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Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo drills down on the decisions of applicants from the Sandiganbayan and Court of Appeals. Other members of the Judicial and Bar Council also ask the aspirants their stand on same-sex marriage, the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, body cameras for the police, and the quo warranto removal of justices. 

Two chief justices were removed in the last decade, and impeachment complaints and quo warranto petitions have become frequent. No longer is the Supreme Court the untouchable institution it once was, diminished by decades of playing politics with Malacañang and Congress.

First appointed to the Supreme Court in August 2017, Gesmundo is expected to serve as chief justice until November 2026. He is a hardworking magistrate who advocates for reforms in the judiciary, but some of his decisions have shaken heads.

The Judicial and Bar Council interviewed nominees for chief justice on March 13. The public interviews also covered the existence of so-called ‘search warrant factories,’ the judiciary’s backlog of cases, and the high court’s restrictions on the release of magistrates' wealth statements.