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Portrait of a president

THE Cabinet secretaries who resigned yesterday paint Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a president so beleaguered and made so desperate by the crisis that has hit her presidency that she has set aside the business of governance and made her political survival the primary focus of the energies of her official family.

The secretaries were frustrated at how government resources — manpower, muscle, media and money — were being used to prop up Mrs. Arroyo’s presidency, while more urgent matters, including fiscal reforms and poverty alleviation, were being set aside. They said the president’s credibility was so heavily compromised that there was no way she could push the reform agenda.

“All government is now for her political survival,” said one of the secretaries in a background briefing held this morning for the PCIJ and Newsbreak. “Her track record over the past two months is addressing the scandal over the tapes and jueteng, and nothing else. The reforms we suggested were not done and so many meetings were being held on communicating her message, on handling security. She was micromanaging the PR aspect of the crisis, while the reform agenda was set aside. Some of the Cabinet discussions even tackled payoffs to the media.”

In a press conference this afternoon, other Cabinet secretaries debunked these assertions and questioned the motives of their colleagues who had resigned, accusing them of being part of a conspiracy to get the president out of office. The resigned Cabinet members, said Presidential Management Staff chief Rigoberto Tiglao, merely wanted to “dramatize and rationalize their departure from government.”

“The damage they’ve done is less to the presidency than to governance,” Tiglao said. “But it will be business as usual in a week’s time, and in the long run, it’s better for them to have left.”

For several of those who had resigned, the “tipping point” came at an executive session of the Cabinet on Tuesday, July 5. It was after that meeting that the eight secretaries firmed up their decision to resign. In that executive session, some of the hardliners in the Cabinet reportedly said that “we have to show muscle.” It was also then that the President blamed the secretaries who had urged her to apologize on June 27, saying that she got “more flak than sympathy “ for her apology.

But what shocked many of those who quit the Cabinet yesterday was the plan to bring to Manila local bosses like Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Palawan City Mayor Edward Hagedorn “to show to the opposition we have the muscle.” They interpreted this as a veiled threat that these politicians were capable of using force against Mrs. Arroyo’s enemies. In addition, Local Government Secretary Angelo Reyes, a known hardliner, was going to be put in charge of overseeing the government response to the crisis. Moreover, the retired police officers in the Cabinet —  Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane and Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza — were going to be asked to play a bigger role in handling the crisis.

“They were floating the idea that the country would break up if Arroyo left office,” said former agrarian reform secretary Rene Villa.  During the meeting, suggestions were made that Duterte and company should go on radio and television to talk about an independent Mindanao. Villa said that he objected and told his colleagues, “This would give the impression that this was state-encouraged dismemberment of the country.”

The president, however, appeared sold on using muscle, having been advised by Duterte that the action was justified as “what people were doing to her was against the law anyway.” This was not only “tortured logic,” said Villa. It also compromised the president. “How can she now refuse (Ilocos Sur Gov.) Singson, Duterte, Jose de Venecia?”

At the meeting, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman also spoke out against getting the  local politicians to push the the “fear factor.” “I thought we were in the business of good governance and not of buying loyalty,” she said. “Why are we doing this?”

“The feeling we were getting was that this was possibly going to be bloody,” added one former Cabinet secretary. “Meanwhile, they wanted us to lecture in universities, be interviewed by the media. They think this is just a PR issue."

It was apparent during that meeting that the fissures within the Cabinet had become so wide, the differences, irreconcilable. The Cabinet, said former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, was split between those who wanted the president to “survive at all cost” and those, like him and the others who resigned yesterday, who were pushing for reforms.

As reported in a previous post, “End Game,” the Cabinet secretaries who resigned, together with other “doves” in the Cabinet, had presented to the President on June 24 a four-point agenda to immediately address the crisis. This included issuing an apology for her phone calls to elections commissioner Virglio Garcillano; banishing her husband, son, and brother-in-law from government; removing the appointees of the First Gentleman from their posts; and focusing on programs to alleviate the impact of the economic crisis on the poor.

The President said she would consider these demands and seemed to be open to not just exiling her husband but also removing his men from office. After all, there was a near-consensus in the Cabinet that the First Gentleman was “heavy political baggage” for the president. (The FG’s men like Mendoza and Ebdane, they said, left the room whenever the subject of Big Mike came up.) But the reformers in the Cabinet were disappointed when Mrs. Arroyo issued only a half-hearted apology and exiled her husband while keeping mum about his appointees. “It’s like taking antibiotics with less than half the dosage,” said Purisima. “You’d only get more sick. We didn’t get the desired results.”

“It was clear she was more interested in damage control and survival rather than reform,” said Teresita Quintos-Deles, former head of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. “Things that are important to her get her attention. But we were surprised that there was no timetable for the removal of  Mike’s men in government. What happened was she’ll do something in a week and see whether that’s good enough to calm down people, baka naman makalusot (she may just get away with just that). There’s no commitment to take another step.”

“I could struggle this out in ordinary times if her credibility had not been so eroded,” said Deles, who has been in the Arroyo Cabinet for four years. “But to put things in perspective, our resignation doesn’t in anyway diminish what we’ve done. There were so many things done under this administration that others hadn’t done before and all that is now going to the dogs and no one recognizes the good anymore because her credibility has been so damaged. She cannot make the hard decisions.”

“Our decision to do this was in the hope that it will be short because a protracted situation gives more ground for other extremes,” Deles added. But the resigned Cabinet members all conceded that the president is not likely to voluntarily give up office.  “It’s not in her character to go gracefully,” one of them said. “She’ll resign only if she sees there’s a really, definite danger of her leaving office in shame like Estrada and disgracing her father’s name.  Meanwhile she’s trying a Clinton solution to a Nixon problem.”

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July 9th, 2005 at 11:37 pm

I hope the bishops are logged into the internet and reading this.

It would be a shame if they took so long and just came out with a watered down statement.



July 10th, 2005 at 1:14 pm

Cory was right.
The resigned secretaries were also right.
Those who are in the streets calling for GMA’s resignation are right
There loyalty to the president ends where their loyalty to the people begins.
Loyalty is maybe a principle of leadership, but this applies only to whom whose leadershipship is with moral certainty.
Loyalty is not for a political cheat who mangled the concept of “rule of law” under their party and personal interests.



July 10th, 2005 at 1:23 pm

Why? have you proven that Gloria Arroyo cheated? None of the cabinet secretaries said that she cheated. Cory Aquino didn’t say that Arroyo cheated. We aren’t talking of loyalty here, Violet. This is about due process. Why do you condem a person before she is even proven guilty? And you talk of rule of law?!!!



July 10th, 2005 at 2:09 pm

ALL THAT, because she wanted to hold on to power????
Goodness, and to think she portrays herself as religious!
>>USING GOVERNMENT MUSCLE to prop up her staggering position is unbelievable! I just hope she sees the light and go down PARA SA BAYAN!
>>>MAAWA KA NA,gloria, e.g., kung may puso ka, ha?



July 10th, 2005 at 2:44 pm

naalaala ko ang sinabi ni joker, the opposition are becoming lazy. noong panahon ni marcos, nagkaroon ng agrava commission to find out who killed ninoy. noong panahon ni erap nagkaroon ng impeachment proceedings before nagpeople power. ngayon gusto ng lahat resign na kaagad and hand me the presidency. maintindihan ko ang dahilan kong bakit nag-resign gloria ang makati business club and finamex. kung tatagal pa ang crisis na ito tataob ang stock and bond markets at hindi nila marecover investments nila. pinepressure nila ang mga nagsialisang cabinet members para manormalize na at tataas value ng stock/bond holdings nila.



July 10th, 2005 at 2:56 pm

i think GMA has constructively resigned already, FVR is now the caretaker and a council of elders will soon be finalised and announced unless the UNO and other groups succeed in mobilising huge mass actions next week. Lacson is distancing himself from the UNO since he knew already the power grab last Friday.



July 10th, 2005 at 3:30 pm

UNO cannot mobilize huge mass action. People don’t trust them either. Lacson knows the real score that the opposition won’t succeed in their destab effort that is why he is now distancing himself.



July 10th, 2005 at 3:45 pm

Think of GMA as a puppet goverment similar to the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. FVR should stop his ambition of leading this country. His legacy is making our electrcity rates the 2nd highest in ASIA next to Japan. You can boast that FVR whenever you go aroung the WORLD.



July 10th, 2005 at 4:47 pm

i agree with you violet.

gma is now facing the consequences of having been caught cheating on tape. madali namang i de bunk yan kung di totoo. she doesnt have to do it herself. her lackeys could have done it for her and have the tapes independently analyzed. tapos ang boxing sana. eh wala.

hihintayan pa ba nating maging isang daan ang dolyar. hmmm. on the upside of that, mas madaling mag-compute (1=100), on the downside, kakarampot lang ang mabibili.



July 10th, 2005 at 5:07 pm

Why are the military so afraid of FVR who has no mandate from the people and who is still styling himself as our messiah? Pero may similarity ang dalawa they both stole the elections. Analyse the statements released by the US embassy last friday, the military chief statement and also read the column of Max Soliven today and it will become clear why FVR appeared in Malacanang on the 11th hour. Now its up to us …..



July 10th, 2005 at 5:38 pm

If GMA didn’t appointed garcillano and barcelona in the comelec;
If GMA supporters didn’t faked fpj birth certificate;
If GMA appointed comelec didn’t bought defective counting machines;
If GMA supporters in the congress allowed the opposition to present their documented election fraud;
If GMA supporters didn’t railroaded the canvassing of votes and the proclamation og GMA and Noli;
If PET didn’t dropped the election protest of FPJ;
If GMA supporters didn’t block efforts to find the truth about the “Hello Garci tapes;
If GMA would only allow the tapes to be authenticated and be used as evidence in any legislative, impeachment and judicial hearings,
If GMA only clearly and categorically deny or admit whether she’s the lady on the tape talking to garcillano,
If only GMA’s DOJ and NBI don’t harrass witnesses on jueteng scandal,
If only GMA military allow Sgt Noble to freely testify,

I would have had given GMA the benefit of the doubt. All these indicate, that GMA is a liar and a cheat, therefore she has lost the moral ascendancy and even legal authority to lead this nation.

The people has already judge her GUILTY.


Alecks Pabico

July 10th, 2005 at 6:42 pm

From Garcigwen:

The group’s actions are controversial. but in light of the stories here on PCIJ. I totally get their motivation. PGMA is engaged in more unlawful/questionable activities to survive. i.e., influencing the Supreme Court. bringing in ‘muscle’.

Purisima clearly felt resigning was not enough. He felt the need to speak out. I am with the people holding the views their motivations were primarily unselfish and patriotic.

The crew in the palace badmouthing them are just engaged in damage control.



July 10th, 2005 at 7:51 pm

GMA grabbed power in 2001. Her power will be taken off from her as well.



July 11th, 2005 at 12:45 pm

Do you have two tiny red spots? A friendly reminder to some.

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The female wraps any captured prey with her silk, repeatedly turning her victim with her legs as she applies more silk. After her victim is covered in silk, the spider kills her prey by injecting her venom. The prey might be eaten immediately or reserved for a later feeding. After the prey is fed upon and the body fluids are sucked from the victim, the carcass is cut loose and allowed to drop to the ground.

Of all spiders, the Black Widow is the most feared. The female’s venom is especially poisonous to people. The male black widow will not bite you. After mating, the female sometimes eats the male (remember, she only has to mate once in her life), earning the name “widow.”

The bite of the female black widow spider may not always be felt at first and besides slight local swelling, there is usually little evidence of a lesion. Two tiny red spots can sometimes be observed in the center of the swollen area.




July 11th, 2005 at 5:44 pm

I second your comments pingkian. problema madami pa ring nagbubulagbulagan sa atin. natakot sa threat ni arroyo pag nawala sya babagsak ang economy natin. Full page ad nga dyan! kung sino bang makabayan dyan sa inyo at si makasarili tumayo naman dyan para makita namin. Sad to note that among hundreds of politicians lawyers. out there wla man lang pumanig sa tama. kawawa tayong mga filipino. haaaayyyyy



July 12th, 2005 at 9:23 am

I just want to share my opinions to the current political crisis that seems to affect the economy of our country.

Ever since GMA took in power way back 2001, there seems to be instability in our country . Look ” whatever things that happening to her presidency” is just a BAD KARMA that she is reaping now.

I believe in the sayin -to the maxim of the GOLDEN RULE-I’ve been always aware of the current events happening in our society migth as well in the GOVERNMENT DAY to DAY AFFAIRS.

Sad to say, my job dealt with by interfacing with various government agencies & unfortunately I was saddened with how men in government especially in the PROCUREMENT SERVICE of DBM especially BIG Projects in IT proliferates in the said agency the so called -“it’s whom u know inside the agency”.

On that juncture, Graft & Corruption were merely practiced by no less than by the so called public servant/officer in governemnt.



July 12th, 2005 at 1:35 pm

Secretaries who resigned recently are just like apostles of the president where Dingky Soliman represents the role of Judas who betrayed the President, Sec. Abad is Peter who denied the President…These Secretaries are the garbage of Malacanang and they show us their true ODOR. After feeding their family with money coming from the tax payers and with the compassion PGMA shows them is this what they will pay in return? Dingky Soliman was once a crying lady on TV airing her grievances when news spreads out the VP will handli her department…and yesterday I saw her on TV still the crying lady using her children as the reason for her resignation, her children who was once feed by Phil Government with the courtesy of her employment from PGMA. They are the brightest and top calibre secretaries as they say but for me they are the rotten tomatoes who spreading their bad odor in Malacanang….Thanks they leave and hope they will have peace of mind and have sound sleep at night. Traitors are the no. 1 enemies of God and State!!!!



July 12th, 2005 at 3:49 pm

Headline: GMA asked cabinet to resign; Yes! that a good decision. finally she come to her senses in selecting the right people in government. But suddenly I was saddened because most of the best and credible people around her left.

In her first term of office, she got problem with her appointee Nani Braganza, who was booted out from different goverment offices. Instead of removing him he reassigned him to another office. Braganza happens to be a kamag-anak of President Ramos. The she has the same problem w/ Garcia, then this time appointed Mike Defensor as HLURB “Housing Land Use Regulartory Board”. Why? him. then GMA re-appointed Mike to head DENR replacing Sec. Gozum who was been with DENR waste management for a long time. Ano ba etong national agency biruan. Moro-moro. No wonder we have this problem, Am i right NBI director Ong.

Just recently, Mike defensor comment something like insinuating the inability VP Noli de Castro to lead, Mike shame on you. It is tantamount that GMA has made mockery of the Philippine Political Institution. Not because of the Gloriatape scandal but in selecting people not who has no right place in the government.

Kung wala silang tiwala kay VP Noli de castro para mamuno why choose him your party VP. She should have selected more credible VP; say Mar Roxaz. who has a good record as Trade and industry Sec. opinion ko lan yun. And why Lito Lapid as Senator. Sobra na yon pang gagago sa bansa natin. Sorry pero eto ang nararamdaman ko.

Tama si Capt. Pampilo Villaruel, as of now lets pray for our Country.

john from SFO



July 13th, 2005 at 7:18 am

i think emmie boncodin knows something but couldn’t say in public. there must be something fishy about how special allotment release orders are being prioritized. knowing emmie, maybe she can’t take it no more. God bless emmie. we are proud of you.



July 13th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

Talagang people will be polarize…ang hirap naman sa mob rule na lang parati…we need to have something more stable and acceptable than that….we will all be in chaos…talagang masama na ang political society natin…dayaan…siraan…pagperahan…talagang immoral na kung kahit anong bait mo siguro kakainin ka ng sistema



July 13th, 2005 at 12:55 pm

Talagang people will be polarize…ang hirap naman sa mob rule na lang parati.

Ganun ang legacy ng edsa dos kasi mob rule din yun e, now gloria knows that the opposition can also play that card. That’s what you call karma. Would you rather we left a wrongful deed go unpunished??

FVR should stop his ambition of leading this country. His legacy is making our electrcity rates the 2nd highest in ASIA next to Japan. You can boast that FVR whenever you go aroung the WORLD

Sobrang tama ka dyan. If it were up to me dapat i trial din yang si ramos!



July 13th, 2005 at 1:56 pm

GMA will employ all the tactics if only to keep herself in power. That would be short of declaring Martial Law. The scare tactics about the possibility of VP NOLI presidency, the fear factor of plans for creating a Mindanao Republic, the food blockade from Cagayan Valley.

On the other hand, the Palace have exploited the stand of CBCP to their advantage. While CBCP is not calling for resignation, they want GMA to examine her conscience, she being a devoted catholic. Kaso wala naman siyang konsiyensya.

All these for the purpose of ensuring that GMA would remain in power.



July 17th, 2005 at 12:56 am

Teka..naalala ko lang…isang linggo na…asan na ba ang “End Game” na binanggit ni Sheila Coronel nung Biyernes? Aaminin na ba niya na marami ding “miscalculations” ang article niya at nagkakamali din naman pala ang media? Tulad na lang ng rally kanina sa Luneta. Inakala ba kaya ni Sheila na mangyayari pa iyan ganung sa tono ng article niya ay tila pabagsak na si GMA nung isang linggo pa?

Ang hirap kasi sa sa lipunan natin ngayon, may media tayo na higit pa sa diyos ang tingin sa sarili nila (kasama na diyan ang mga broadsheets na kagaya ng Inquirer)… na akala nila ay laging tama ang iniisip at sinasabi nila…at ginagawa daw nila ito sa ngalan ng katotohanan at sa ikagagaling ng bansa…Wala nang ginawa kung hindi ang pagsabungin ang mga iba’t ibang puwersa ng pulitika na ang nagagawa lang naman ay ingay at kaguluhan na lalong nagpapalala sa masamang kondisyon ng ekonomiya…Puro na lang “Gloriagate”…at tila desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel ika nga, inilabas pa ulit iyong “Iyong Dagdag, Iyong Dagdag” article. Iyon nga lang, sa sobrang “scandal overload” na siguro ng mga tao, tila wala nang epekto.

Binasa ko nang buo ang 67 pages na transcript ng “Gloriagate” at marahil nga ay may mga tanong na dapat sagutin ang presidente at tama lang ang mga tawag para sa impeachment at truth commission. Pero ang pababain siya sa puwesto, teka ibang usapan iyan…At sino naman ang ipapalit? Si Gen. Abat? Si Erap? Si Susan Roces? Si Rez Cortez? O baka naman kaya gusto ng media na subukan ang “revolutionary government” para magkaalaman na kung ano ang kalagayan ng “freedom of the press” sa ilalim ng junta? O baka naman mas gusto nila, mas “exciting”, bayaan ang mga makakaliwang hanay ang mamuno, pababain ang mga nasa bundok, at pauwiin ang mga bakasyunista sa Europa na sina Jalandoni at Sison…at under the “hammer and sickle”, subukan natin kung ano ang mangyayari sa “freedom of the press” na tila sa ngayon ay abusadong abusado na!!!

Isa lang naman ang hinihiling ko…objectivity!!! Katotohanan at hindi “sensationalism”, “news reporting and not excessive editorializing”…

I respect the PCIJ …. I read you all throughout EDSA Dos … but with what I am reading in your website everyday na mukhang puro anti-establishment…nagdududa tuloy ako, lahat kaya iyan ay totoo? At lahat kaya ng isinulat ninyo nung EDSA Dos ay totoo rin? Sana naman, at sana hindi totoo ang kutob ko sa inyo pati na sa ibang mga nasa media, na gusto lang ninyong laging may away pulitika para may maisulat at maging mabenta ang inyong mga diyaryo….di bale nang dahil dito ay gumulo ang bansa at patuloy na lumubog ang bayang Pilipino!



July 17th, 2005 at 2:41 am

I don’t think much of the character of these Cabinet members who resigned and then turned Judases by stabbing the president’s back with these self-serving pronouncements to the press. Why not just keep quiet if they didn’t like what’s happening? It’s a good thing President Arroyo threw a pre-emptive strike by asking for their resignation before they could do further damage.

Who are they to say the presidency is damaged? Of course she had to act to protect her post from being stolen by a mob rule staged by
familar characters who want to grab back power after being rejected by Filipinos. That would be a worse scenario.

I realize there are a lot of things that need to be done, more the reason why it was important not to back out when the going got tough. I agree kicking them out of their posts was a good move on the part of the president.

We need stability in the gtovernment but this was not the making of the president. These are the same interlopers who are out playing the dirty game of politics. Those are the poeple we need to kick out.

GMA will not only survive, she will prevail.



July 17th, 2005 at 7:15 pm

Sino nga kaya ang mas may kridibilidad ? yun kayang 10 cabinet officials na nag resigned at sinasabing mga traydor o yung mga naiwan sa palasyo? Aber nga tingnan natin:
TOTING DOBLE- Sinungaling na kapal muks pa!! Palpak na nga
yung presentasyon nya ng cd mantakin nyo bang
bumalik pa at ngiting aso na hinimod pa ang
dinura nya.
WA-AY COCO NUT- Isa pang sinungaling at tagasunod sa
anumang sabihin ng hepe nyang si garapata.
nung ginigisa sa congreso parang tuta na
hindi malaman kung naiihi o natatae.
Si RAUL-o GARAPATA- Pribadong abogado ni GMA na wala nang
ginawa kundi patulan at laitin ang mga
babae. ito ang tumanda nang walang
pinagkatandaan. pero bibilib kayo dito kasi
marunong din gumaya sa boss nya ng
pagsabing I’m Sorry!!!
MIKE DEPENSA- Panay naman depensa ng isang ito. kahit buko
na humihirit pa rin. sabi nga ni tita swanny
sayang bata pa naman sana at may potential
sana? pero ginagawang gago ang mga tao sa
galing nyang magsinungaling.



July 17th, 2005 at 7:28 pm

the Philippines has long enjoyed its democracy… and democracy should not be stripped from her just because some of us thinks no one can replace GMA. In the first place, GMA should not be seating as president… in 2001 it was unconstitutional knowing that ERAP did not resign.. In 2004, it is again unconstitutional knowing that she cheated. For the breath of our kids, let us continue to uphold democracy. OUST the cheat! Oust GMA!



July 17th, 2005 at 7:31 pm

may each one of us realize that having a cheat (who believes she is the only one who can lead) is never good for the country. In fact, 4 years of her presidency, we are thrown to the mud… literal mud. corruption, jueteng, lowest budget in education, etc… etc….



July 17th, 2005 at 10:00 pm




July 18th, 2005 at 11:33 am


First of all, lets us understand that the role of the PCIJ is not that of the mainstream press. It is in fact an alternative press and works on investigative journalism. PCIJ tries to give us details and stories behind the stories and to let us dig deeper into the issues and provide analysis of the events.

The role of the PCIJ is to analyze, evaluate the events as they unfold.

Sometimes, we see PCIJ works find its space in the mainstream press. Sometimes, it is quoted by members of Congress and perhaps use by Malacanang PR boys to evaluate their proper response in dealing with issues.

It serve both the opposition in ousting this government and the administration in dealing with the day to day issues of running our government.

I am sure, GMA, who is a computer literate herself — knows how to navigate in the Internet and find time to read PCIJ.ORG too. And Joma Sison too.

Let us be reminded of what PCIJ IS:

“The Center believes that the media play a crucial role in scrutinizing and democratic institutions. The media could—and should—be a catalyst for social debate and consensus that would redound to the promotion of public welfare. To do so, the media must provide citizens with the bases for arriving at informed opinions and decisions.

The Center was set up to contribute to this end by promoting investigative reporting on current issues in Philippine society and on matters of large public interest. It does not intend to replace the work of individual newspapers or radio and television stations, but merely seeks to encourage the development of investigative journalism and to create a culture for it within the Philippine press.”



July 18th, 2005 at 11:58 am

gma doesnt even read newspapers daw. and the people around her eg bunye et al, are so afraid of her that reports critical of her such as surveys dont reach her immediately. kailangan timing-an pa pag malamig ang ulo.



July 18th, 2005 at 6:26 pm

If there is any good that has come out of everything so far, it would seem that:
a.) Former President Cory Aquino is not a power broker. No she ain’t. She asked GMA to resign but was ignored.
b.) The Catholic Church is tired of the spotlight. Although it’s too early to tell. Not the Running Priest though – This man of the cloth loves attention and is highly opinionated.
c.) Raul Gonzales is a rat. It’s the Filipino people against this guy – er, rather, rat.
d.) Drillon is likeable.

My prediction is that this regime will not fall until the main puppeteer rears it’s ugly head. Or has he already? EDSA 2 was a big budget, big production with a big cast. The presidential election was only it’s sequel. GMA is one of it’s victims. Tsk-tsk, she could have been one good, legitimate president.



July 18th, 2005 at 6:43 pm

If I were GMA I’d kick Davide’s butt so hard it’ll straighten him up and not look like a puppet. Y? Well, he was the one in all his wisdom who swore her into illegitimacy.



July 18th, 2005 at 7:53 pm

Nong nag-resign ang mga Hyatt 10 cabinet members kulang na lang tawagin ni DOJSec. Gonzales ang mga ito na TRAYDOR at INGRATO. Ito naman palang si Gonzales ang INGRATO at walang utang na loob. Ibinisto tuloy sya ni KRIS na humingi ng pabor kay Tita Cory itong si Gonzales para sa kanyang confirmation sa CA.



July 21st, 2005 at 6:07 am

Manila City Hall employees were required to attend the Pro-GMA rally at the Luneta last Sunday. If they didn’t attend the said rally, they will not get their incentive worth P2,000. City Hall employees total about more than 10,000. How about other municipalities and cities that attend the said rally?

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