors or scandals that spreadabout pgma, why does pgma doesn’t take drastic actions to put an end to this crisis in politics, are we gonna end up in the streets again, another edsa 4 or 5 or we are tired of politicians, lets be aware next time we vote another president, lets be wiser, and do not vote traditional politicians , lets go to other alternative



June 15th, 2005 at 12:39 am

Support the Cheater! Yehey!



June 15th, 2005 at 12:54 am

“what we need is a leader who is not only righteous, but smart and well versed in all areas of leadership” Sir I think you have heard about ENRON, TYCO and WORLDCOM. Were these companies headed by smart and well versed leaders? Please don’t overemphasize those traits because that is not what we need of a Leader. The WORD is righteous meaning he/she has the heart to serve the people. SELFLESSNESS.



June 15th, 2005 at 1:13 am

Attention Mr. LUZ of MBC:
Don’t make a fool of yourself in front of us. We have all heard of accounting scandals of private companies who doctor their financial statements to make them look good. Are you doing the same for NAMFREL? You think we are imbeciles?


Global Voices Online»Blog Archive » Tuesday Global Blogs Roundup

June 15th, 2005 at 6:43 am

[…] tion of women warriors. Inside PCIJ continues their muckraking work in the Philippines by assembling a list of the scandals that have involved the Arroyo administration. They also have audio files of the […]



June 15th, 2005 at 10:39 am

Let’s not be too myopic.

Political dynasties are to blame for the decline of this nation. We have people frothing at the mouths spewing that there should be a separation of church and state……true….but why not have a separation of family matters and state business?

GMA did not allow Luli to work for the DFA despite Luli’s exemplar performance and potential; yet, Iggy Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo are in the house of representatives?! See, the contradictions of GMA allowed in her own family.

There MUST be a ceiling for these political dynasties…Metro Manila Mayors have the chance to beat out Indonesia’s former dictator Suharto for tenure. The Governor is the sister in law of the congressman who is a cousin of the mayor. This less than six degrees of separations in our political system is what ails our nation.

It cannot be helped to assume that a political dynasty harbors interests —economic or financial reciprocity most of the time. So, it isn’t the mere matter of ousting GMA, but making way for a pradigm shift to dislocate the padrino system we have been subjected to for centuries. GMA, Jueteng-gate, Nani_pere_Gate, etc…..these are just products of a cyclical history. As Hegel put it, “The one thing we learn from History is that we don’t learn from History.”



June 15th, 2005 at 10:40 am

Let’s not be too myopic.

Political dynasties are to blame for the decline of this nation. We have people frothing at the mouths spewing that there should be a separation of church and state……true….but why not have a separation of family matters and state business?

GMA did not allow Luli to work for the DFA despite Luli’s exemplar performance and potential; yet, Iggy Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo are in the house of representatives?! See, the contradictions of GMA allowed in her own family.

There MUST be a ceiling for these political dynasties…Metro Manila Mayors have the chance to beat out Indonesia’s former dictator Suharto for tenure. The Governor is the sister in law of the congressman who is a cousin of the mayor. This less than six degrees of separations in our political system is what ails our nation.

It cannot be helped to assume that a political dynasty harbors interests —economic or financial reciprocity most of the time. So, it isn’t the mere matter of ousting GMA, but making way for a pradigm shift to dislocate the padrino system we have been subjected to for centuries. GMA, Jueteng-gate, Nani_pere_Gate, etc…..these are just products of a cyclical history. As Hegel put it, “The one thing we learn from History is that we don’t learn from History.”



June 15th, 2005 at 11:03 am

mikey’s acquisition of the australian thoroughbred horses tax-free via the POC should be included in the list. gusto maging danding!

mikey also tride to get the driver of a catering firm (in a film shoot) fired for driving a truck that has an FPJ poster on its side. pinagbibigyan lang sa movie career dahil presidente ang nanay niya pero kayabang!

his house in la vista should be looked into. does he have sufficient financial resources to build an 18M house? after all, wala naman talaga siyang showbiz career, at magkano lang ang (officially) kinita niya as vice-gov at kinikita niya as congressman.

one of the alleged bagman, the stockbroker (a former neighbor in la vista), reportedly felt duped because he thought that the money was going to be used to help the poor, so he skipped town. am not sure if the stockbroker is back.



June 15th, 2005 at 12:41 pm

Cases of Graft and Corruption under the Arroyo Administration


IMPSA Deal – US$14 M bribery

If Perez pocketed the US$2 million, where could have the bigger allocation of the bribe amounting to a whooping US$ 12 million gone. .

January 24, 2001, four days after Arroyo stepped to the presidency, appointed Justice Secretary, Hernani Perez, approved the contract with the Argentine firm, Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona Sociedad Anomina (IMPSA) to build the Caliraya-Botocan-Kalayaan (CBK) power plants. According to former Rep. Mark Jimenez (currently, extradited to US facing illegal contributions to the democratic party, mail fraud and tax evasion) and Rep. Willie Villarama, Perez accepted the mulit-million dollar bribe offer to change the ruling of the DoJ in favor of IMPSA.

The deal according to Villarama and Jimenez positively involved Perez raking in US$2 million. Jimenez presented as evidence the paper trail of the transfer of the amount from a Uruguayan bank to the Coutts Bank of Hong Kong with Perez using conduits. The principal conduit was a known GMA crony and province-mate Ernest Escaler, who escaped the country in a huff. The other is banker Ramon Arceo, brother-in-law of Perez. Subsequently, an airline manifesto listed Nani Perez and Escaler along with General Berroya and a certain Mr. Macapagal as among the passengers who went to Hong Kong on the same date as the alleged bribe money was coursed through Coutts Bank. Villarama and Jimenez strongly believed that the “honorable” Nani Perez partook of the 2-million US dollars out of a larger 14-million US dollars bribe coughed up by the Argentine firm in exchange for the Arroyo government’s approval of the IMPSA project.

Now the bigger question is, “If Perez pocketed the US$2 million, where could have the bigger allocation of the bribe, amounting to a whooping US$ 12 million, gone?”

Perez is currently under the investigation of the Swiss Government for money laundering

The prosecuting magistrate of the Swiss Confederation has requested Philippine judicial authorities for legal assistance in a police judiciary investigation of former Justice Secretary Hernando Perez, his wife Rosario, his brother-in-law Ramon Arceo and investment banker Ernest Escaler. A copy of the “Request for Legal Aid on a Criminal Matter” dated March 17, 2003 obtained by reporters showed evidence of money laundering activities allegedly involving the Perez couple, Arceo and Escaler. The document showed that three separate accounts were opened at the EFG Private Bank SA, Geneva branch in 2001. These are account number 338-118 opened on March 5, 2001 under the name of Rosario Perez and Arceo, account number 338-128 opened on March 27, 2001 under the name of Escaler, and account number 338-372 opened on March 11, 2002 under the name of Lucky Clover Enterprises Limited at the request of Escaler. According to the document, Rosario and Arceo were the “economic eligible persons of the assets deposited in account 338-118, for which they established the power of attorney in favor of Hernando Perez.” Meanwhile, Escaler was declared the economic eligible person for the assets deposited in account 338-372. It was also revealed that a person authorized by Capcet Limited signed the documents for the account and the EFG Financial Advisor Pte. Limited based in Singapore “tied up” the banking relations.

President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard (PDMB) Project – PhP 700 Million Overprice

The project amounted to PhP 1.1 billion due to the overpricing of almost PhP 700 million

The construction of the 5.1 km. PDMB was more than a hundred percent overpriced according to Sulpicio Tagud, Jr., then board director of Public Estates Authority (PEA). The project amounted to PhP 1.1 billion due to the overpricing of almost PhP 700 million. The project was already overpriced, but it was further aggravated with the number of “price adjustments” asked by the Jesusito D. Legaspi Construction (JDLC), the firm that won the bid, which the PEA recklessly approved. Meanwhile, the almost P700 million overpriced allegedly diverted from the PDMB project remains unaccounted for. This could be seen as a bigger scam especially to the millions of GSIS payers who, without being aware of it, helped fund the project from their own savings.

Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (PIATCO) – a $20 Million Extortion

This project was the construction of Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by the Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (Piatco) in Parañaque. The 1.1-km long, four-storey terminal NAIA-3 was supposed to open last Dec. 15 but was aborted due to legal controversies surrounding Piatco’s contract.

Both the Ombudsman and the House Committee on Transportation and Communication have studied the PIATCO contract and have found it advantageous to the government. The government corporate counsel also ruled last October, 2002 that the concession agreement was legal and not onerous. One report said the government “stands to earn much more than what it originally expected.”

The terminal was already 97 percent complete according to DoTC officials. Four times bigger than the present Terminal 1, the NAIA-3 terminal will feature the country’s first moving walkway aside from offering the most advanced security system with the state-of-the-art baggage screening and explosives-detecting machines. Among those expected to benefit are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and Muslim Filipinos who will be exempted from the payment of terminal fees. Sadly, the controversy that continues to grip NAIA-3 has delayed all these promised developments.

It is alleged that Malacanang through Villaraza law office tried to extort US $ 20 million from Fraport, a German firm which has a 30 percent stake in Piatco, in exchange of legal favor.


Judicial Development Fund – Misuse of PhP 2 Billion

The Judicial Development Fund was created through a Presidential Decree 1949, issued by the late President Marcos in 1984. The 1984 law established the JDF for the benefit of members and personnel of the Judiciary “to help ensure and guarantee the independence of the Judiciary as mandated by the Constitution and public policy, and required by the impartial administration of justice.” The funds, derived from legal fees, among others, were intended to augment the allowances of judiciary members and employees, and finance the acquisition, maintenance and repair of office equipment and facilities.

The fund is estimated to reach around PhP2 Billion. It is alleged that:

The Supreme Court has misused the fund to finance the Mansions of Justices in Baguio City
Many employees have complained about the fund’s misuse. From a high of PhP 7, 000 in additional monthly allowance that they receive through the fund, it dwindled to just PhP1, 800.
Overpricing in the acquisition of vehicles, office equipment and other facilities in the Judiciary through the JDF.
Note: With these allegations, there are initiatives in the House of Representatives for investigation of the fund as well as impeachment complaint against some Justices of the Supreme Court.


Oakwood Incident.

In the wee hours of July 27, 2003, the military junior officers seized the Oakwood hotel in order for them to air their grievances to the government which the Arroyo administration totally ignored.

Manila, August 1, 2003 by Ann Corvera (STAR). Armed Forces chief Gen. Narciso Abaya has admitted that corruption thrives in the military, from the top of the hierarchy to the company commanders in the field. However, Abaya, in an interview on the ANC cable television program “On Line” Wednesday night, did not elaborate on the forms of corruption in the Armed Forces. “This graft and corruption is not only at the highest levels (of the military),” he said. “I admit there is graft and corruption at all levels even down to the company commander level.”

The mutinous soldiers belonging to Magdalo Group alleged that:

The AFP top brass are engaged in selling of arms and ammunitions to MILF and NPA
Gasoline is sold to enemies of the state and to private individuals
The government is involved in the Davao Bombing
Lockheed Deal

PCIJ conducted an investigation on Lockheed Martin Corp., the world’s biggest defense contractor at the Air Force facility in Clark Air Base in Pampanga, and reported that the company’s presence in the base is without a legal lease or rent contract. PCIJ disclosed that Lockheed’s presence at Clark is part of a Php 2.1 billion contract to purchase four 30-year-old C-130 planes. Reportedly, the AFP’s top military officials signed the contract in secrecy and haste and without benefit of a public bidding. Further, the Philippine government has not approved the contract.

The report cited that an internal Air Force study revealed that the C-130s were expensive to operate and maintain. The National Security Council, too, has proposed to reject the contract, for it was “grossly disadvantageous” to the Philippine government. The purchase of the planes does not even have appropriations cover from the Congress nor the Armed Forces Modernization Program funds. Lockheed, however, has arranged for financing from the US Export-Import Bank although government officials have yet to see the loan papers.

Two years ago, Lockheed offered a price of US$35 million for the same four planes, The new contract price is US$41 million or US$6 million more expensive than before, but, surprisingly, the Philippine Air Force, nevertheless, entered into it.

Budget Secretary Boncodin said that even if the negotiated contract could be justified because Lockheed Martin was the sole manufacturer of the C-130 Hercules plane, the key issue was that the deal was not covered by any appropriations from Congress nor the AFP. The Defense department’s budgets for 2000 and 2001 have zero appropriation for Capital Outlay because all the funds have been put under the Modernization Program. If the C-130 deal should be covered at all, the funding should come from the Modernization Fund, she said. That implies, however, that the contract will have to be subjected to the strict rules on public bidding of the AFP Modernization Law.

But on her birthday last April 5, President Arroyo and her Cabinet members attended the “soft launch” of the Lockheed Martin “Aircraft Service Center” at Clark. A Cabinet secretary said Arroyo even opened a champagne bottle during the ceremony in what looked like a new facility because it had a fresh coat of paint.


The First Gentleman

Rice Smuggling has been a persistent problem eversince GMA was installed President after EDSA 2. An official of the Bureau of Customs claims that the reason why they were unable to stop smuggling was due to lack of resources such as ships to patrol the seas and the country’s long shoreline which is very hard to monitor. Moreover, it was harder to seize the contraband if it involves high official/s, their relatives or their cronies. It is even more difficult if it involves no less than the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo, himself.

Dailies have it that close associates of the First Gentleman are allegedly perpetrating this act.

“Despite several successful interceptions of smuggled rice in the recent past no single person has been investigated fully and brought to jail. The government appears toothless in saving the lot of our rice farmers numbering about 2 million. Our local rice industry is in crisis.” (Rice in Crisis, 8/16/01)

In Amado P. Macaseat’s article “Subic, Now a Smuggling Capital?” (Malaya, May 12, 2003) he wrote, “Asked what happened to the rice smugglers threatened with death by President Arroyo, the customs official replied that none of them have even been questioned.” Rice smuggling is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. As it is, it has hurt a number of farmers who cannot compete with the low price of smuggled rice but it will hurt more at the rate that none has been charged or punished by the government. This unending vicious cycle will not stop unless the government starts putting the rice smugglers in prison. Moreover, it has tremendously hurt the economy –these smuggled goods enter our country tax-free.

Telephone Franchise Scam

It all started last April 18, 2001. The President vetoed the House Bill (HB)12671, which consists of “an act granting the Philippine Communication Clearinghouse Inc. (PCCI) a franchise to conduct, establish, install maintain and operate wire and/or wireless telecom system throughout the Philippines,” due to the recommendation of DoTC Secretary, Pantaleon Alvarez. According to him, only the clearinghouse stands to profit. The government, on the other hand, will only receive a minimal amount.

On July 17, Mike Arroyo in a radio interview revealed that a palace secretary resigned as s/he was allegedly involved in a scam. Three days later, Veronica “Bing” Rodrigo, the supposed palace secretary pointed an accusing finger to the First Gentleman for pocketing PhP 50 million from PCCI in exchange of his influence to the President to recall the veto on the Telecommunication Franchise.

Although, the veto was not recalled, we cannot readily dismiss that there was no bribery that took place between the First Gentleman and the Telecommunication Company.

It could have been the story of anyone who wants to make money out of the approval of the franchise by raising the veto option of the President as the real threat. By letting the Secretary of Transportation and Communications recommend the veto of the bill in writing, this is to put on pressure to the franchise seeker to negotiate within 30-day period given to the President to act on the bill before it lapses into law. Then instruct the Presidential Correspondence Secretary to convince the franchise seeker that with the right amount, this can change the recommendation of secretary of DoST. Since the veto of the bill had not been recalled, naturally the palace secretary may solely be blamed, but she would not let it happen, so she disclosed the grand scheme of bribery and extortion was orchestrated by no less than the First Gentleman himself.

PCSO Scam – Misuse of PhP250 Million Advertisement Funds

Robert Rivero, a PCSO Consultant, revealed that Mike Arroyo with the full knowledge of President GMA used the PCSO advertisement funds for the election campaign of PPC candidates particularly Juan Flavier, Joker Arroyo, Ernesto Herrera and Obet Pagdanganan.

In a letter to President GMA, Rivero stated that “ I am also prepared, Mrs. President, to face the consequences of my actions in negotiating the ad contracts for RMN and Bombo radio which involve free advertisements and promotions worth over PhP 12.8 Million for all the 13 senatorial candidates of PPC. The ad contracts for RMN and Bombo Radio allowed us to promote our press releases on the Erap arrest issue especially during the May 1 mob attack on Malacañang. The contracts for these two radio networks are justified because survey results from KBP and the Radio Research Council shows that these are the top two networks in Mindanao and Visayas. No one can dispute PCSO’s ad placements in these networks made are more than worth their costs”. ( June 14, 2001, Letter to the President)

The Pwersa ng Masa (PnM) statement said that PCSO insiders revealed some 150 million Philippine pesos (PhP) in PCSO funds were used to bankroll a series of negative TV and print advertisements against PnM candidates tagged as leaders of a rebellion plot and the party as a whole (Business World, Internet Edition, May 9, 2001)

The Modus Operandi was: to use the PCSO funds to pay for the airtime of PPC Senatorial Candidates instead of PCSO advertisements in the form of press releases, interviews and jingles for the candidates.


PEACe Bond

On October 2001, the bidding for the Poverty Eradication and Alleviations Certificates (PEACe) bonds was held wherein the Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO), comprised of 12 NGO networks, through the Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC) won the bid of the 10 year zero-coupon bonds worth PhP 35 million, which was meant for reselling. This scheme yielded for CODE-NGO a value of PhP 1.487 billion for an endowment fund for its poverty alleviation projects through the Peace and Equity Foundation.

However, the anomaly lies in the CODE-NGO having an advantage in the bidding process. The Chair of CODE-NGO was Ma. Socorro Camacho-Reyes, the sister of finance secretary Isidro Camacho. The bidding took place at the Department of Finance. The chair being the sister of the Finance Secretary may somehow have influenced the result of the bid to their favor. Also allegations of bid fixing were raised last January 2002 by the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and the Action for Economic Reforms (AER). Because of the Chair’s close relation to the Finance Secretary, they may have had inside information on the bidding process or even manipulated the whole process to their advantage.


TAX SCAM. The government has uncovered a P205-million tax diversion scheme involving a key officer of the Land Bank of the Philippines and probably with the connivance of some revenue officials. Fictitious accounts were opened at their Binangonan, Rizal, branch under the following names: Roberto Lucero, opened on April 26, 2001, with initial balance of P73.7 million; Alma Clemente, opened on May 11, 2001, with P54.1 million; Jose Francisco, on June 21, 2001, with P29 million; and Joven Aquino, on Feb. 11, 2002, with P46.9 million. The TRIBUNE By Jun Vallecera and Sherwin C. Olaes; Thursday, 08 01, 2002



June 15th, 2005 at 12:43 pm

Please visit http://www.geocities.com/who_is_rosebud and http://www.josepidal.isonfire.com to see the consistencies of this fake GMA government.



June 15th, 2005 at 1:54 pm

Marami pang kulang sa listahan na ito.



June 15th, 2005 at 2:25 pm

When are we going to the streets? Give me 2 days notice and I will fly back home to our beloved country to support my fellow Filipinos. When we already started from beginning and have a clean slate of new leaders (recycled politians – administration or opposition alike are not allowed to participate) I will bring home my hard earned money to start a manufacturing business to help my fellow Filipinos. If old politicians are still in power, I will never never invest in our country. Sorry brothers, I just dont want my hard earned money feasted by vultures in our government today. I promised you, I will bring my fellow wealthy brothers to come back and invest in our country for good.



June 15th, 2005 at 4:51 pm

pwede kaya bargain na lang?her son and brother-in-law will resign and be ordered to move out of the country,along with FG arroyo.kapalit siya pa rin ang presidente.bwahahaha!


Balmero D. Minero

June 15th, 2005 at 6:07 pm

Kumpirmado ang dayaan nung nakaraang eleksyon!!! Hindi ko binura ang text message sa akin ng isang Municipal Comelec Chairman na binantayan ko… sabi niya, “ano na news? Binantayan b nyo ang canvassing sa natl board of canvassers? May after effect pa ako ng canvassing gawa nung pressure sa taas… sent 05-29-2004/09:40:32am… nagtext back ako… “anong pressure sa taas?!?” reply niya, “Nung pinagpapalit sa akin ang mga boto ng mga kandidato na ang ginamit ay mga authority din… Na nun ko lang naexperience. Pray na lang tayo na di cla succeed…” 05-29-2004/09:49:23am tama yung nabasa ko sa isang nilulumot na pader sa Mandaluyong: “ANG KATOTOHANAN; KAHIT NA IBAON, LILITAW DIN SA TAKDANG PANAHON”



June 15th, 2005 at 6:44 pm


That ones stinks to high heaven. Yes, there a direct link to
the Arroyos with the LTA meetings etc.

Imagine the National Archives being tampered with with
a Jose Rizal heroine Paulina. You have to credit that a**h***
with a great imagination.



June 15th, 2005 at 6:44 pm

Another diversion from the govt- this time Atty Diaz of NBI is now tring to muddle the issue by attacking the credibility of Ong and Cam since they know that Wycoco is no longer credible . Wycoco will work hard definitely to save this government or his skeleton in the closet will be revealed ( one of them is an alleged super mansion in nueva Ecija)



June 15th, 2005 at 7:02 pm

as for me, history repeats itself…. why? because, what they did to joseph estrada before, is what then happening to them right this point….. For all we know, in the future of the plunder case of joseph estrada will soon be acquitted.


Balmero D. Minero

June 15th, 2005 at 7:20 pm

God Cannot be mocked by anyone… be they president or pauper. “a man or woman reaps whatever he or she sows…”



June 15th, 2005 at 7:26 pm

GMA men are trying to delay the House investigation until they come up with what they perceived as a way out of this scandal. Abalos said on radio that NTC might be the proper agency to authenticate the recordings, couple of minutes ago ABS-CBN showed a certain Jonathan, who demonstrated how to alter GMA recorded statements thru digital manipulation. No matter how you digitally manipulated the voice, it will still be known thru scientific investigations if it is authentic or not- so send them outside to Scotland Yard or FBI. The palace is slowly conditioning our minds that the alleged GMA-Garci tape was a product of digital manipulation with the help of captive media .



June 15th, 2005 at 8:06 pm

GMA please dont ask for a due process, mag resign ka nalang…sana kung binigyan nyo ng due process noon si Estrada e talagang pagdadaanan mo rin yun ngayon. Pero parang takot na takot siya dahil bumabalik sa kanya ang mga ginagawa niya noon! Totoo talaga ang Karma.



June 15th, 2005 at 8:08 pm

GMA please dont ask for a due process, mag resign ka nalang…sana kung binigyan nyo ng due process noon si Estrada e talagang pagdadaanan mo rin yun ngayon. Pero parang takot na takot siya dahil bumabalik sa kanya ang mga ginagawa niya noon!


jose roberto

June 16th, 2005 at 1:13 am

after reading the scandals/crimes to the republic of our current president, i just feel helpless, aimless and worthless…for i know that this beloved country will never ever achieve its political, economic, cultural and spiritual greatness that it deserves.

what do we do now?



June 16th, 2005 at 1:21 am

what do we do now? download the the ‘hello garci’ ringtone for the meantime:-)



June 16th, 2005 at 2:47 pm

Ibubunyag ko lang noh, nagkaroon talaga ng suhulan sa Masbate nung eleksyon. Si GLoria namigay ng mahigit P40M sa governor para idistribute sa mga mayors, para suhulan ang mga tao ng mga mayors. Friend ko kasi ang anak ng Provincial Treasurer ng Masbate. Sinabi nya sakin, may picture pa nga sya ng bundle na pera sa mesa, sobrang dami talaga. Marami ako pinagsabihan nuon na wag iboto si GMA, di sila naniwala sa akin.

I dunno kung saang ahensya kinuha ni Gloria ang ganun kalaking halaga.. Galing yun sa ating binabayad sa gobyerno. Pinangsuhol lang. Balak ko talaga nun na kunin yung bank receipt ng perang pinadala sa Masbate. Ayaw naman kasi tumulong ng anak ng Treasurer, syempre madadawit nanay nya. Mom nya kasi ang nagwithdraw at humawak ng pera nun. Kung may ebidensya ako, tetestigo din ako.

I believe alam ni Sandra Cam ang dayaan at suhulan sa Masbate. CLose sila ng Governor dun. Nakasama ko na si Sandra sa barko before, sa Lucena port. She’s kind naman dahil napasakay nya kami sa barko kahit nagkaubusan na ng tiket. I remember nun, pinabababa nya sa barko lahat ng pasaherong walang tiket dahil nga overloaded na ang barko. That means she’s concerned sa mga pasahero. Kung may alam sya sa nangyaring dayaan nung eleksyon, sana ilantad din nya. Pero mukhang malabo dahil madodoble ang problema nya.



June 16th, 2005 at 11:49 pm

—Off topic—

Warning: Be careful especially if you are taking bus or train or around a big crowd. I’m a little paranoid but I need to tell you that there might be some incidences of criminal acts or a major news like bombing a mall. All I’m saying is that they might use some diversionary tactic to distract the attention of the people. Again, be careful and be vigilant.



June 18th, 2005 at 2:20 am

Wow…. Thank you PCIJ for giving a little importance to my post!

The question still remains…. when will enough be enough or rather… will enough be EVER enough?

I agree that Gloria will not resign. Ah delicadeza, we knew you well….



June 18th, 2005 at 2:45 pm

Can anyone confirm this? Got it through email….


From the book: “Phoenix: The Saga of the Lopez Family”

Vol. 1 by Raul Rodrigo

On pp. 105 to 106:

In Iloilo in 1929, the king of jueteng was a Chinese named Luis
Sane, widely known as Sualoy. He operated with impunity; his
establishments were safe from raids; secured, it was said, by
generous bribe money to politicians and the local police.

In September 1929, Ening [Lopez] and El Tiempo began a crusade
against jueteng in Iloilo and the corruption it created in local
government. The winning number each day was printed in a box in
boldface on page one. Ening came out with one expose after another,
alleging that top politicians such as Iloilo Governor Mariano
Arroyo, Iloilo City police chief Marcelo Buenaflor and his brother
Congressman Tomas Buenaflor, had been bribed by Sualoy to turn a
blind eye on jueteng.

Ening did not choose lightweight opponents. Mariano Arroyo was the
most powerful man in the province. He was the brother of the late
Jose Arroyo, a Nacionalista senator and good friend of Quezon. As
the public’s outrage over the corruption began to mount, Arroyo
issued a statement that jueteng did not exist in Iloilo. That it did
and that local officials benefited from it were matters of public
knowledge in the city. The question was not what needed to be done,
but who had the courage to do it.
As it turned out, Ening Lopez did.

In March 1930, due to the pressure created by El Tiempo, Sualoy’s
headquarters was finally raided; not by the do-nothing local police,
but the Philippine Constabulary. Sualoy was arrested, found guilty
and jailed. He was eventually deported and died in China. With
Sualoy out, the conflict had narrowed to a match between ElTiempo
and the governor. The crusade had captured the imagination of Iloilo
and made El Tiempo the city’s leading newspaper. In August 1930,
pushed against the wall, Governor Arroyo sued El Tiempo for libel.
Ening struck back by filing administrative charges against the
governor. He also called in his friend and former boss Vicente
Francisco to lead his defense against the libel charge.

As the struggle intensified, some Lopezes sensed in it some
unwelcome echoes of the political tempest that had taken the life of
Ening’s father (Benito
Lopez) 22 years before. El Tiempo’s editor, Jose Magalona, was badly
beaten by a local thug who was believed to be in the employ of the
governor’s men.
The older Lopezes were afraid that as the row grew more heated,
Ening might eventually share his father’s fate.

Fortunately, news of the case had reached Manila and attracted the
attention of (American) Governor General Dwight F. Davis. Governor
Arroyo and his cohorts came under minute scrutiny. As a result of
the scandal, the Nacionalistas and Quezon began backing away from
Arroyo. When Arroyo asked Quezon to recommend to Davis that he be
acquitted of the administrative charges filed by Lopez, Quezon
refused. Instead, Davis swiftly dispatched Judge Manuel Moran (later
chief justice of the Supreme Court), to investigate the libel case.
Moran established that Arroyo and the police chief were in fact
heavily involved in illegal gambling. They even ran a gambling den
as a means of generating money for the upcoming 1931 elections.
Moran concluded that Ening and El Tiempo had not been guilty of

In Arroyo’s trial on the administrative charges,
even more damning evidence against the governor came
out. Pio Sian Melliza, a boyhood friend and active
supporter of the governor, testified that when he
had asked his friend to finally crack down on
jueteng, the governor told him:

Compadre, why are you so determined to get rid of
jueteng gambling? Isn’t it clear to you that most of
the jueteng runners and sellers are our own
political ward leaders? The elections are nearing,
and I am running for re-election. Not including the
money they are giving us for election expenses, they
can hurt us in this election, because there are many
of these jueteng runners in this province.

On October 7, 1930, Governor General Dwight F. Davis
ordered Governor Mariano Arroyo relieved of his post
for corruption. Timoteo Consing, a friend of Ening,
was named as his replacement. Iloilo Mayor Eulogio
Garganera and Marcelo Buenaflor were suspended. The
ex-governor staged a protest rally and attempted to
make a political comeback, but his disgrace had been
marked and he sank into obscurity.

Now, a postscript to history —

Don Mariano Arroyo, the disgraced governor of Iloilo
who was dismissed by the American governor-general
for being a jueteng protector and coddler, had a
brother, Jose Arroyo y Pidal. He is the grandfather
of Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo y Tuason, the so-called
First Gentleman, being the husband of the President
of the Republic, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Jose
Miguel, whose nickname is Mike, has a younger
brother, Jose Ignacio Arroyo, who is now a
congressman of Negros Occidental.



June 19th, 2005 at 9:51 am

hey, have heard recently that senator brenda was defending gma a lot, they do have a lot in common [mwahahahaha me-damage, eh]…. the big difference is gma was able to steal the presidency [aray kupo!]……
anyway, i found several items she said as very hilarious…. a) she commented on her dress last time they saw each other and had deduce that gma was not under any duress from what’s happening now because of what gma was wearing that time [i didnt know you can actually deduce how people feel from what people wear….hmmm… must be something new in the field of psychology….. buwahahahha, i can just see people going to the beach and wearing something ****** or the heroic magsasaka’s mood being explained]….. b) she also commented that gma was “in a jovial mood because she was surrounded by people with whom she feels secure”….. know what? that’s the same feeling our mentally-challenged patients in the hospital feel whenever nurses are around….lol…… just hope i can read more reports that can make me smile…. right now people need that a lot



June 19th, 2005 at 10:10 am

hey, didn’t you know that currently we bloggers here at the pcij are already being tracked by malacanang…. Bunye has already commented on this [dzxl radio interview], to qoute “



June 19th, 2005 at 10:36 am

sorry, mr.bunye i understand that you are in such a bad mood these days, considering that you were the one who opened up this [wiretapped conversation] can of worms….I guess it’s not that funny at all if you are receiving ringtones and jokes or if you have been reading our blogs, not if your head is under the guillotine like now….I also understand if gma is making you squirm in your chair right now after this hullaballoo, makes you sweat too without a workout right?….
Don’t worry too much about it – you’ll get fired eventually…lol…..

BUT please don’t even try to threaten us by commenting that we are already under the warscope of malacanang….so? what else is new….malacanang has already branded us as disenters, destabilizers and what not?… that just makes us more than piss-ant angry… and we are already getting there without your help…

Our humour makes us cope with all the shenanigans we are seeing right now. It makes us smile while we are thinking of saying “off with their heads”. It makes things bearable at the moment. If I were you let it be, can you just imagine if we just stop coping and enacted a new EDSA IV…

We are not sowing any intrigues here, we are after all seeking the truth, although you and malacanang might not like the truth that will come out eventually….



June 19th, 2005 at 11:38 am

It saddens me to think that the democratic rights and freedoms we have gained with blood, sweat and tears are now not only curtailed but aptly in clear and present danger…..albeit with the full help of our justice secretary….

Threatening people who possess or broadcasts or listen to the tapes with imprisonment …. and now being persecuted for talking about the tapes….. just what the heck is the government so scared about? And please, Mr.JusticeSec, What the hell were you thinking about?

Has the judicial body of our government become a convenient puppet or aparatus of the executive branch? the last time that the executive branch co-opted the judicial body was during martial law….

Is that an option now? to declare martial law and make sure that gma satys in power. That thought sends shiver down my spine….and i dont even scare easily

sobriety and patience be the weapons that we seek justice and truth…..



June 19th, 2005 at 11:58 am

Ah basta…

IF GMA admits–MANDARAYA siya.
If she will deny it…SINUNGALING SIYA!!!!

Saan siya pupunta? Sa Chess, Checkmate na siya kaya di pwedeng magresign. Shake hands with your opponent, tatayo tapos, aalis ka na lang sa upuan. TALO KA NA!



June 19th, 2005 at 12:13 pm

one more thing that saddens me….

you might be wondering like a lot of us do – where the hell has all the people in the business sector gone to? where the heck is the indignation we saw them flash before with erap?

No one hear has heard a peep from them since the juetengate and tape scandal has errupted,right?

okay… I guess, we do understand that they dont want to rock the boat esp. with an economist sitting as our president right now….right?

and of course most of them campaigned with all their might for gma during the elections, too….

hmmm……. unenlightened elitist, when will you learn that your feet are still on the ground like ours…… always serving your interest………..tsk, tsk,tsk…..you people are pathetic…..



June 19th, 2005 at 12:55 pm

somehow bunye reminds me of apeng daldal…..



June 19th, 2005 at 12:56 pm

somehow bunye reminds me of apeng daldal….it’s hard to take him seriously.



June 19th, 2005 at 5:09 pm

haha… he reminds me of apeng daldal too. dati ko pa iniisip na may kamuka sha. si apeng pala… bwahaha.

i think no one can really take bunye, wycoco, lomibao , gonzalez, sen santiago, and mike defensor seriously. In my opinion, they will do anything to save GMA even if it means twisitng the truth.

Laarni brbing doble??…. ong kidnapping doble??…. doble’s wife getting txt messages to save him from seminary??/… pathetic.



June 19th, 2005 at 11:21 pm

why the heck did you mr.ombudsman dismiss the P1.6Billion plunder case against the midget? t*****a talaga….. last election you would see all the road signs with the midgets face and the metroaides wearing midget slogans and you have the gal to tell me that evil midget didn’t know that the public funds were being misappropriated?

holy sh*t! were you in hibernation during the elections?

pun*ta! sinong gustong suntukan? gusto ko lang maglabas ng bad energy!!!


tome cruz

June 22nd, 2005 at 5:20 pm

As of today, Wednesday, June 22nd, mukhang wala namang mamumuno sa atin para mag-organisa, mag-aklas at tapusin na ang katarantaduhang ito.

So I guess, ang kalaban na lang ni Gloria ay ang kanyang budhi. Kung hindi siya makikinig, darating ang panahon na pipilitin siya ng kanyang budhi na makinig. Perhaps not directed to her, perhaps sa kanyang mga apo.

Alam naman nating lahat kung gaanong katindi ang hapdi kapag binalikan tayo ng ating budhi! Susmaryosep! Good luck na lang sa iyo, Gloria!



June 22nd, 2005 at 5:40 pm


If you work for (a man) [your despeakable corrupt family] in (heavens name ) [heaven and hells ways] work for (him) [them] and speak well of (him) [them] and stand by the institution by which (he) [they] represent. Remember an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. If you must growl condemn and eternally find fault why you resign your (position) [stolen position] and when you are in the outside damn to your hearts, content. But for as long as you are part of this (institution)[despeakable family] do not condemn it. If you do the first high wind will comes along will blow your family away and probably you will never know why?
[see their lordship: jueteng, gambling…etc.]


maria red

June 23rd, 2005 at 2:46 pm

all those scams can be called as a plethora of IGPs (income-generating projects)……

ekonomista talaga, marunong gumawa ng pera…kaya lang, with the credo of GREED…..

i think there are still lots of scams out there (mga “corrupting minors” baga)…..

i wonder if FG is ander. I mean, he is really working hard to maneuvre the IGPs…. OR….a “user” he uses his wife’s power to venture into these dirty IGPs…..

lone ranger,,,a leader doesnt merely need “knowledge” or diploma, she needs WISDOM, INTEGRITY, AND COMPASSION FOR THE POOR AND THE NEEDY….



June 24th, 2005 at 2:52 am

Download the 3 hour tape and paguia tape




June 24th, 2005 at 11:41 pm

hinde na nga maintindihan utak ng mga TUTA ni gloria pilit pinagtatakpan yung amo nilang peke.. hoy!!! halata kayo konting pino naman please… kesyo wiretapped daw yun, illegal daw yun ! e baket illegal din naman ginawa ni gloria huh.mandaraya.. pare pareho na lang mga kapal muks.. walang mga konsensya.. nagdedestabilized na mga opposition. hoy kayong mga tuta ni gloria kayo ang unang nagpapagulo ng bansa..kahet pagtakpan nyo pa yang mandarayang presidente nyo hinde na maaalis sa isip namen na FAKE sya!!!!puese ba wag na gamitin ang pangalan ng diyos pag nagsspeech sya!!! yakkks kakilakilabot!!!!!!



June 25th, 2005 at 6:18 pm

There is no logic in saying that there is no other alternative. Filipino politicians are the most greedy in every aspects of running the affairs of the country, not only for recognition but for wealth acquisition. People are so notorious of personal benefits derive from supporting any candidate for convenience. Not unless, Filipinos will fight in unison, evertyhing will be the same. I believe that these tapes conversation are authentic. We, Filipinos needs to find the truth. I also believe that PGMA must give way for delicadeza.



June 26th, 2005 at 6:03 pm

Alot of people ask of her achievments.. infact alot of people say that IF just IF the conversations are true the ‘gloriagate’ is just an eyeopener to the many other things she did, or did not do. In your opinion if I may ask, for you.. aside from the current allegations on her and her family. Has she improved our economy? Has she helped boost the Philippines? Thanks.

Godbless and takecare!



June 26th, 2005 at 7:38 pm

NO, puro utang sa ibang bansa at kurakot sa yaman ng bayan.



June 26th, 2005 at 8:43 pm

ilan ang anak ni cardinal sin… 69 nga ba?


maria red

June 28th, 2005 at 10:15 am

what now my love?

Hello Garci, its really me!!!!




June 28th, 2005 at 1:36 pm

“to err is human and to forgive is divine.”

i know the Filipinos are forgiving people..they have forgiven the Ms Arroyo ( my indulgence for not addressing her as president for she has lost moral authority to lead this great country) for the ‘lapse in judgment’ after talking to a ‘comelec official’ at the height of vote canvassing.

you’re forgiven, but as you have said when you addressed the nation last night, you should suffer the consequences of the ‘lapse in judgment’ you have made.

the country, for your information, cannot move on because if you knew the bible (siguro naman nagbabasa ka during your most trying times for some spiritual guidance) that i would paraphrase ‘sin is a reproach to a nation.’ i am not a preacher, nor as educated like you, and even the first to cast stone against you, but i think it woud be proper if you will let the nation be run not by your family.

the people, even those who voted for you, have already loss confidence on your ability to run this nation as you have committed a crime in the highest level: betrayal of the public trust.

you have betrayed us…i my self does not care if you win by 1 vote or a slim margin for as long as you win ‘fair and square.’ it would have been nice to hear that you beat fpj and the rest of the presidential aspirants by slim margin.

remember, you are not erap estrada: loved by the masses and won the election without using the full force of the government machinery. he may have used some because he was then the vice president when he won, but unlike you, ms arroyo you have all the machineries, the people to help you, leaders to back you up (dami mong yes ma’am dyan) and yet you’ll tell us that you were anxious about your votes and you are just protecting it?

my golly, if i will be in your position during that time: i will let my people do the all the “tricks” (even the dirty ones) because i am the president of the republic and i have the full control of everything, even the military, police and majority of the leaders int he country. but why be anxious? why would you like to protect your 1 million votes? to show that you have the mandate of the millions of people? hindi naman tayo electoral college, win by 1 or by 1 million it would be the same because that’s the rule of law…and you don’t have to call a ‘comelec official’ saying “will i still have my 1 million votes?’

sayang, nakakapang hinayang talaga. i don’t think what you have done is jsut a ‘lapse in judgment.’ bear the consequences of your actions…we are a forgiving nation therefore for as long the Filipinos are in forgiving mood, please resign together with your son for this nation to move on.

and of course by stepping down from the presidency, you can preserve the integirty of the old man: the poor boy from Lubao.



June 28th, 2005 at 2:14 pm

Lapse in judgement may also mean due to insanity….at ang pag-amin nya ay dahil kaya nasa lucid interval cya? Grabe talaga ang ginawa nyang magtaray pa cya at magtapang tapangan sa harap ng maraming tao in national tv para sabihing di nya papatulan ang fake na tapes…Best actress talaga ang presidenteng nakuha natin. Now, who would still believe her? Pati tuloy yung ke Jose Pidal, pati na rin yung Jueteng nakasa na sa ulo nya ngayon….naku lalu lang manliliit yun sa bigat ng kasalanan nya sa buong bayan. Buti pa ngayon ang isang basurero, at least kahit mabaho at madumi gnagawa sa trabaho nya, maligo lang at the end of the day, babango na uli samantalang si GMA, ubusin man nya lahat ng kayamanan nya pambili ng mamahaling pabango at ipanligo nya, malansa pa rin ang amoy nya. Sana di bumangon ang tatay mo at multuhin ka.



June 28th, 2005 at 2:37 pm

For me, what I saw in her was not acting . She is natural and being true to herself and that is being a BOSSY of our nation and a BIG LIAR. If she cried last night then we can give her the trophy from FAMAS, she deserves better.



June 28th, 2005 at 2:46 pm

I could have a more softer heart last night if GMA announced the resignation of her kins MIKEY and IGGY and filed annulment of Marriage with the first gentleman.



June 28th, 2005 at 3:02 pm

lagi na lang sumasagi sa aking isipan na kung bakit ang mga taong nakapaligid kay gloria ay ganun na lang ang pagnanasang maisalba siya sa kabila ng katotohanan na nagkasala talaga si gloria sa Diyos, sa taungbayan at sa kanyang sarili. pero simple lang ang dahilan, sa aking palagay, pag nawala si gloria, lahat sila ay kasama.

dapat ay mag-isip din ng mabuti ang mga kaalyado niya at tantuhin ang katotohanan. sinimulan na ito ni rep. clavel. si golez at remulla ay nagpakita na rin ng kanilang pagiging makatuwiran . . . sa palagay ko, pati si dating presidente cory aquino ay dapat na ring payuhan ang kanyang kaibigan na bumitiw na sa kapangyarihan na alam na ng mas nakararaming pilipino na talagang napakalaking kasalanan ang nagawa ni gloria . . .

pati ang mga negosyante na siyang nagluklok din kay gloria ng agawin nito ang malakanyang kay pangulong estrada ay tikom din ang bibig. ang kanilang sariling interes pa rin ang kanilang iniisip; ang kanilang mga negosyo. ang hindi nila alam na pag nagpatuloy ang pagpapalakad sa pilipinas ng isang HUWAD na pangulo, mas matindi pang dagok ang tatama sa kanila mga negosyo at magiging dahilan ng pagsubsob ng pilipinas.



June 29th, 2005 at 12:04 am

I want to commend PCIJ for posting the transcript and and the “tapes” of GMA’s conversation with Commisioner Garcillano. Making this information available to the public is a great service to the country.

GMA’s “Im sorry” speech was delivered to fool the majority of the Filipino people who havent had the chance to listen to the tapes or even read the transcripts. She tried to make her crime lighter or even clean herself of any wrongdoing.

I voted for you GMA.. i guess im just one of those millions that felt betrayed by your action. You should’nt have connected the name Macapagal to your’s. I hate to say this but you brought shame not only to your family but to all of us that believed in you.

Sana mapatawan ka ng nararapat na para sa iyo.



June 30th, 2005 at 1:13 pm

Enough is enough…

A true leader once clouded with controversies of his/her own doings must not wait for the people to oust him/her…

It would be more easier to forgive a person who readily accepts the outcome of his/her wrong doings rather than forgive a person who ask for forgiveness for doing nothing as what GMA has been inculcating to the minds of our people.

GMA may fooled a few but not us…



The Long View: Do not enter : Manuel L. Quezon III: The Daily Dose

May 7th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

[…] May 2005, the President and her family have faced accusations of being on the take from gambling syndicates. Her response was to brazen it […]


15 Forgettable Episodes of Pres. Gloria Arroyo’s Reign | PINOY OFW

June 29th, 2010 at 9:06 pm

[…] Ampatuan. Bolante. Jose Pidal. Miguel Arroyo. Bong Pineda. The list goes […]


David Carl Grimes

October 15th, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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