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MDG, palpak?

Makapadayeg ang gihimo sa Kingdom of Bhutan atol sa ilang nasudnong panagtigum. Naghiusa ang mga lider sa gagmay nga nasud sa pagkab-ot sa ilang bag-ong tumong—ang paghatag og nasudnong kalipay o Gross National Happiness. Alang sa maong nasud, tunga-tunga sa kampanya sa lig-ong ekonomiya ug pagpuyo nga malinawon sa mga tawo didto, ang labing mahinungdanon nga sukdanan, kung kining tanang inisyatiba nakahatag ba og kalipay sa tibuok nasud. Nahigmata ang daghang nasud sa kalibutan sa lakang sa Bhutan. Kanunay nga anaa sa mga plano ug tumong ang maayong dagan sa ekonomiya, pagkaon sa matag pamilya, trabaho alang sa tanan, edukasyon sa kabataan ug daghan pa. Apan sa kauwahian, unsa ba gyud ang tukmang mga butang nga makapalipay sa tibuok nasud.

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Can the Philippines achieve the UN
Millennium Development Goals?

Can the Philippines achieve the MDGs by 2015? According to the latest progress report submitted by various government agencies, the Philippines is confident it can achieve goals 1 (halving poverty), 3, 4, 6, and 7. Improving nutrition and dietary energy requirement (goal 1) is rated as medium probability. It is least likely that the country can achieve goals 2 and 5.

The latest progress report is depressing. Even the positive indicators can slip back as negative outcomes in the next five years. For example, the Philippines claims it has already achieved goal 6 but just recently the Health Department has warned about the rising number of HIV/AIDS cases among young professionals. A doctor-lawmaker described the AIDS situation in the country as reaching epidemic proportion. Underreporting of HIV/AIDS cases also distorts the true picture and extent of the problem.

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The Millennium Development
Goals as election issues

Are we on track with the MDGs?

The Philippines is still off-track in more than 40 percent of the 21 indicators of the MDGs, according to a tripartite report made by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Escap), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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RP must spend on poor
to bag GDP, MDG goals

The Philippines should channel its fiscal stimulus package to social spending to achieve economic growth of as much as 12 percent in the coming years, while speeding up progress in meeting Millennium Development Goals (MDG), a joint study released by three multilateral agencies on Wednesday said.

Allocating a big chunk of its package to social protection — measures that provide a social floor that can cushion the impact of the crisis on the poor — could also lead to a greater short-term economic boost, the report titled “Achieving Millennium Development Goals in an Era of Global Uncertainty” said.

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