THEY SAY ELECTIONS ARE FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION. But this early, we seem to be giving the future generation a hard time.

While the law on persons with disabilities require that people such as pregnant women be given priority and assistance in casting their votes, no such preferential treatment was evident in some voting places in downtown Manila.

Petite twenty two year old Margie Belocura, who is six months pregnant, waited for two hours for a chance to cast her vote in her precinct. We found her at the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) area waiting for the crowd to thin at her polling precinct.


“There is no priority lane in my precinct. I still have to line up and it is very crowded. I am just waiting here until the number of voters decreases,” she said.

The Comelec earlier announced that there were special areas for persons with disabilities (PWD), senior citizens and expectant mothers in each school. However, some scho0ls apparently were not made aware of this requirement.


Jennifer Venancio, already five months pregnant, says she had to walk all the way to the third floor of the Quirino Almario Elementary School in Tondo just to cast her vote.

“It’s hard to go to the third floor. It’s crowded and I got a headache when I went out of my precinct,” she said.

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