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Whoever steps down among “the Gods of Padre Faura” – and all judges and justices in the Philippines, in fact – gets to take home a stash of cash and a bagful of fancy tokens. But the recent parade of short-term Supreme Court justices is costing taxpayers a lot more in terms of payable retirement benefits.

One has been chosen but who is the fairest, fittest of them all? Three associate justices of the Supreme Court were nominated to the chief justice's post. What vision, judicial philosophy, body of jurisprudence, and character do they offer? Read back to know!

President Duterte has appointed a new election chairman and three commissioners -- all of them from Mindanao. By 2022, Comelec will be run entirely by Duterte’s appointees. Mostly newbies with little or no experience in running national automated elections, they will administer the vote for the next President of the republic, amid calls from politicians to shift to a hybrid manual cum automated election system.

The procurement woes of the Comelec in the May 2019 elections had a backstory in an audit report the year prior. It continues to pay monthly rental for warehouse services without a valid contract. It has an overstock of paper clips, bond paper, and spiral notebooks that had been exposed to rain and the elements, and then left to rot and decay.