THIS post contains the 67-page transcript in PDF format of the full three-hour recording of the conversations that allegedly took place between Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano and various individuals, among them President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, her husband Jose Miguel, senatorial candidate Robert Barbers, and Rep. Gerry Espina.  The recording also includes conversations with as yet unidentified individuals, including one who is addressed as “attorney,” and another, as “superintendent.”

These conversations have apparently been recorded by members of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or ISAFP. The wiretaps were supposedly done on the instructions of high-ranking ISAFP officials. There are various theories as to why the wiretapping was ordered. One is that the officials wanted to keep an eye on Garcillano, to make sure that he would not switch sides and favor actor Fernando Poe Jr. instead. Another is that the officers wanted to protect themselves because they were being asked to help in the Arroyo campaign, and they needed to cover their backs by gathering evidence to show they were doing these on orders from above. Another theory is that the officers were aghast at the extent of the manipulation of the vote and wanted to record the fraud.

There have been questions as to why the recording is being released now rather than last year, at the height of the controversy over the elections. What we have found out is that the CDs containing the conversations found their way to various opposition members last month. The reason the recording was leaked now, according to Senator Rodolfo Biazon, appeared to be linked to internal feuds within the ISAFP. Some factions within that once-feared military intelligence unit apparently wanted to use the tape as a leverage against the plan of AFP Chief of Staff Efren Abu to clip ISAFP’s wings by putting its Military Intelligence Groups under the control of the AFP’s five area commands. Under this setup, the ISAFP chief loses most of his powers, his functions becoming purely administrative rather than operational. (Check the Philippine Star’s report on the ISAFP reorganization.)

Yesterday, the papers  reported the replacement of the current, controversial ISAFP chief, Brig. General Marlou Quevedo. An Arroyo loyalist and the president’s erstwhile senior military aide, Commodore Leonardo Calderon, was named to the post. Calderon was also reported to be Mrs. Arroyo’s relative. When asked, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita told reporters, "I do not know if Commodore de Leon is a relative of the President. I have no personal knowledge." Calderon, a graduate of Philippine Military Academy Class of 1976, was promoted to commodore rank only in April. He is also the brother of Deputy Director Oscar Calderon, the Philippine National Police chief for operations.

Today the Star reported that 120 operatives of the ISAFP’s Military Intelligence Group were confined to barracks on suspicion of "high-profile" wiretapping.

The sound quality of the recorded conversations is uneven. Some portions are barely audible, but others are very clear. But it is worth listening to at least some of them if only to have an insider’s feel of how votes are manipulated. The conversations appear to have taken place mostly in Manila, where Garcilliano was during the period of the recording (May 17 to June 18, 2004). There are references to streets and places, and it is apparent that the commissioner was mainly in the city during that period.

The recording is annotated by a male voice which begins each recorded conversation by announcing the time and date of the recording. The announcement is made military style — "09 11.30 hotel June" means that the conversation took place on June 9 at 11:30 a.m.

Sometimes the people in the tape are identified — Gary is apparently the tappers’ code word for Garcillano, who is the common factor in all the conversations.

Unlike the tapes released by Malacanang, the three-hour recording leaves a trail of clues as to Garcillano’s identity. For one, he was frequently referred to by various callers (including Senator Robert Barbers) as “commissioner.”  The President herself calls him, “Garcy.” Most telling of all, in a June 12, 2004 phone call to a certain "Tony," the commissioner identifies himself as "Commissioner Gil Garcillano."

In another conversation, at about 10:55 a.m. also on June 12, Garcillano called his wife Grace, who said she was at the second floor of a department store and asked that he meet her there.  The commissioner referred to his secretary, Ellen Peralta, by name. As posted in the previous blog, a check with Comelec revealed that Ms. Peralta is indeed Garcillano’s  secretary.

Technical problems prevent us from uploading the entire tape now, but we hope we can upload the audio recording in a few hours.

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Download transcript of three-hour recording



June 10th, 2005 at 5:50 pm

It looks like events have overtaken us all. Who did not get the feeling, while poring over the tapes and transcripts Pcij posted, that they were part of a much bigger body of tape recordings? It seems that they were.

I just listened to the live press conference of one, SAMUEL ONG, former deputy director of the NBI who claims he was entrusted with the “mother of all these tapes” by members of the ISAFP. Congratulations to Pcij on your brilliant speculation in this direction in this posting. Meanwhile, I have to get back to seeing administration defender Miriam Defensor Santiago proving without a doubt what a big case of logical fiddlesticks she really is. Or is she GMA’s handmaiden on the way

Any bets on how long she will last? Frankly, I think Independence Day will have a whole ‘nuther meaning for us this year.


ederic@cyberspace » Blog Archive » Krisis

June 10th, 2005 at 7:25 pm

[…] royo at Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano ang hawak niya. Mababasa sa PCIJ blog ang transcript ng tape. Siyempre, patay-malisya ang Palasyo. “President has not violated any law and is not […]



June 10th, 2005 at 7:45 pm

thanks for giving us access to the whole shebang. my stat analysis data says google and yahooo search engines are on fire with the keywords “gloria” and “tapes”

must be the fil-ams :chuckle:



June 10th, 2005 at 10:25 pm

All I can say is holy mother*#@&*@(#$! Here we go again!



June 10th, 2005 at 10:29 pm is the first major blogger in the US to pick up PCIJ’s reporting on GLORIAGATE. well done!


Atty C

June 11th, 2005 at 12:52 pm

Thanks to PCIJ for making available the transcript as well as the audio files. It’s a shame the DoJ Secretary is trying to minimize damage in the guise of enforcing a law. By the way, Bunye is shameless for not resigning, what nerve? kapalmuks na kapit-tuko pa? Sabagay mukhang lahat ng taga Malacañang ganun ang behaviour. Well, what a relief, at last the GMA presidency will soon be over!



June 11th, 2005 at 6:22 pm

PCIJ, again you have done a very nice job of making this available to people.

The people at Malacanang has been saying that “the tapes are not authenticated, they have to be authenticated” etc. They have been telling everyone about this, but has not yet done anything about it. Is this their way of making the people believe that they have something to say or are they just delaying the issue , hoping that one day the issue would disappear?

Why don’t they start AUTHENTICATING the tape NOW?!?



June 13th, 2005 at 3:04 pm

nagalit siguro ang DIYOS sa pag-gamit ni PGMA sa pangalan ni POPE JOHN PAUL II regarding EDSA 2 kaya bilang parusa lumabas ang kumpirmasyong may dayaan sa nakaraang halalan…



June 13th, 2005 at 3:50 pm

sana wag na lang pumapel yung ibang politiko na gusto makisawsaw.bumalik na lang sila sa mga opisina nila at wag nang makialam.ang dami-dami nang nagsasalita.nalilito na mga tao.nadidiskaril na yung totoong isyu dito.ignacio bunye should resign or at least take an indefinite leave of absence.nakakatawang nakakahiyang nakakaasar ang ginawa niyang paglabas ng “original” taped conversation tapos binawi nya.wala na siyang credibility.innocent or guilty man ang presidente,hindi na dapat inilabas pa yun.para kasing ang nangyari dun,halimbawa may sexy star na natsisimis na may sex video daw kasama ang isang politiko.may naglabas ng video nilang dalawa,tapos magrereact si sexy star at idedeny PERO ipinagmalaki pang meron siyang video,maglalabas siya ng video pero iba yung kasama niya sa version nya!diba nakakahiya pa rin?lahat ng manloloko at sinungaling,dapat mag-resign na!eh kung sa opisina nga,mahuli kang may ginagawang mali pwede kang paalisin e.and honestly,yung inilabas ni bunye mas tunog tampered pa eh.obvious!ang tingin ko diyan,those conversations were authorized by gma kaya akala nya ok lang na ilabas yun.i don’t believe na walang clearance yung mga sinabi nya from gma.siguro after ng press conference,naumpog sa pader mga nag-utos sa kanya kaya binawi.ntc should allow the airing of these tapes.people have the right to know or else this tape might be like the infamous envelope that caused edsa 2.hindi na ba sila natuto?yun lang po



June 15th, 2005 at 2:01 am

I think Ong’s group and his handlers was copying the EDSA 2 scenario wherein when the opening of the envelope was denied by erap’s senate cohorts, immediately the people made a sudden uprising which eventually led to Arroyo’s takeover. Ong’s revelation became a flop and only a few sourgraping politicians supported him. Let us just wait for more events to come, and if ever this government continues to suppress this wiretapping incident, then probably the people will then decide. But the big question is, who again will be taking over? Erap’s men who already did the biggest blunder, or the Marcos recycled people again? Not martial law please!!!!!!



June 15th, 2005 at 2:17 am

there is nothing to do ryt now but to wait – wait for the next election. GMA will not give in – ikaw b naman nsa kapangyarihan na bibitaw pa. To hell and over my dead body ika nga……………….


Rapeke F. Impostor

June 15th, 2005 at 8:28 pm

Putang…….. administrasyon d n nahiya, masyadong makasarili, punong puno ng kasinungalingan, samantalang marami sa ating kababayan ang namamatay n sa gutom, salamat sa mga taong nag mamalasakit para malaman ang tunay na katotohanan, para matigil na ang pag sasamantala, sana matapos na ang kahirapan ni juan dela cruz para manumbalik ang ngiti sa labing maputla at naway gumaan ang krus n pasan, sanay mawala n ang takot sa bawat isa, maging matapang ng sa gayon ay maisiwalat ang katotohanan na magpapalaya sa sadlak ng kahirapan, mabuhay ang mga mapagpalayang juan dela cruz!



June 16th, 2005 at 12:38 pm

Ano ba ang pinagkakaguluhan pa jan, sino ba yang kala mo nagmamalasakit sa bayan, eh kahit sino pa nakaupo jan pare-pareho lang naman yan, kahit makasalubong man nila si Juan dela Cruz eh wala naman silang pakialam, sige nga mga pakialamerong juan dela cruz , tingnan nga natin kung pag nakaupo na yang mga kunwaring nagmamalasakit na yan eh kung makilala ka pa. Sige nga!!! bakit hindi ka na lang magtrabaho at paunlarin mo ang sarili mo kesa nakikigulo ka pa kasama ng mga PASAWAY! Ang ikauunlad mo nasa iyong mga kamay at wag mo isisi kung kanikanino kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay ganyan pa rin ang buhay mo. Magbanat ka ng buto at huwag kang umasa sa Lotto at Pera o Bayong!!! hello!!!



June 16th, 2005 at 6:39 pm

Some comments on certain portions of the transcript:

Conversation between Gary and an unidentified woman believed to be PGMA on 29 1400hrs. May

Gary: Wala naman hong… san ho kaya? Yung kwan ho kanina , yung sinabi nyo sa Pangutaran it was like this. Its Tirona, yung nag-appear doon, nabaligtad si FPJ. Sa canvassing sa province, and result
yung din hong original and ilalagay because of the words and figures will not change. Kasi sila Gen. Abahacon ba, hindi masyadong marunong pa dyan, medyo sila ang ano dun. Nagexplain ho sa akin yung election officer ng Pangutaran, si …, pero sa canvass, sinabi naman ho ng Provincial Board of Canvassers, ang ginawa, yung kinuhang original votes nya, yun din ho ang nabilang kaya wala ho kayong …. (line cut)

The “Gen. Abahacon” refered to by Garcillano here and in at least one other conversation is likely Brig. Gen. Gabriel Habacon, who at the time of the elections was commander of Task Force Comet based in Western Mindanao. Here’s a news article on the role he played in the arrest of Col. Jose Gamus, who was charged with electioneering for FPJ.

Conversation between Gary and an unidentified woman believed to be PGMA on 31, 23:17 hotel May

Gary: Namfrel copies ho? Ay wala naman, konti naman ang Namfrel sa atin, and they are now sympathetic to us.
GMA: Oo, oo, (garbled) Pero un nga, they are trying to get that.
Gary: Oho, we will get in advance copy ho natin kung anong hong kwan nila.

In the portion of the transcript described as “garbled,” what GMA says is actually fairly intelligible and quite significant, making very explicit her intention to interfere with Namfrel’s quick count:

GMA: Oo, oo, pero we just have to make sure that Namfrel doesn’t tally…



June 16th, 2005 at 9:00 pm

Yah, its good that as early as this time, truth evolves… however, still, it’s the whole Philippines; the entire community of Filipinos will suffer the consequences of having corrupt and deceptive leader… in this state; we Filipinos will not want her – Gloria Arroyo to be impeached, for it’s a tiring effort, a time consuming one which is so unbearable! WHAT WE REALLY WANT HER TO DO IS TO STEP DOWN FROM HER JUETING PAYED & FORGE PRESIDENCY!!! :c please lang naman, di ba?

For its cruel to get people’s support to this kind of falsified democracy, since people knew who really won as the President! and of course – – NOT YOU GLORIA! for our country’s sake – – DO! RESIGN!!!!


Ben Tumbling

June 18th, 2005 at 4:43 pm

The problems confronting the country now could have been avoided if only DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzales and Senator Francis Cuneta-Pangilinan did their job properly during the canvassing of the election returns in the house of congress. What they did was just to take note of the objections from the opposition.
It is not only Gloria who stole the sacred vote of the poor Filipinos, there was a conspiracy to steal them.



June 18th, 2005 at 6:17 pm


I don’t know what influences your fatalistic tendency but you have to think of the greater good instead of GMA’s self interest. The game is not yet over, as they say, even if GMA tries to stick to the presidency like a leech.

If you believe in God, whatever your faith is, you probably will see through very clearly the events that are now unfolding. The truth behind the successive events is so dazzling that no one who is true to himself will not notice.

If GMA remains stoic inspite of public pressure, the might of God will descend upon Her. So, i2_si_rael, we need not wait for the next election. God, not you, not GMA, not the Military nor Police, not the Church, not US will decide the ending of this present drama. Yes, God. Mark that on stone.

When God acts, it swift. It is total. It is seamless. Because He is God.



jay cynikho

June 18th, 2005 at 8:00 pm

Ben Tumbling sir,

pare-pareho sila, halos lahat sila basahin ang listahan sa mga website ng gobierno. hindi lang si pangilinan at si gonzales, basahin ang listahan sa Cabinete, mga departamentosa Kongreso, sa Korte Suprema, Sa Kapulisan, sa Hukbong Sandatahan, Basahin ang ang mga pangalan, ano ba ang na aalala ninyo sa mga ginawa nila para tao at sa bansa? di ba puro negativo? Ang dami nila kung ililista.

May mga asawa yan mga yan, minsan may kabit pa. May mga anak yan, may dagdag pang anak sa labas, at mga kamag anak din nakinabang. Yung mga lolo at lola sa Korte suprema, daming apo niyan. hindi naman natin masasabing daming gumagahasa sa Pilipinas; yung iba nanunood lang at pumapalakpak. yung iba look out lang, marami waiting lang for their turn.

Pero tama kayo Mr. Ben Tumbling, ang bayan ay dapat tawagan ng pansin ipahayag ang mga taong nagkamali. Kasi hindi maipakulong. Seguro mas epektibo kung bukod sa kanilang pangalan, may litrato rin sila, para mamukhaan. Baka puedeng gawin yan ng PCIJ. Ilitrato ang mga mukha ng mga pangalan binanggit sa tape. puede ba yun kgg. na PCIJ?



June 19th, 2005 at 12:12 pm

OO. Ellen Lyn Peralta, Abdullah Dimaporo, LtC Undug ng ISAFP Zamboanga, Arturo Lomibao ng PNP, Sec Ebdane ng DPWH, Atty Bedol ng COMELEC, Grace Garcillano, maybahay ni Garci, Robert Barbers, General Gabriel Habacon, General Esperon ng Special Operations Command, Ben Abalos, Mike Arroyo, Romy, Carlos, Samuel, Atty Estella, , Rep Gerry Espina,, Ruben Reyes, Rashma Hali, Butani, Wahab Akbar, Lumipao, Rep. Salceda Teng NMangundato, Ipeng etc etc



June 20th, 2005 at 9:26 am

amidst all these… it is still a ramos puppet govt. bat ba nagkaroon ng anti erap? wer was ramos (adviser sya ha) lagi may terrorrist attacks sa metro manila everytym ramos will be investigated for the sales of fort bonifacio, amari proj…. etc? gma was seated by ramos during edsa dos. the tape is from a ramos operative to ensure the social security of his generals… bat lumabas yung tape? kc di pa binibigay yung retirement benefits nila. besides.. iniimbistigahan nila kasi si gen garcia.

pointers… utang natin sa wb before the sale of fort bonifacio… ~32 Billion USD. the sale of fort boni… ~34Billion USD… bakit sumobra laki utang natin ngayn….~50BUSD? where is the money… this info should be protected…. by whom? of kors gma and cohorts… if not…. wire taps will be out. especially abt the election. (next to garcia.. his superiors, then palapit na ng palapit kay fvr.)



June 20th, 2005 at 11:27 am

I need answers to these questions about the “tape”:

who was tapped, gloria or garcillano?
what was tapped, a cellphone or a landline?
what was tapped, gloria’s cell or garcillano’s cell?
what was tapped gloria’s landline or garcillanos landline?

I am at a lost,please help me. I order to authenticate the alleged wire-tapped tape these questions must be answered first. I will be very grateful to anyone out there who can answer my basic questions. Thanks also to pcij for being very courageous in sharing the ins and outs of the tape. More power to you guys! Without you our country is doomed!



June 20th, 2005 at 12:20 pm

who was tapped, gloria or garcillano?

what was tapped, a cellphone or a landline?

what was tapped, gloria’s cell or garcillano’s cell?

what was tapped gloria’s landline or garcillanos landline?
neither is tapped, the conversations came from the cellphone of Garcillano.

A theory that, Garcy was tapped in order for the administration to watch him, they want to make sure Garcy would not make any dealings with the opposition.



June 20th, 2005 at 1:27 pm

wire tap: violation of the constitutional rights of at least 2 people, 1 on each end of the line.

the content: violation of the constitutional rights of at least 1 province. (propbably more than million filipinos)

to our end, which would weigh more?

wire tap: can not be verified as garcy denied his side. gma on the other hand does not claim the other. therefore the tape is just for publicity. a property of those who can download, buy or acquire any copy.

why?: gonzales defending the wire tap case? therefore admission that the otehr end is gma. NTC forbids… confirming the admission of gma. therefore, the content is real if it is being prohibited by DOJsec and ntc. therefore cheating/vote padding did occur during the last election.

question: back to first argument, whose constitutional rights weigh more? gma/garcy or the filipino people?

for the case of the administration… its gma. ano pakialam nila sa filipino people kung madami pang kailangan bayaran?

for the case of the people: sanay na kaming ninanakawan. whats the use.

see you next election… palakihan ng lagay… may be later or sooner. ha ha ha



June 20th, 2005 at 3:49 pm

for: crd_web

I’m very grateful sir for your help. I asked those ?’s coz the NBI and ISAF claimed that they are not capable to wire-tap cell phones. Tapping landlines are more easier. More power to you.

the lasty survey showed that GMA got a very high rating, she got a triple platinum for her tape!


Ben Tumbling

June 21st, 2005 at 7:52 am

The Filipinos should be proud of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She really has it. Imagine, she informed the businessmen in Hong Kong straight in the face that she’s the duly elected President of the Philippines and she did not cheat in last year’s Presidential election. Where in the world can you find such a supposed leader make a denial notwithstanding that 98% of the citizens believe
with God as their witness that she cheated her way to victory ? Only in the Philippines.. By the way, the remaining 2% are the leaches surrounding Mrs. Arroyo. These are the people who, in the event Mrs. Arroyo resigns from office will also find themselves out of the limelight and ridiculed by the memebrs of the community. Does the word ” delicadeza ” still exists in the vocabularies of these people? I doubt it. Just look at the way, your Senate President, Majority Floor Leader, House Speaker, other administration allies in the Senate and Congress defend Mrs. Arroyo. Deep inside they know well it is GMA’s voice on the tapes but they pretend to be deaf and blind about GMA’s wrongdoings because they also profited from such electoral fraud. Wanna bet ??


Click Mo Mukha Mo! » Blog Archive » Hay Pilipinas A Pinoy Blog About Nothing

June 21st, 2005 at 8:26 am

[…] the Hello Garci Ringtone. Pinoy nga naman. Frankly when I heard someone mention about the Garci Tape, I though it was about her. And the man who has lived with an ironic name all his professional life, […]



June 21st, 2005 at 12:31 pm

Whoever listens to the tapes knows for sure that it is Gloria Arroyo. What you have to do is just listen and you will know the truth. It cannot be denied. It is more glaring than the morning sun. It makes me sick hearing these people in the tapes talking arrogantly and with wanton disregard to decency and civility. GMA did not even object but implicitly agreed to the suggestion of Garcillano that the family of one man who was making noise be kidnapped so he will shut up. It is so sickening and so cheap. And listen also to Barbers who continually bugs Garcillano for “his” votes, and Garcillano naming the price of 1.5 to 2 M pesos to Barbers… Tsk… tsk… tsk… Power and greed personified and I never imagined it to be so hideous.


Ben Tumbling

June 22nd, 2005 at 6:56 am

Right now, the best thing to do to end once and for all the ” Hello Garci ” tapes controversy is for the government to make an official request to the US government for the authentication of said tapes. Once authenticated, the result should be published on the front page of every newspaper in the country, whether it’s Gloria’s voice or not, to be fair. The sanctity of the vote during an election should be protected because that is the only time when both the rich and the poor stand in equal footing before the ballot box. The powerful should not be allowed to steal such right from the poor. Enough is enough.


Ben Tumbling

June 22nd, 2005 at 7:17 am

Does Gloria Arroyo really deserves the respect of the Filipinos after committing an electoral fraud during last year’s election ?
If she denies committing one, she should break her silence on the ” Hello Garci ” tapes. An ordinary person can not withstand the humiliation she’s getting from every corner of the country.
Look, what too much power has done to the little lady from Lubao. She’s getting the wrong advice from the leaches around her who’s going to lose a lot if she resigns. So right now, the leaches are feasting at her expense. She should wake up and face the reality that her time is up.


Ka Webspy Personal Blog » On the Gloriagate Update

June 23rd, 2005 at 6:19 pm

[…] #8217;s recorded on the tape… We want to know what’s happening. And thanks to PCIJ, they’re providing us more information about it.   Please […]


Ben Tumbling

June 24th, 2005 at 8:48 am

The PCIJ deserves the gratitude of the Filipinos for having remained fearless all these years in their investigations that affect the country. May those in the payroll of powerful politicians follow suit.



June 24th, 2005 at 8:58 am

i agree…. pero can we support the investigation done by the probe team on PAGCOR and its connection to the first goon? (gma’s husband)


trevor holmes

July 7th, 2005 at 7:36 pm

re: 70% health corruption

the UK press are putting out storys that the philippene health service is damaged because UK take nurses from PHP hospitals AND not the corruption that you detail

now the government want to ban php nurses fom coming to the uk

you now the damage that would cause more than i

act now to dispel the lies


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