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Action for Economic Reforms (AER) is a public-interest organization that conducts policy analysis and advocacy on key macroeconomic and governance issues. Access to relevant and timely data that can be easily managed and used for analysis is a critical tool in its work. Together with transparency (FOI Program), industrial policy and fiscal policy constitute AER’s flagship programs.

Bantay Kita (BK) is a national coalition with 84 members, and 70 network affiliates. Established in 2009 and formally registered in 2013, the Coalition advocates for transparency and accountability in the extractives industry to ensure that gains derived are maximized, shared fairly, and contribute to sustainable development. BK’s strategy includes research, capacity building, advocacy, and engagement with multi-stakeholder groups.

IT’S AS GOOD as it gets for Davao Region, home and bailiwick of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. And by the government’s own data, it’s as bad as it gets for many other regions of the country in terms of the spread of monies for civil-works projects, although a few have also managed to receive slight boosts.