The drug war: Cop talk and protocols

THEY ARE supposed to be officers of the law, their protocols strict and specific on what they can and cannot do, and how they must do things. But the Philippine National Police, the lead force in the virulent war on drugs of the Duterte administration, must live and lead by their own rules, and the laws they have sworn to respect and defend. Get to know what they mean when they say or cite some things.

1. Arrest

2. Arresting Officer

3. Buy-Bust Operation

4. Case-build up

5. Case Operation Plan

6. Chain of Custody

7. Chemical Warehouse

9. Clandestine Laboratory

10. Classified Information

11. Confidential Informant

12. Confirmatory Test

13. CEPCs

14. Den, Dive, or Resort

15. Digital Evidence

16. Drug Evidence

17. Drug Dependence

18. Inflagrante Delicto

19. Ground Commander

20. High-Profile Targets

21. Intelligence

22. Interview

23. Investigation

24. Planned Operation

25. Poseur-buyer

26. Pusher

27. Search

28. Search Warrant

29. Sell

30. Surveillance

31. Use of Force