THE PHILIPPINE Center for Investigative Journalism prides itself for its love for numbers. At its core, the PCIJ is driven by the idea of data journalism, or journalism that is powered by hard information and not opinion.

The PCIJ loves to tell its stories with numbers, but numbers also tell the story of the PCIJ. In the last 25 years the numbers that best describe the PCIJ’s work have been piling up: Traning seminars, investigative reports, books on governance and corruption, and awards.

For today’s video short Sulyap, we look at the numbers that best describe the PCIJ’s work in the last quarter century. The video is one of a series of short films we are releasing in the run-up to the 25th anniversary celebration of the PCIJ on June 20 this year. The video was produced and edited by PCIJ multimedia producer Julius D. Mariveles.


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