AGALON SANG KADUTAAN, the title of this slideshow produced by veteran journalist and PCIJ multimedia producer Julius D. Mariveles, literally translates to Masters of the Land. If the title sounds so feudal, it is because the system really is.

AGALON SANG KADUTAAN is a collection of images and information about the people who till the volcanic land of Negros Occidental for their economic and political masters.
The sacadas and dumaans, those who work the cane fields of Negros, are bound, not just to the soil, but to the whims and caprices of their AGALON. This feudal relationship easily transposes itself into the political arena, since the masters who hold the lives of the sugar workers in their hands have also used this economic power to build their political base.
The photos are from the portfolio of Mr. Mariveles, a 15-year veteran of print and radio journalism in Negros Occidental before he joined the PCIJ.


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