THE jeepney may be the king of the road, but it is also responsible for toxic fumes that cause global warming.

Now, a new kind of jeepney is being pushed as the first phase of a climate-friendly cities campaign by Green and Renewable Independent Power Producers (GRIPP), a consortium of environment organization Greenpeace and nongovernmental organizations from Negros Occidental.

The e-jeepney is powered by 12 six-volt, deep-cycle batteries. Its electric motor is similar to that of a big electric fan, and it can travel for 120 kilometers on a single charge. It has no emissions, and the motor automatically shuts down when it comes to a stop, thus saving batteries.

Two cities are trying out the e-jeepney: Bacolod and Makati. For now, the e-jeepney is charged by plugging it into a conventional socket, but the two cities have committed to building biodigesters, which will generate electricity from biodegradable waste.

However, some roadblocks remain to the widespread adaptation of the e-jeepney, including its hefty price tag, and skepticism from transport groups. Though definitely a greener form of transportation, the next three months will be critical in determining whether it is also a feasible one.

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2 Responses to Hail to a new ‘king’



September 26th, 2007 at 4:45 pm

Even hybrid cars sell at a primium & only very few enviorment concious people buy them.
The E-jeepny is obviosly a good idea & concept. It also needs so much refinments yet also.
The only way that people will use it is & when goverment subsidices the cost.
Tragically, being a poor country. The enviorment is way down below of praiorities.
Generating electricity from biodigradable waste is all a program & project by its self. I don’t think that it can be connected to the e-jeep.
I think the people behind the e-jeep must be more concerned to make their vehicle economicaly viable & should let other worry about generating power from waste.



September 28th, 2007 at 12:45 am

Also the modern Diesel Engine, the common rail technology is very clean and fuel efficient. It is a little (very little)expensive than equivalent size gas engine, but for fuel savings alone the difference is recovered within two years of use and it is also quieter when cruising.

Hybrid car doesn’t translate much to saving when driven mostly at high speed as the engine work most of the time instead of its electric motors. Light and easy driving then it will save a lot of fuel. also the maintenance after the warranty could be higher too..

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