AT DENR Secretary Michael Defensor’s press conference yesterday, I brought up the issue of the tapes that Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye presented to the Malacañang press corps last June 6 because these — both the allegedly “original/unaltered” and “spliced” versions — also contain the “yung dagdag” portion, which Defensor alleges to have been inserted in the Paguia tape. Except for the deleted utterance of the word “Namfrel” in the supposedly “unaltered” version, this portion was found to be free from splicing by an independent sound expert who shared with us his analysis of the Bunye tapes.

Since there is reason to believe that all the versions that have come out have the three-hour recordings as source, I asked how come the findings of Jonathan Tiongco, Defensor’s so-called expert, say otherwise. Could it be that the track he asked to be analyzed had been tampered with?

If the examination made by the same independent sound expert who analyzed Bunye’s tapes (and the “Chavit X-tapes“) is to be considered, there is reason to doubt Tiongco’s findings. Based on the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Spectrograph analysis he has done on the Paguia tapes, our source has found no discrepancy or discontinuity in the “yung dagdag” conversation.

An FFT Spectrograph analysis was used to show any discontinuity or splicing done on the audio clips. The FFT Spectrograph shows the frequency-time domain of the audio being analyzed where the intensity of the red pixels on the graph shows changes in the volume of a particular frequency in the audio clip. Time is represented by the x-axis, the frequency by the y-axis with the lowest frequency found at the bottom of the graph. Splicing will be very much apparent if there are breaks in the red graph color distribution across the x-axis.

Below are his findings (click on the links to download larger images of the corresponding plates):


Plate 1 shows the FFT Spectrograph analysis of Paguia’s version of the entire “yung dagdag” conversation. On this graph alone, you will not find any discrepancy/break or discontinuity in the conversation.


Plate 2 shows the FFT Spectrograph analysis of Paguia’s version of Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s portion where she mentioned “yung dagdag, yung dagdag.” In this analysis, one will never find any break or splicing in the clip. The conversation is very much “continuous” and there is no abrupt change on the background frequencies.


Plate 3 shows the FFT Spectrograph analysis of the three-hour tapes particularly on the part where Arroyo mentioned “yung dagdag, yung dagdag.” Analysis shows that the clip is pretty much unaltered. Not a single “break” or discontinuity is found here.

Tiongco’s findings also mentioned that the “yung dagdag” portion was altered by means of varying the speed of the playback. But our source says that if that was the case, the background should also change in “pitch.” The following plate images illustrate his point:


Plate 4 shows the actual waveform presentation of the “yung dagdag” portion in the three-hour tape. Notice that the background including the GSM radio buzz is consistent all throughout the recording. If there were changes in the speed or pitch in the clip, there should also be a corresponding change in the background. But in this case, the background is very much consistent on both Garcillano’s and Arroyo’s parts.


Plate 5 shows a zoomed version of the Garcillano part’s background. This is actually the GSM radio noise heard on a typical cell-phone conversation.


Plate 6 shows a zoomed version of Arroyo’s “yung dagdag” background. This also shows the same noise found on Garcillano’s part and the pitch has never changed. It thus disproves allegations that the speed of the conversation was altered. A simple test of just listening to the background will show that the background noise frequency/pitch is pretty much consistent. So if there had been speed alterations, the background should have been affected and will in fact show as frequency variations in any FFT analysis.

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P.N. Abinales

August 13th, 2005 at 11:57 pm

Mabuhay ka Alecks! Either bolero si Mike Defensor o naisahan sya ng kanyang “expert” (magkano kayang binayad?).



August 14th, 2005 at 12:08 am

I’m not a Filipino but I feel insulted by all this brouhaha. Does the boy-secretary really thought that he could get away with such a stupid trick? And using a certifiable con-man to do the dirty job?

They must think all you Filipinos are real bloody idiots.



August 14th, 2005 at 1:05 am

Does anyone have Mike Defensor’s email? I shall write him a signed email telling him to quit the DENR so someone can finally make that department work. Thanks to a few hardworking civil servants, it is a miracle that the DENR is functioning at all (albeit as a very crippled department). Mike has spent more time being GMA’s Boylet and Man-Friday that he should leave the DENR.



August 14th, 2005 at 1:08 am

Jim Sarthou was interviewed over DZMM today saying he was not informed he was to appear in a presscon. He says he thought he was just attending a meeting where they were going to discuss the Dickey report.



August 14th, 2005 at 1:13 am

it’s obvious naman since the start lahat nang moves nang malacanang ay ASSUMING that all Filipinos are stupid.


ferrum mann

August 14th, 2005 at 1:49 am

From tongue in, anew:

…Remember the “spikes” that Tiongco stressed was conveniently located in between Garci and GMA’s voices which he explains were there because the person who spliced the tape made a delayed overlap. Based on experience, this can easily be recreated at home with just the basic equipment.

Play the “Hello Garci Tape – GMA and Garci part, and use a microphone to record the output from your speakers into a computer or tape recorder.

At the instant where Garci stops and just before GMA begins to speak, switch on a fluorescent lamp, and Presto! A spike has been created. The spike was induced by common mode/harmonic noise due to the electrical spark between the switch contact points just before full connection (Have you ever notice the switch sparking when you turn on the lights?}.

That noise is carried by the power cables all troughout your house and into your recorder and the player. This won’t work however, if you use a PC with grounded plugs (3-prong). In some instances, the switching may even produce a background hum in your recording (Remember the hum Tiongco’s presentation?)….

There! Here’s one guy who’s definitely not stupid.

BTW, GOOD JOB, Alecks! During the presscon and in here.


Abe N. Margallo

August 14th, 2005 at 5:14 am

Is President Arroyo really interested in the Rule of Law?

by Abe N. Margallo

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA), invoking Rule of Law, has told her detractors “Impeach me!”

Then one, Oliver Lozano, a lawyer filed on June 27, 2005 an impeachment complaint, endorsed by a member of the House apparently to comply with the requirement of the Constitution.

Lozano filed seven more complaints to supplement his original complaint. On July 4, 2005, another lawyer, Jose Lopez, also filed an impeachment complaint against the President. And on July 22, 2005, the “Opposition” filed an amended complaint (amending Lozano’s original complaint).

GMA, through her lawyer Pedro Ferrer, wants all complaints dismissed or stricken off except Lozano’s original complaint and the first supplemental complaint filed the day after the original complaint.

Considering the gravity of the whole range of complications attendant to impeaching a president (as the whole nation already realizes), the Lozano complaint as well as his first supplemental complaint – the only impeachment complaints GMA is willing to confront – is a joke.

Anyway, GMA justifies her position (to ignore the other complaints, especially the rather well-prepared complaint filed by the Opposition) upon the following grounds:

1. The other complaints violate the one-year bar rule on initiating impeachment proceedings;
2. The impeachable offenses (prominently, the one based on the “Garci Tapes”) were committed during GMA’s first term (referring to the unexpired term of Joseph “Erap” Estrada, who was deemed “constructively resigned” by the Supreme Court);
3. The supposed impeachable offense, the “election fraud,” in particular is matter that only the Supreme Court, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) can try and decided on;
4. The “Garci Tapes” even if true, are inadmissible in evidence because the phone conversations between the President and a COMELEC commissioner about altering election results are private conversations;
5. If at all, only the original complaint should be entertained because the other complaints were filed without the permission of the “court”.

Let’s tackle the FIRST ground now because GMA considers it as highly prejudicial.

The Constitution provides that “The House of Representatives shall have the exclusive power to initiate all cases of impeachment.”

The Supreme Court has once grappled with the term “initiate,” as used in the above provision, in Francisco vs. House of Representatives, during the attempt by Congress to remove from office Chief Justice Davide by impeachment.

The Court adopting, Father Joaquin Bernas’ logic, ruled that: “. . . initiation takes place by the act of FILING of the impeachment complaint and REFERRAL to the House Committee on Justice . . .” (Capitalization mine.)

In a thorough case analysis of the Francisco decision (please check out, the following has been advanced:


Article XI of 1987 Constitution specifically provides for certain modes to prepare the impeachment case. The preparation process is referred to therein as the “impeachment proceedings.” Basically, there are two modes provided.

The FIRST MODE is covered by paragraphs (1), (2) and (3) of Sec. 3 of Article XI which is somehow the equivalent of the “preliminary investigation” stage of a criminal prosecution in the Philippines (or the “grand jury” trial in the US) where the object is to reach the prosecutorial decision to charge or not to charge, what acts to charge, and whether a case can be won based on the verified complaint and certain evidentiary matters that might be gathered in support thereof. The impeachment proceedings, instead of being considered as providing undue opportunities for harassment, are in fact a “buffer” to protect the public officer being investigated from harassment or from unfounded accusation especially where the complaint is filed by a private citizen. It is thus a mechanism by which the impeachment process at this stage is commenced leading up to the charging or indictment of the public officer in the impeachment complaint or articles of impeachment that completes the preparation process. It sounds oxymoronic but the decision to charge or not to charge (which takes place when at least a vote of one-third of all the Members of the House of Representatives is obtained) COMPLETES the “initiation” earlier STARTED by the filing of the verified complaint (either by any individual member of the House of Representatives or by any citizen with the endorsement by any such member). The intervening steps between the starting and completion of the “initiation,” which includes the referral of the complaint to the proper Committee and the action taken by the Committee thereon, are integral parts of the entire process of INITIATING IMPEAHMCMENT PROCEEDINGS. xxx

The conclusion by the Court, with due respect, is constitutionally without any basis because “the first mode” of initiating impeachment proceedings covers and extends up to paragraph (3), Sec. 3 of Article XI which prescribes the prerequisite vote of the House. Without compliance with the said paragraph (3), the “initiation” is incomplete and unconstitutional.

By contrast, the provision of the House Impeachment Rules (Rule V, Section 16) [declared unconstitutional in Francisco] is squarely in compliance with the procedure prescribed by the Constitution because pursuant to it, it is only upon obtaining the prerequisite vote of the House either affirming or reversing the Committee’s resolution that the proceedings is “deemed initiated.”

In the case of the impeachment filed by President Estrada—the first attempted impeachment against Chief Justice Davide (and seven other Associate Justices)—the vote by the House of Representatives had never taken place pursuant to paragraph (3), Sec. 3 of Article XI; hence, the multi-step initiation process had not been completed or ended.

Hypothetically, if the initiation of the first impeachment proceedings is considered completed upon “referral” to the Committee, as the Court held, and hence a bar to any subsequent initiation against the same official within the one-year prohibition, then it would be quite tempting for one conceiving of some kind of impeachable acts of adventurism – let’s say with the backing of certain members of the High Tribunal constituting the majority – to contrive first a weak impeachment strawman against her. Then, once the put-on is disposed of for being what it was intended to be, sans the examination and vote of the House, she executes within the same year her true sinister plan, now fully insulated from the impeachment process by virtue of the time bar. That scenario, if subjected to the rather expansive scrutiny by the full House or at least by a greater number of gutsy and conscientious members thereof, in the tradition of the Davides of the old Congress, could certainly be obviated more “effectively” with the application of the House Impeachment Rules, which requires that to be “deemed initiated” it should go beyond the Committee referral phase of the “initiation” and up to the House vote as the Constitution prescribes.

The SECOND MODE of initiating impeachment proceedings is covered by paragraph (4), Sec. 3 of Article XI. All that is required under this mode is that the verified complaint or resolution of impeachment be filed by at least one-third of all the Members of the House; then the complaint or resolution shall constitute the Articles of Impeachment. This is rather an abbreviated procedure (there being supposedly no “complexus of acts” involved). This is also the mode pursued in the second impeachment, this time only against Chief Justice Davide.

It should be noted that pursuant to the “exclusive” character of the power of the House of Representatives to initiate the impeachment process, BOTH the first and the second modes of initiating impeachment proceedings require the vote of at least one-third of all the Members of the House of Representatives. The Court offered no clear and principled reasoning why such requirement by the Constitution should not be followed. xxx

By declaring the pertinent provisions of the House Impeachment Rules unconstitutional, and barring the second impeachment by virtue of such declaration, there could be no doubt the Supreme Court did so without clear or appropriate constitutional authorization.


The hurried and careless reading by the Supreme Court in Francisco (bordering on culpable violation of the Constitution) could not properly be relied upon by GMA, and Congress should perforce correct the same under the principle of coordinate interpretation of the Constitution by a co-equal branch having the exclusive authority to initiate and then the sole power to try and decide impeachment cases.

Now, the SECOND argument of GMA that assuming, arguendo, the act of betrayal of trust (i.e., “election fraud”) was in fact committed by her, the impeachable offense was however perpetrated during an office term already bygone, ignores what is obvious: the betrayal is continuing up to the present.

If the sovereign will has been abused during and/or immediately after the presidential election, the Filipino people will continue to be betrayed each day the President holds on to the highest office of the land she is not entitled to. And even if she actually won the elections, her “lapse in judgment” not fully and wholly explained up to this date, will remain as careless and callous trampling and trifling with the sovereign trust amounting to an inexorable case of betrayal of trust.

Under the THIRD argument, GMA claims that the principal charge, “election fraud” is in the nature of an election contest and therefore the Supreme Court, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) should try and decide the matter to the exclusion of the impeachment power of Congress (Note: The election contest filed by FPJ has already been dismissed by the PET following the untimely death of FPJ).

Nice try. The impeachment is not about GMA’s election. It is about her un-election (removal from office to pre-terminate her tenure) because she cheated, as alleged, during the election. One is apple, the other is orange, to put it simply.

It is claimed in the FOURTH argument that the “Garci Tapes” even if true, are inadmissible in evidence because the phone conversations between the President and a COMELEC commissioner about altering election results are private conversations.

The president talking to a COMELEC commissioner about elections a private conversation? Private as a frog, maybe. Besides, if GMA is really interested in the truth, it is her high duty to waive her supposed right to privacy at this critical juncture. GMA owes it to herself to prove her innocence once and for all and then, if successful, resume forthwith her governance responsibility. To say the very least, it is not very pretty to hide behind some technicality at this point.

The FIFTH argument stretches the realm of legal gobbledygook. It claims that if at all, only the original complaint should be entertained because the other complaints were filed without the permission of the “court”.

Whew! Even at this state the President’s smart lawyers are already treating the House Committee on Justice as a court. In fact, somewhere in the Motion to Strike, if you read it but have not notice it, the Committee has been addressed as “the Honorable Court, sitting as an Impeachment Court.”

Even a cursory reading of the pertinent impeachment rules indicate that the impeachment proceeding is only at the stage where the Committee on Justice is supposed to determine if the impeachment complaints are sufficient in form and substance. Of course, the House of Representatives, not a private individual, a member of the House, or the Committee on Justice (as explained above) has the EXCLUSIVE power to “initiate” impeachment cases but it is the Senate that sits as the Impeachment Court, and no other.

The purpose of initiating an impeachment case, to retiterate, is to determine whether there exists a “probable cause” to charge the public official, in the instant case GMA.


What then is the logic (or the illogic) about the insistence by the GMA lawyers that the pleadings sough to be stricken off should be stricken off because they were filed without leave (permission) by the court, hence dragging early into unnecessary legal fray what the lawyers wish to be the strict (yet supplementary) application of the Rules of Court?

I will venture a guess. They want the early application of the Black Robe Theory. Know what . . . The gang hailed the Chief before, why not Madame President?

Is President Arroyo really interested in the Rule of Law?

(Sorry for this long post Alecks. But I’m just really inspired by PCIJ’s hardwork. Way to go Big Guy!)


Abe N. Margallo

August 14th, 2005 at 6:37 am





August 14th, 2005 at 11:48 am

good point, some things came in to my mind when ferrer filled motion to strike.


Alecks Pabico

August 14th, 2005 at 12:13 pm

Hi Abe,

Your comments, lengthy or not, are certainly most welcome.


Alecks Pabico

August 14th, 2005 at 3:35 pm


Jim Sarthou (he’s jimsband to those of you who may recall his comments on this blog) said the same thing to me when I talked to him after the presscon. He was just asked the night before to come to a meeting to listen to and authenticate the Paguia tape.

That is why when he was asked for his comments, all he could say was that he hasn’t really done a thorough technical analysis, though listening to the tapes, he admitted being disturbed by the content.

Since I’ve encountered his name in the blog several times, making comments implying that the tapes are authentic, I was surprised to hear his name announced as among the audio experts Defensor contracted. But as it turns out, he was set up.

Below is a comment he made on the post “Still on the ‘Chavit X-Tapes'”:

I am a professional sound engineer – have been one for over 20 years.

Prior to the Gloria-Garci tapes, and now Chavit-RJ, I was never really intersted in politics today. I was, during Marcos-Ninoy-EDSA-Cory days, but not today. During ERAP’s time, I was only emotionally involved.

Anyway, it’s the TAPES that got me interested, because of my profession. I use the same software as Jose-Mari Gonzales – saw it on tv.

So finally, I downloaded the complete files from PCIJ, and on my own, went through it (took me one-and-a half days!!!) and made my own compilation and, naturally, processed it to make it more intelligible. I did not EDIT or MANIPULATE anything.

Believe me, I was being as OBJECTIVE as possible, but after listening to the Gloria-Garci conversations, my blood couldn’t help but BOIL!

Without cross-checking with any version whatsoever (Paguia, Bunye, Lacson, etc.) I put together fourteen (14) conversations between “PGMA” and “Gary”, plus a few others that were even more disturbing – talks of “dampot” and “soft-touch”. Even the “‘Yung dagdag” is very clear in my compilation.

To my surprise, Bunye’s Paguia’s and Lacson versions are all very similar to what I put together. (By the way I believe Sen. Lacson also has access to professional audio software) …but no EDITING or MANIPULATING was done on ANY of those versions – and they ALL came from the one, original MASTER, I believe, which is downoadable – ANYONE can do it!!!

Now RJ-Chavit.

Man, it’s so poorly done it’s not even worth my while. Not having to go deeply technical, the SCRIPT is POOR!!! Obviously hastily done by people who don’t know what they’re doing – I’m referring especially to cut 6. I don’t want to discuss this further – makes me SICK!!!

Finally, back to Gloria-Garci, some have asked me if it was also “fabricated”, and in my expert objective opinion, NO.

Someone even had the nerve to tell me – if I was given P2,000,000.oo, I would probably do it. I simply answered – Kulang ‘yan – for a fantastic scriptwriter-researcher, producer, excellent director and voice talents – to be recorded and edited by a top engineer (me, or someone much BETTER!!!). Kulang. PLUS, they’ll have to protect us – maybe fly us ALL – and our families to Acapulco or somewhere we can’t be found!!!!!

‘Nuff Said (ang haba na nga, eh:-)



August 14th, 2005 at 5:51 pm

Wala na bang katapusan ito.

May expert yung kabila, tapos kukuha ng expert din yung kabila. This seems to be a never ending saga (talo pa ang Star Wars).

On the other hand, we Filipinos are to blame because we are patronizing these people.

Suggestion lang (kasama na pati ang press), what if when these people call for press conferences – nobody attends. Or what if we totally ignore all these people. In the end, mare-realize nila na mukha na silang tanga dahil wala ng nakikinig sa kanila or should I say, wala na silang maloko.



August 14th, 2005 at 10:54 pm

Mike ala Mikey at Mr Pidal – Magnanakaw
Defensor- Sira and ulo, Brenda
Mike Defensor – Sira ulong magnanakaw



August 15th, 2005 at 1:01 am

Thanks, Alecks.



August 15th, 2005 at 1:51 am

Hi, Alecks!

Just read jimsband’s post and understood his (earlier) position loud and clear.

However, isn’t he now disputing the very notion he espoused that the 3-hour version is the MASTER copy when he said in his most recent interview that the 3-hour version cannot be so because of the presence of annotations?

Which is which?


Alecks Pabico

August 15th, 2005 at 9:11 am


This issue was explained in the post “The ‘master’ tape.” It’s standard procedure for ISAFP to add annotations to the wiretapped materials.

But in his recent blog comment, Jim also says this:

ISAF says “tomayto”, I say toMAHto.

To a sound engineer, a MASTER tape is either 1. one that has been mixed and mastered, and ready to be replicated, or 2. one that is untouched, sometimes called the “Mother” tape.

So what shall we call the “original” tape of the INTELLIGENCE peoplr – “Grandmother” tape?


Alecks Pabico

August 15th, 2005 at 12:20 pm


Here are Defensor’s contact details (taken from the DENR website):

Phone Nos.: 928-0691 to 93 loc. 2003, 2008, 2201, 2134, 2182, 2147

Try also the department’s SMS service: Type DENR [your message] and send to 2920.



August 15th, 2005 at 3:57 pm


Perhaps it’s just a question of semantics, with the intelligence community and sound experts having slightly different sets of criteria for what constitute a master tape.

However, I do remember Sarthou in his ANC interview stressing the point that unless the “untouched” version is secured and authenticated, efforts at studying other versions (e.g., Paguia, Ong, etc.) will be all for naught, which to me runs counter to his earlier position wherein he recognized the 3-hour version as the master tape.


soledad t. tubay

August 15th, 2005 at 7:31 pm

I’m sure Mike D. will be deluged with messages he doesn’t even want to read. But he asked for it.

I find no difference in what J. Sarthou said and what Dickey said. J. sArthou (Jimsband) confirmed genuine itong records, kahit sinalin pa, authentic talaga. Sabi nang sa language analysis talagang normal at natural ang usapan. Ang mga salitang alam ng nag -uusap na “masama” at nakakhiyang sabihin, ‘di man lang makuhang buuin. Kasi aware sila na may ginagawa silang kasalanan kaya “kuwan” “ano” ang mga karaniwang sinasabi.

Clearly Dickey was talking about the nth generation record kaya di authentic.



August 15th, 2005 at 9:03 pm

Kung $3500 ang binayad ni Mike kay Dickey, mahkano naman ang kay Tiongco?

Obviously Tiongco is for a fee. Nilapitan si Injustice secretary nung hindi umobra inuto namn si Mikey… dbabibs? Kung katotohanan edi lumapit na lang dapat siya sa media.

From 2 million ni Doble… palagay ko 5 million pataas kay Tiongco… tapos me bonus pa kung mahaharang ng findings nya yung impeachment.



August 16th, 2005 at 12:40 am

Langhiyang MIKE D. ito, ginagawang TANGA na gaya niya ang mga kapwa niya Pinoy.

Paanong naging Congressman at ngayon eh Secretary ng DENR ang isang TANGA na kagaya niya? Ahhh, alam ko na..kasi eh SPICE BOYS member, marunong gumiling.

If I were Mr. Mike D…I will not allow myself to be used as a Pro-GMA self-claim expert defender (as he claimed that the Oppositions are using anti-GMA witnesses).

Matitindi rin ang mga nasa administration ngayon. Pag witness nila, kahit sira background…credible pa rin basta tutuon sinasabi (from the mouth of isa pang TANGA na si Secretary Gonzales). Pero pag anti-GMA witness, not credible at di daw acceptable ang sinasabi…SALA SA LAMIG..SALA SA INIT..

Ang daming “hunyango” ngayon…singko isa!


INSIDE PCIJ: Stories behind our stories » Master operator

August 16th, 2005 at 10:40 am

[…] ENVIRONMENT secretary Michael Defensor’s dud of an attempt to discredit the authenticity of the "Hello Garci" tapes may have only revived interest in the taped conversations whose main characters are Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and presidential phone pal Virgilio Garcillano. […]



August 16th, 2005 at 12:23 pm

comment lang ako sa CD ni mike…paano ba natin nasiguro na hindi nila tampered ung pina-suri nila ke Dickey just to get the results that they wanted…nakakatawa, but i find the analysis of dickey unfavorable naman for mike’s arguments at alam din naman ni mike, kaya nga meron pa syang so called pinoy experts.

i know sarthou, but napansin nyo ba na umalis na lang sya agad at parang di nya rin masikmura yung presscon. then later on he made public ung set-up na ginawa ni mike.

mabuhay ka alecs! i saw u sa presscon and i hope pcij and the responsible media will continually help the people not to be confused.
this garbage propaganda of mike is out to confuse other people. siguro hindi yung mga nasa blog na ito but people out there na kahit dyaryo di na makabili.

i think tiongco has the ability to tamper the tapes para lang makuha yung desired results ni mike. pero in fairness to mike and sad to say, hindi kaya nadala lang sya ni tiongco at sa sobrang hiya na inabot nya sa hamon dati nila cayetano et al pinatulan nya na si tiongco.

look guys, they admitted that they had an analysis in only 2 conversations, ano kaya yun? we’re not sure di ba? bakit hindi buong tape…tama bang sabihin na mahal ang bayad, tapos sasabihin ni mike he wants the truth to come out? para nagbabasa ng bible tapos yung mga part lang na gusto nya ang lagi nyang binabasa.

alecs…sana u can also dig deeper sa conspiracy sa election.
i think this is a grandscale conspiracy by some AFP, SC, NAmfrel, Comelec, PNP and even media personalities.
minsan naiisip ko…hindi kaya moro-moro lang yung protest about the automation, the sc order days before the election to stop automation, the contract that amounts to billion. maybe all the while, ayaw lang talaga nila ng automation. kase garcillano according to zuce was on board n pala since 2002. and after reading ung mga documents or memo at recommedation for garciallno’s appoitntments napansin ko na talagang he’s working for lakas-nucd. FVR’s group is getting favors pala from garci since his time pa ata. kaya nga after marcos, allegations of election fraud started again during FVR’s time?

going back to the tape…nung una pa lang lumabas sila mike and the gang.nagduda na ako na baka yung pina-suri nila eh galing nga ke paguia na cd pero dinuktor nila para magmukhang anomalous. kaya its not prudent for us to accept na yung pinasuri nila is the paguia tape for two reasons:
1. 2 converstations lang ito
2. we cannot trust mike’s word na yung pinasuri nya is the same nung ke paguia and the others for the simple reason na tiongco can tamper tapes as well as manufacture stories.

watching korina earlier sa anc was deppresing, kase she keeps reffering about multiple versions. i dont think wes hud be confused about multiple versions,all are the same except paguia’s kase me annotations nya and mike’s kase mukahang pinagdugtong-dugtong ni tiongco para magmukahang anomalous. pero just the same, ung findings ni dickey is very much lacking for mike to conclude that it is for his advantage.
aside from calling mike a splice boy cguro pwede rin ang tawag na spike boy sa kanya kase mukhang ginawa lang ung mga spikes.

God bless the Philippines!



August 16th, 2005 at 8:10 pm

I can’t help but wonder: Why the hell does Mike Defensor defend Arroyo with such vehemence? For Chrissakes, he’s not the press secretary! He’s the frigging Environment Secretary! Rainy days are here again and if – God forbid – another environmental disaster strikes our country, then we all know whose head should roll.

Defensor has absolutely no credibility. Everyone and his mother knows he’s the attack dog of the President. Like Silvestre Bello was during Ramos’ time.

I say do your job, Defensor!



August 16th, 2005 at 11:06 pm

btw who is the pr guy of defensor? is he the husband of newsbreak publisher/editor-in-chief?



August 17th, 2005 at 2:28 am


Huwag ka nang ma-depress kay Korina. Simula yata nang ma-in-love kay Mar eh, lumutang na rin ang utak niya.

She has totally lost her touch.



August 17th, 2005 at 2:36 am

have never had respect for korina’s intellectual abilities. i prefer the wit, incisiveness and chutzpah of pia hontiveros.

si korina is just a newsreader.

aside: notice how she hates the police. apparently, they “did” something to her when she was rendered unconscious in an accident she was in along dsa.



August 17th, 2005 at 2:39 am

to PN.Abinales

pare ko $3.500 kiyaw ang ibinayad ni mike…..



August 17th, 2005 at 2:48 am

I think Korina had “it” during her Hoy! Gising days. Times, however, have changed.

You’re right. Pia Hontiveros is one of the VERY few people at ANC (which is littered with bimbos and jerks masquerading as anchors) worthy to be called journalists. Sometimes, though, she has to inject some life to her “stone” face.



August 19th, 2005 at 7:53 pm

Mike could be the next Miriam, may kukuti but being used unproperly, SAYANG! MALAKING SAYANG KA Mike!

Alecks, i also agree with what ROB comments and suggested about investigating deeper on “cospiracy on election”.

Sa Tawi-tawi ay wala pang election tapos na ang pag filled up ng ERs. Ginawa ito ng administration katulong ang mga barangay official sa ilang piling islands. A friend of mine told me this when we met before she leave for Saudi. She told me na binayaran sila ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 depending of your ranks, kung taga sulat ka lang ay 10,000 kung barangay official ka to captains ay 100,000. Ang mga nasabing ER ay kinuha for safety ng mga marines.

I asked my friend kung bakit siya pumayag…well, simple lang daw, her father is a barangay captain, and after all she knows daw na paalis narin siya back to Saudi.

Kung may tamang bilangan lamang ng boto….FPJ could have won landslide in Tawi-Tawi. The result may be too small to draw impact at national or overall result…but then stealing is stealing and is a crime no matter how small or its worth!

As for Jonathan Tiongco comment na si FPJ daw ay nilason ng opposition?! My advice to Mike D, pare…hanap ka ng doctor na magpapatunay na ang pagkamatay nga ni FPJ ay sanhi ng lason! Huling masasabi ko kina Mike and Jonathan, “birds of the same feeders join together” – sa tagalog pa….”parehong kayong may sayad”!



August 19th, 2005 at 9:58 pm

May dapat pa bang panghinayangan kay Mikey? Tingin ko wala na… His only consolation is trying to compare himself to Chiz Escudero as his ideological equal. But really sound farfetched – a comparison between fraud and decency.



August 20th, 2005 at 11:20 am

its going to be a batltle of ERs naman after the discerning guys, comelec is out to defend GMA. kaya nga me-raid sa san mateo. pero guys we all should agree, pag ang impeachment ay kinatay sa congress para di umabot sa senate…MAG-RALLY NA TAYO. iwan muna natin ang blogsite and lets go to the streets.

GMA is so scared for the impeachment to reach the senate, why? the numbers are against her. si mirriam, si enrile, gordon, lapid at revilla lang ata ang kanya, di pa sya sigurado.

so siguradong laglag sya pag umabot ang complaint sa senate.

pero guys if ever we will rally para palitan si GMA i think its better din na walang involvement ang military, CBCP at yung mga businesmen like LUCIO TAN.

i dont belive in people power fatigue and i dont think dapat tayong mahiya the way we change our leader if ever thru people power. mas dapat tayong mahiya bilang pinoy if WE let someone like GMA to rule us.

yung people power thing is our gift to other nation, di ba yung ibang bansa gumaya pa nga.

if we find it right to oust marcos and erap, i belive we have more reasons to launch a movement against GMA for making all pinoy bobo and low class. PATI BOTO HINDI GINAGALANG! nagpapalusot pa!

the reason me takip ang upuan mo when u vote is to show the sanctity of the ballot. hindi para makopya ng iba.

and gloria made a mockery of the elections. tama, maraming nandaya si ramos at lakas kase bata pala nila si garci. ginawa pa nilang negosyo yung election. wag sabihin ni abalos na pinigilan kase automation, wag mo kaming lokohin pakana nyo rin yun…kaya nga u entered into a fraudulent contract. nagkapera pa kayo both ways, and who knows ung mga petitioner like namfrel could be aiding u sa protest na ito, and baka pati SC di ba?

tuloy nyo lang ang kalokohan nyo…malapit na rin kayong lahat!




August 20th, 2005 at 8:56 pm

WALA talagang matino sa mga bata ni GMA. Inumpishan lang ni bunye ang pagkakalat., sinundan ni Gonzalez at ngayon si mike D naman. Ano na bang nagyayari sa inyo? Alam mo mike, mahilig ka kasing pumapel kaya yan ang napala mo. Pahiya ka nanaman noh? Sige lang ipagpatuloy mo yang pang uulol mo mike..At naniniwala ako na may potential ka talagang maging lider sa impyerno balang araw. ha ha ha.

PEOPLE POWER ba kamo Rob ? malabo na mangyari yan ngayon.Tama si tabako sa pagsabing kulang ng sangkap para magtagumpay ang people power sa panahong ito, At sa tingin ko ang kakulangan na yan ay walang iba kundi si Cardinal Sin. Wala man lang may bayag na pamunuan ang pagtatawag ng mamamayan na kumilos laban sa pamahalaan.Naunahan na yata ng pananakot ni GAGONZALEZ. At siguro kung nabubuhay man si Cardinal Sin ngayon. Sa palagay ko hindi nya na rin gagawin ang gayon. BAKIT? e kasi di nya naman aaminin na ang pinalit nya sa babaero ay mandaraya pala noh!!!



August 21st, 2005 at 8:00 am

speaking of ERs

you should listen to the garbled part before the “yung dagdag”.
if you use defensor’s style of reducing the speed of playback. you
will hear pgma’s line na translated as ‘garbled’ by pcij:

it starts with a call from pgma where from the tone of her voice
she is kind of worried that the opposition is trying to get namfrel
copies of the municipal COCs

GARCI: ay ok naman ang namfrel sa atin, they are sympathetic to us
GARCI: oho
GMA: pero yun nga yung dagdag yung dagdag

she is worried baka kasi makita ng opposition na hindi nagtatally yung
mga namfrel copies with the other COMELEC copies
sa nakikita ko, hindi lang padding ng votes ang pinaguusapan dito
GMA knows about the hocus-pocus performed sa dagdagbawas
and she has to make sure na makakalusot yon

Sa report ni Ms Yvone dito

nag tutugma yung sinasabi ni gma sa report ni Ms. Yvonne na hindi
nag ta-tally na namfrel :

“A copy of the COC that Namfrel obtained of the voting in Poona Bayabao
(it gets the fourth copy) shows President Arroyo and Legarda leading
their opponents 4,700 to zero. But the ERs that the poll monitor was
furnished (Namfrel gets the sixth copy) reveal a big discrepancy: Neither
Poe nor De Castro obtained zero votes. In two tables prepared later by
the Namfrel chapter summarizing the ERs in 13 precincts in Poona Bayabao,
Poe got 767 and Arroyo 964, while Legarda obtained 1,252 and De Castro, 350.”


INSIDE PCIJ: Stories behind our stories » “Yung dagdag, yung dagdag” revisited

August 21st, 2005 at 9:48 am

[…] IN response to Anak ng Jueteng’s comments, his observation indeed jibes with the findings of our source with respect to the "yung dagdag" conversation. When our attention was drawn to this conversation a month ago, we couldn’t make sense of some portions as Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s reply is garbled in the recording. Upon enhancement of a sound engineer then, all we heard was her telling poll commissioner Virgilio Garcillano this: “… Namfrel does not tally…pero yun nga, yung dagdag, yung dagdag (but you know, the padding, the padding).” […]



August 21st, 2005 at 5:15 pm

dong ang main ingredient sa people power ay taumbayan at nariyan pa rin lahat ang mga pinoy na handang manindigan,hindi si cardinal sin, hindi ang military. natandaan mo pa ba nung oakwood? baka kung kumilos ang mga tao eh di nawala na sa pwesto si GMA. but in fairnes, ung mga tao ready anytime kaya lang i ba ngayon. hinaharang na sa daan ang mga tao…north and south expressway kandado.

pero i belive na if ever kumilos ang tao ngayon at mapalitan ang gobyerno either by people power or thru impeachment mas legal ang magiging resulta.

and i still beleive the church shud stay out of the picture same thing with AFP and PNP. para ung papalit hindi masyadong makompromiso.

si cardinal nung edsa 1 nanawagan ng tao kase alam nya na kailangan silang lahat, kung talagang sya nag malaking sangkap. di sana pag sabi pa lang nya, step down marcos bumaba na si makoy.. sadly, nakalimutan na nga natin ang papel nila butz aquino noon at marami pang organisasyon. na-focus lahat ke sin at tabako ang kredito.


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