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In last 8 elections, 68 families
victors in 6 vote-rich provinces

LOCAL POLITICAL families, not political parties, are important to national politicians as they mobilize electoral support, says political scientist Julio C. Teehankee. National officials, he explains, typically have strong provincial base. They draw on support from well-entrenched networks of local political families, who often change party affiliations to secure state resources and patronage. Of 68 […]


SALN files of 5 wannabe presidents
writ in opaque, loose, curious parts

THEY ARE MULTIMILLIONAIRES, affluent and ambitious to the last. On Monday, May 9, Filipinos will get to pick one among them to be president, and another to be vice president, of the nation. The candidates themselves have tried to make it easier for voters to choose. Months ahead of the official campaign period, for instance, […]

Wealth Check: JEJOMAR BINAY, United Nationalist Alliance

JEJOMAR ‘JOJO’ BINAY marked his Year 1 in public office as OIC (officer-in-charge) mayor of the country’s premier financial district, Makati City, in 1989 with a net worth of only P2.9 million. Twenty-five years hence in 2014, this grew to P60.2 million, but also a cumulative 20 times more from his first year in office. […]

Wealth Check: MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, People’s Reform Party

MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO’s first SALN on record with PCIJ was filed for the year 1994. In it she declared a net worth of P48 million. Nearly two decades later, in 2014, she enrolled a net worth of P73.03 million, or nearly twice more than when she started. It consisted of a pithy P2.9 million in real […]

Wealth Check: RODRIGO DUTERTE, PDP-Laban

IN HIS latest SALN for the year 2015, presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte declared a net worth for 2015 of only P23,514,569.93, or a slight P1.54-million increase in his declared net worth in 2014. Duterte’s cash on hand/in bank, according to his latest SALN, was just P14,839,69.93, as of Dec. 31, […]

Wealth Check: GRACE POE, Galing at Puso

ACCORDING to the few SALNs she had filed in her short stint in public office – as chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in 2010-2012, and as senator since 2013 – Grace Poe’s wealth story is one of unexplained progressively declining riches. She started off with a net worth of […]

Wealth Check: MAR ROXAS, Liberal Party

MANUEL ‘MAR’ ROXAS II, scion of the old-rich Araneta and Roxas clans, is the wealthiest of the four candidates for president, according to the 14 annual SALN filings he had submitted. A latecomer in politics, Roxas used to work as a fund manager in New York and travelled between Manila and the United States from […]

873 Delinquents, Inc.

95 SOCE non-filers running again,
despite ‘perpetual disqualification’

THEY WISH to lead the nation but refuse to comply even with the most basic rules: Report to the Commission on Elections how much money they raised and spent in their campaign for public office, one month after election day. In fact, they have mocked the rules not just once but twice, and for some, […]

And the clans play on...

Ampatuans, Ecleos, Sinsuats,
Midtimbangs unrivalled in turfs

AMONG THE 802 unopposed candidates for the 2016 elections, a few stood out not just because their surnames sounded familiar, but also because of the frequency in which these kept popping up. Four surnames – Ampatuan, Ecleo, Midtimbang, and Sinsuat – came up five or more times on the Commission on Elections’ list of unopposed […]

2015 SALN: P23.5-M NET WORTH

Duterte lists P14.8-M cash in bank,
tops rival bets in growth of wealth

SO HOW MUCH is he really worth? According to his 2015 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth or SALN, presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte has a net worth for 2015 of only P23,514,569.93, or a slight P1.54-million increase in his declared net worth in 2014. Duterte’s “cash on hand/in bank”, […]

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