HE WAS SWEPT into power by an overwhelming populist vote, yet Joseph Ejercito Estrada, the 13th President of the Republic, proved to be much more than just any ordinary citizen.

Beginning July 2000, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism published a series of reports on the unexplained wealth of Estrada, his many loves, and his love for many mansions. The reports exposed the President’s lavish lifestyle, and the many business and financial involvements of Estrada and his many families.

Four articles of impeachment were filed against Estrada, three of which were based on PCIJ reports. In November of that same year, Estrada was impeached by the House of Representatives. Two months later, Estrada would be forced from office, and arrested and convicted for plunder.

Today’s Sulyap is a look back at the Estrada investigation, and how the PCIJ stories helped inform the public’s mind on the issues of unexplained wealth and conflicts of interest. This video short was produced and edited by PCIJ Multimedia Producer Julius D. Mariveles.


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