THE HOLIDAYS are over (even Valentines, if you wish to consider that one), but there’s a touchy question for Filipinos who simply love to give and receive goodies: When may public officials receive gifts?

Public officials, of course, are supposed to insulate themselves from the monetary or financial influences of any sector. This way, they would focus only on delivering services to the majority who do not have any financial or economic clout. This way too, their decisions or recommendations are not swayed by such considerations.

But what about those holidays that Filipinos simply love? May public officials receive gifts during the Christmas season? If they are, is there a limit to the value of the gifts?

For today’s Data a Day:

TRUE OR FALSE: Public officials may receive gifts on holidays in the course of performing their duties.

For the answer to that question, just visit the Data a Day website, or go to the PCIJ’s MoneyPolitics online site.

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