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Ayala Avenue turns yellow once more

(Text and video by Jaemark Tordecilla)

As the nation mourns the passing of former President Corazon Aquino, thousands of young professionals chose to spend their lunch hour honoring her memory, filling Ayala Avenue to watch a motorcade that transported her remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral.

A generous shower of yellow confetti from high-rise buildings, yellow balloons sent off to the skies, hands flashing the ‘Laban’ sign – the scene is a redux of the people’s long and loud ovation for Mrs Aquino’s husband, the late Sen. Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr., who was killed and buried in August 1983.

While most of the people who gathered were still in diapers during the 1986 Edsa People Power revolt that toppled the Marcos regime, the importance of Cory’s role in restoring democracy was not lost on them. A young man in a dapper tie said, “For me, Cory was the symbol of democracy. Since I was born, I’ve known only a world with democracy, and she stands for that.” Another echoed, “If Cory weren’t around, there won’t be democracy in the Philippines.” A group of college students had more pragmatic reasons for being there. “We didn’t want to take a quiz in class,” one of them said before the rest of the gaggle screamed in unison.

As the motorcade passed, the crowd cheered on the members of the Aquino family. Mrs Aquino’s younger brother, Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, who is president of the Philippine Olympic Committee, marched ahead of the truck carrying her remains. Wife Tingting and daughters Mikee, China, and Mai-Mai walked by his side. A minor commotion occurred a few moments later when the coaster boarding Mrs Aquino’s family members drove by. Many held up cameras hoping to catch a glimpse of Cory’s youngest daughter, television personality Kris Aquino, or at least her husband, cager James Yap.

Former student activist Chito Gascon was heartened by the turnout for the motorcade. “The unity that was exhibited today, ordinary people from all walks of life coming together for one brief moment to celebrate her life and her courage, then that spirit [should] carry us on forward for the things that we still need to do for our country and the future of our children,” Gascon said.

He saw hope in the support that young people have shown over the last few days. “People who were here and who have been going to the wake are people who have a vague memory of what Cory stood for and represented, and it’s good that they’re taking notice. I hope that this will spur them to be dedicated to their country as Cory dedicated her life to this country.”

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August 3rd, 2009 at 4:14 pm

i wasn’t in Ayala Avene during the funeral motorcade, but i sympathize with the whole nation in this grieving event that had happened. President Cory Aquino is one true emblem of our democracy. she stood as the inspiration of the Filipino people in gaining back democracy that was robbed from us. even though i wasn’t born yet during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, the media offered me the know-hows of the said historical happening. people power 1 really inspired me to be a proud Filipino. it wasn’t a ravaging revolt, but it moved the barricades to our rights and freedom. President Aquino was behind it… a lady firmed to lead her fellowmen.

President Aquino truly deserves honor. she is one true heroine of our nation. may you rest in peace, President Corazon Cojuanco-Aquino. your legacy will forever be in the hearts of the Filipinos. thank you…

post scriptum
my prayers for the Aquino Family

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