THE LAWS and official documents abound with terms and concepts that are sometimes easy and clear, but often vague and difficult, to fathom. But it is by their letter and intent that the virulent war on drugs of the Duterte administration must be implemented by the authorities, and must be understood by the citizens.

Let us unpack those that are most often repeated in the unyielding discourse on the drug war:




3. High-Profile Target



7. Arrest



8. Arrested



6. Neutralization



9. Surrenderer



10. Deaths Under Investigation



27. Breach of Internal Discipline



29. Personnel Involved in Illegal Drugs



12. Case Cleared



11. Investigation Concluded



28. Drug Rehabilitation



26. In-Patient Center



25. Outpatient Center



15. Crime Rate



14. Crime Volume



16. Average Monthly Crime Rate



18. Crime Solution Efficiency



17. Crime Clearance Efficiency



24. Drug-Affected Barangay



21. Slightly Affected



20. Moderately Affected



19. Seriously Affected



22. Drug-Unaffected Barangay



23. Drug-Cleared Barangay

Drug-Cleared Barangay (1)