February 24, 2012 · Posted in: General

Feature Report: A Different EDSA Story

As the nation marks the 26th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolt tomorrow, we would like to share with you our feature report on a different kind of EDSA story — one that most EDSA veterans are not liking, but which has also gone viral on YouTube.

We are referring to the video titled “Ninoy + People Power: Hidden Truths the Media is not Telling Us!” that has become a phenomenon online. The video has been variably assessed as a rewriting or revisionism of the EDSA story, yet also as the Filipino people’s true narrative of the gaps between the promises and the results of EDSA.

The video’s creator, who calls himself Baron Buchokoy, maintains a YouTube channel called PinoyMonkeyPride. As of mid-February, the video that was posted in Buchokoy’s YouTube account in June 2011 already has more than 200,000 views. Buchokoy implies that the video has had more views, saying that the video in fact was just re-uploaded “since the powers that be hacked and removed it recently from YouTube.”

This is proof, Buchokoy says in his introduction to the video, that “someone or some group is trying to hide the truth.”

The late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, according to Buchokoy, “is the least suspect in the Ninoy assassination and that only 2% of the 1986 Philippine population attended EDSA People Power. Let’s end Filipino ignorance. It ends now.”

For this story, PCIJ Multimedia Director Ed Lingao spoke with sources who were born before and after EDSA, or who had experienced or merely read about EDSA.

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