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In Iloilo City, hundreds of people were forced into prostitution despite health and safety risks amid the pandemic.

Tomas Moron has lived in a makeshift home on the grounds of the Cebu International Convention Center for five years. He and his neighbors want the Mandaue city government to honor an agreement to donate to them the lots they occupied before a fire ravaged their homes in 2016.

The Iloilo River, which was on the brink of being “biologically dead” a decade ago, is again teeming with marine life and biodiversity. Two tributary creeks – Dungon Creek and Calajunan Creek – threaten the health of the rest of the waterway, however.

Palawan Quicksilver Mines ceased mercury mining operations in 1976 and a community settled in the abandoned mining site. Four decades later, in 2017, the residents were found to have long been suffering from various ailments linked to mercury poisoning.