condom.jpgOUR latest series is on the simmering controversy on population control. We look at two local governments — Manila and Pangasinan. The first is a horror story as far as women’s rights advocates and family-planning NGOs are concerned. Our report shows that under Mayor Lito Atienza, NGOs giving out contraceptives have been forced to do so on the sly and under the table. They are also being harassed by City Hall, which issued an executive order that has been interpreted as a ban on artificial contraceptives. Women’s groups say the EO and the Mayor’s policies are illegal and are planning to sue him in court.
In Pangasinan, meanwhile, the proactive policies of Gov. Victor Agbayani have succeeded in reducing that province’s population growth to 1.9 percent, below the national average of 2.3 percent. Agbayani has succeeded in neutralizing opposition from Catholic clergy and has promoted a range of family planning options, including both natural and artificial methods. His government has been touted as a model for rational and pro-choice family planning, and shows that if given a choice, women would opt for birth control.
The series points out, however, that the lack of a national family-planning program and clear directives from Malacañang have made local health workers confused. They — and the women they serve — are often left to the mercy of the religious views of local officials and their assessment of how much weight to give to population control. It points out that President Arroyo did not include population control in her 10-point agenda, opting to leave the matter to the discretion of local governments, sometimes with disastrous results.

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May 22nd, 2005 at 7:51 pm

Ultra-conservatives like Lito Atienza suck.



May 23rd, 2005 at 4:38 pm

I find this article very informative, and wish to share it with my co-friendsters.

May I request permission to post your article in my friendster weblog? Thank you.


Alecks Pabico

May 23rd, 2005 at 5:02 pm

You are welcome to publish the PCIJ report on your blog. We only request proper attribution to the writer and PCIJ, including a link to our site from yours. Thanks.



May 24th, 2005 at 5:26 am

thank you jaileen jimeno… thanks PCIJ: for this piece on condoms, contraceptives and hypocrisy. MABUHAY kayo JJ, my friend!



May 24th, 2005 at 7:27 pm

I am a bit confused about the reports.

Manila has negative population growth rate. Meanwhile, Pangasinan has 1.9%. Now, Pangasinan has a better population policy?

Manila has a negative growth rate “but only because many of its residents have been migrating to less crowded areas”, says the report. Are there any stats to back this up? Why is it not included in the report?

Now Manila may have a pro-life policy. Pangasinan has an active family planning policy. But what do these result into? Are there more poor in Manila now and less in Pangasinan?

My point is, the report seemed to fail to make a point.



May 25th, 2005 at 12:53 am

This report has all the marks of the DE-Population agenda.

Writer cannot even tell the Good Side from the Bad.

Hello… the Evil Empire is the Population Control / Family Planning / Contraception Promoting / Foreign Funded and Controlled empire.

Geezzz. Come visit Pro-Life and INTERVIEW US.
Write about the Good People who truly care, save lives, save families.



May 25th, 2005 at 1:03 am

If your re-searchers had any initiative to find out about the TRUTH, you would realize that Population Control has been implemented in the Philippines for some 45 YEARS.

In 1960 there were 7 children per woman Total Fertility Rate (TFR)
In 1970 TFR = 6
In 1980 TFR = 5.5
In 1990 TFR = 4.4
In 2000 TFR = 3.1 – 3.4 (reports vary)
In 2005 TFR = 2.7 – 2.9
In Metro Manila TFR = 2.0

And you want to CRAM more CONTRACEPTIVES down the throats of MANILA Residents?

Enough is enough! You had better check your STATS. Check your NUMBERS before you go about BASHING a very very good MAYOR.

O ano, natauhan na ba kayo PCIJ?

Huwag mag-pauto sa Anti-Life groups na kunyare Family Planning, Women’s Rights advocates.


Jaileen Jimeno

May 25th, 2005 at 8:33 am

Manila’s population growth is negative because people who can afford to leave, do. That is a sad statistic.

That government loses out on the privilege of informing a couple of the slew of options available to them to enjoy a healthy and safe sexual life, is a sadder (but unavailable) statistic. Health workers in Manila do not keep tabs of the people they have had to turn back because their options do not dovetail with that of the mayor.

Manila’s official website admits that the city’s minimal growth in population “seems to indicate that residents who have the means or find the city very crowded have moved to nearby areas like the CALABARZON in the South. This is reflected in the higher rate of increase during the same period by the so-called “subdivision municipalities” of Las Piñas, Taguig, Laguna, Cavite in the South and Marikina in the East.”

The end of the article quotes the Population Institute’s Raymundo: “Pangasinan’s program is ideal because it comes from the highest policy-making body, the governor. There’s support, there are no barriers, and the population units are very strong, with lots of activities. Most importantly, the people are free to choose.”

The report also says Atienza, who is only pro-NFP, admits that the number of his acceptors is dismal. Pangasinan offers all options available on the shelf, yet 23 percent of their women have “unmet needs” in family planning methods.

In doing the report, I was amazed at how Pangasinan was doing things based on the numbers. I had to ask Atienza twice how many his acceptors are, and he could offer no number. Other than saying that “the contraceptive mentality has been somehow effective in brainwashing the young generation.” Any seminar on management would tell you that any goal should be governed by tangible goals, with tangible results.

It takes a lot of work for a woman to approach a health center personnel, anytime of the week. In Manila, they are unable to get all the information they need. We cannot quantify how much money (and effort) they lost when thwarted. Or when they go the extra mile of looking for NGOs in other cities. In Pangasinan, health workers go to their homes. Pangasinan’s women are empowered by the information they acquire, most of the time at no cost to their pockets. There is no statistic on that, other than the reduced number in “unmet needs,” and the money set aside by the governor’s office for the women (and men) of the province in this concern.

In this day and age, information must be free. A government office should, and must, provide sane, scientific and rational options, when asked. Statistics can never quantify how empowering that can be.



May 25th, 2005 at 9:42 am

Excuse me, we are talking TFR, Total Fertility Rate. This has nothing to do with Migration in or out.
A TFR of 2.0 in Metro Manila means that Metro Manilans are now BELOW REPLACEMENT LEVEL fertility.
Because a 1st world country TFR = 2.1 and a 3rd world country like ours is 2.4 replacement TFR.

If you really want information to be set FREE, then you must do a re-search on the GOOD SIDE, on Pro-Life and how our efforts result in SAVING people.

How Population Control is a really WAR against the Filipino People.

That POPULATION EXPLOSION is a MYTH that the foreign imperial masters would like you to SWALLOW.

That our 84 Million Population is A-OK as JAPAN had 84 Million in 1951. This actually HELPED japan to become the economic success it is today. There is power in numbers, enough is needed to be able to SPARK an economy.

How the Contraceptives Industry is a pack full of LIES.

That LIGATION is NOT SAFE, results in short and long term injuries and DEATH.

That VASECTOMY is NOT SAFE, results in short and long term injuries and DEATH.

That the whole concept of “modern” / “artificial” contraception is to make people UNHEALTHY. Infertility is a sign of UNHEALTHINESS.

This is the effect of PILLS, Patches, Injectibles, Norplants.

Many of these are Banned in the USA and Europe but are good enough for the ignorant animals called Filipinos.

That many of these same contraceptives do not really “prevent conception”. Conception occurs, but the conceived new human is aborted because the woman’s uterus, body and hormones have become HOSTILE to the new human.

That the CONTRACEPTIVE CULTURE has resulted in the ABORTION CULTURE and now results in the EUTHANASIA CULTURE… see Million Dollar Baby, see Terry Schiavo.

That there is a whole lot more I will post here and I boldly invite you to our Pro-Life Center for you to interview us with your team.

Branding Pro-Life as Ultra-Conservative?

So saving all of the contraceptive minded – abortion minded – and scared women is Against Women’s Rights?

So saving marriages and families from disintegration is Against Women’s Rights?

So saving women from the scientifically, physically and psychologically damaging effects of contraceptives is Against Women’s Rights?

So we promote Marriage and Motherhood and Cohesive Families… is that Ultra-conservative?

Calling us the Really Good People is better.

Call us at 911-2911 and ask for an appointment.
We will be more than glad to teach you everything we know.



May 25th, 2005 at 9:55 am


In doing your Contraceptive Report, you compared contraceptive acceptance rate, contraceptive like this like that.

What is your failing or passing grade? You do not specify.
Then you make your judgement.

You as the investigator believe that Contraceptive Acceptance = Good. Non-Contraception = Bad.

That is a wrong concept.

What you should look at is the TFR, then you know Contraceptive Culture and Contraceptive use is already very very very PREVALENT.

Simple arithmetic: From a high of 7 TFR in 1960 down to to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 children per woman.

This, yes this shows CONTRACEPTIVE PREVALENCE!!!

And what proof do you have to recomment more contraception? None. Because we are looking at the same cold hard figures.

TFR ~ 3 in the Whole Philippines
TFR ~ 2 in Metro Manila

How much less do you want the numbers to go?

TFR ~ 2 in the Philippines? Sure, wait another 10 to 15 years.
TFR ~ 1 in Metro Manila? Sure, wait another 10 to 15 years.

See the trend, see the slope. See the same thing happening to ALL other countries here in Asia and the world.

And has 45 Years of Child Reduction / Population Control / Contraceptive Promotion made the Philippines RICH?

No, no no and no.

The problem lies elsewhere.

Do not be fooled by the population control agenda of NSSM 200.



May 25th, 2005 at 10:06 am

This is the basic lie of the Family Planning / Womens Rights / Population Control groups:

LIE: Contraception = Good = Contributes to Health = Reproductive Health

TRUTH: Contracption = Bad for your health = destructive to your psychology = leads to abortion mentality.

For respiratory health, you will want clean air, no smoking.

But for reproductive health, you prescribe chemicals and hormones that will make the woman unhealthy and body hostile to a conceived human.

Big Lie right there.

Also the UN definition of Reproductive Health includes ABORTION. Yes, it includes ABORTION. Yes, yes and yes.


Jaileen Jimeno

May 25th, 2005 at 10:17 am

The migration rate explanation was meant for sef.

Fr. Carroll himself recognizes the need to address the unmet needs of women, mostly poor, who want to space or limit their children. What the article pointed out is that information vital to wise decision-making in family planning is not available to these women. We are not pushing any agenda.



May 25th, 2005 at 10:31 am

Regarding: “the need to address the unmet needs of women, mostly poor, who want to space or limit their children… information vital to wise decision-making in family planning is not available to these women.”

This is the game of those with the de-population agenda want other people to swallow.

In metro manila, the Total Fertility Rate ~ 2 children per woman. This includes the classes ABCDE. So where are these really poor women who are ignorant about contraception? They are very very very RARE and far between.

Just because some foreign imperialists gave hundreds of millions of pesos to the department of health does not mean we have to willingly slit our throats.



The real solution [to poverty] lies in eliminating international injustice, the negative aspects of modern trade globalization, and also national injustice…

…it is much better if our politicians and our government concentrate their attention on these issues, rather than listening to some international agencies whose main goal is not our good, but only the curbing of our population under the disguise of development. Diminishing the population does not mean eliminating poverty, but cutting our own throat and compromising our future.



May 25th, 2005 at 10:41 am

What is Pro-Life doing for the poor communities?

Call 911-2911, ask for Kuya Willy and set an appointment with him how poor Pro-Life communities are running.

Their Pro-Life communities and families are running exceedingly well.

Our other numbers are 421-7147 and 422-8877.



May 25th, 2005 at 11:44 am

respect the difference of views and choices of women. family planning is not evil. imposing your views on others especially when it affects the health and lives of women is plain and simple sexism and misogyny.
get out of the dark ages! kudos to JJ. Great article!



May 25th, 2005 at 12:25 pm

I always thought the key to ending poverty was increasing the options for everyone — whether the options were in education, livelihood, and yes, sizes of families.

Of course, we should end international injustice. Go ahead, pressure the big MNCs and the White House, let’s see how far you get.

But in the meantime, there are already things we can do in our backyard, like enabling couples to choose the size of their families according to their ability to support them, helping women protect themselves by giving them the means to space their babies, etc.

It’s so ironic that a woman president who cannot seek re-election has catered to antiquated thinking and neglected this basic aspect of women’s rights.



May 25th, 2005 at 12:29 pm

And speaking of Lito Atienza, I heard him address an audience of about one thousand newlywed couples at a mass wedding and urge them to go out and have plenty of children, like himself.

That would be fine if the city of Manila constructed a welfare system to feed, clothe and educate all the unwanted babies and streetkids who inhabit his city.



May 25th, 2005 at 1:01 pm

“attykarol said,
May 25, 2005 @ 11:44 am
respect the difference of views and choices of women.”

Sure, smoking is good for your health and the tobacco companies should be allowed to go from house to house and tell them this is for their RESPIRATORY HEALTH!!!

Then use the Department of Health to Spread Respiratory HEALTH!

“attykarol said,
family planning is not evil.”

Oh yes it is. When you CRAM family planning on an ALREADY CONTRACEPTIVE SOCIETY, it is evil to the highest degree.

The LIE OF OMISSION from Family Planning and Women’s rights groups is they do not tell you that the Total Fertility Rate in Manila is around 2 children per woman.

That is a hard core CONTRACEPTIVE SOCIETY.

Did I open your eyes? Good.

“attykarol said,
imposing your views on others especially when it affects the health and lives of women is plain and simple sexism and misogyny.”

The ones imposing are the P 1,200,000,000 funding the DOH got to Impose the Imperial De-population agenda.

The ones imposing are those backing the bills like HB3773 that imposes fines and imprisonment on people like us who disagree with their LIES on contraception and population control.

It is the Contraceptive Lobby and the Family Planning lobby that is VICTIMIZING WOMEN, FAMILIES and CHILDREN.

Women are coerced to be Ligated and SUFFER a lifetime of hormonal imbalance and some death.

Women are pumped full of chemicals, hormones through patches, pills, injectibles, rod insertions… they become UNHEALTHY and not able to BEAR children and they are taught this is for their REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH.

Who is VICTIMIZING WHO? The contraceptive, family planning and population control lobby is the EVIL EMPIRE.

Huwag mag-pa-uto.
Jose Rizal was correct in his Noli me Tangere.
Nothing has changed in 100 years.
Indios are still naive and easily fooled.

Be informed.



May 25th, 2005 at 1:23 pm


PCIJ should be In search of the TRUTH.
PCIJ should be In search of what is BENEFICIAL to the Filipino People.
PCIJ should realize that from TFR 7,6,5,4,3,2 children per woman and 45 years of Population Control / Family Planning / Womens Rights daw / Contraception Promotion — has NOT given Filipinos a better life. This is indisputable fact!

PCIJ should then come visit us in Pro-Life and be informed about the other side. We are the ones exposing the Lies of the Imperialist Depopulation Masters whose plans were clearly outlined in NSSM 200 which specifically targets the Philippines as one of those key countries to be de-populated so that our Natural Resources may be harnessed by the imperialists instead of our own people.

Who is Nationalistic now huh?
To be nationalistic is to ascertain the TRUTH then act on it.
If you swallow the lies, then you will be working on behalf of those wanting to destroy the Filipinos… in the name of family planning, in the name of women’s rights, in the name of the de-population agenda.

Come interview us personally.
Call us for an appointment 911-2911, 422-8877, 421-7147.
Look for Angie and she will attend to your team.



May 26th, 2005 at 6:17 am

The Goodsamaritan is cordially invited to a forum called Talsik ( Inform us about your side and let your nationalism be known to another community.

Beter, if you could present your agenda and educate us about your programs. We would be more than willing to have you in a discussion pertaining to population issues and give us a glimpse of compromises in the future.

Let it be known to your Mayor as well.



May 27th, 2005 at 11:52 pm

last time i looked jose rizal was for the sepration of church and state.

i believe he also had this to say about fanaticism (courtesy of my favorite noli character, pilosopo tasio):

“a simple faith is as different from fanaticism as smoke is from the flame. only fools confuse them”

he died for such views by the way. the respect i was talking about of views referred to that sort of religious tolerance & peaceful co-existence. :-) (i’m anti-smoking too)

as a Catholic i’m just surprised at all this hostility & anger being vented here and in the name of such principles as nationalism and surprisingly “goodness” tsk. tsk.

kawawa naman ang abang health workers natin sa totoo lang. lalu na sa maynila. suffering persecution by the Mayor for doing something perfectly legal and according to the World Health Organization, something which is a part of essential primary health care…modern day heroes talaga sila.even when pastures couldn’t be greener abroad than ever, nandito sila lalu na ang nasa community health at NGOs, nagpapakadakila. my heart goes out to them — the downtrodden.



May 28th, 2005 at 6:58 am


1. Prolifers are not necessarily Catholic. I am atheist. I have no Dogma. See

2. Naaawa ka sa health workers? E hindi ka na naawa sa mga MAHIHIRAP na tao? Ang kayamanan at kaligayahan ng MAHIHIRAP ay magkaroon ng 1 to 3 children; tapos UUTUIN / LOLOKOHIN / IIPITIN / TATAKUTIN sila ng mga IWAS BUNTIS workers na mag-PASAKSAK ng IUD, mag-PA-TALI.

3. Rizal lamented the stupidity and gullibility of many Filipinos. Same as today. See the following DOGMAs the PCIJ report WORSHIPS:

Dogma #1 – Population Explosion… is a MYTH. Statistically proven. 45 years of population control and contraception promotion has reduced number of children per woman TFR from 7 children per woman nationwide to 3 children per woman nationwide to 2 children per woman in MANILA.

Dogma #2 – Population Explosion… Perception. People like you, Atty Karol are living in the old 1960s and 1950s, with the DOGMATIC BELIEF that Filipina WOMEN ARE TO BLAME for having too many children. You actually still believe that Filipinas are birthing left and right 5,6,7 children each. Dogma, Dogma, Dogma. Go to your precious WHO and see the stats. You will see that Manila has 2 children per woman TFR. Rich, Middle Class, Poor. Classes ABCDE. So your DOGMA of poor people have 5,6,7 children is very very very RARE. Most people are already contraceptive. Helloooo.

Dogma #3 – World Bank, IMF, ADB, WHO, Rockefeller Foundations, Ford Foundations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, USAID, UNFPA are all CHARITABLE institutions going out of their way to HELP the Filipinos by funding Population Control Programs!

What a load of DOGMA!

Population Control is WAR being waged on many countries around the world as planned by the US Government a long time ago right after WW2. The master plan is NSSM 200.,78.0.html

Dogma #4 – Lessening children will make Filipinos Rich… FALSE. 45 years of children reduction has not made us rich. Now that Manila is down to 2 children per woman, DOGMATIC population explosion worshippers with the DOH Iwas Buntis program; will see to it that Manileneos HAVE NO FUTURE.

Eh ano pa ang babawasin mo sa 2 children per woman na pa-punta pa sa 1.5 down to 1 child per woman in 10 or 20 years?

Yeah, eliminate the downtrodden by eliminating ALL THEIR CHILDREN.



May 30th, 2005 at 4:52 pm

NSSM 200 is an old policy and was sent to the archives accessible to the public.

Population control need not be developed as a clandestine or covert operation. In any country, problem like that of population control were addressed on a certain level and with open mind, particularly third world countries.

NSSM 200 was only cited as intelligence information critical to any foreign interest, as we also have the same procedures or standards in collecting information on any foreign countries that is also critical to ours but was barely enforced or seen.

Perhaps we are not that capable to collect information (intelligence agencies) or conduct projects (like NSSM 200) and later or decades afterwards, be released to the prying eyes of the public. In a lighter side, I guess it gave us the notion that somebody or someone can make a better diagnosis wherever it may apply.

I guess the view on NSSM 200 is entirely inaccurate, same as – on why would someone encourage a population control program (of course issues such as…) in a third world. I hope this type of view didn’t reflect the pro-life advocates as a whole.



May 30th, 2005 at 5:32 pm

As usual, the mainstream media has swallowed the “overpopulation” myth, hook line, and sinker.

For example, it talks abiut “unmet needs” for contraception, which has no real basis. This ASSUMES that there is a need for contraceptives, which is in itself doubtful. The entire idea of overpopulation is already on very shaky ground. Thereis no proof that poverty is caused by population density (one of the definitions of overpopulation at the Merriam Webster Dictionary). In fact, in the Philippines, it can be shown that poverty is more likely caused by poor governance, corruption and unjust economic structures. Population has nothing to do with it.

The report also completely misses the boat on the nature of ABORTIFACIENT CONTRACEPTIVES. The IUD, the Pill, and RU-486, for example, are designed to cause early abortions when their main contraceptive function fails (in fact, with the IUD, it IS the main function). This is known as breakthrough ovulation. These abortifacients act to create a “hostile endometrium” wherein the already-ferlitized egg cannot implant (should there be a conception). This is obviously an abortion.

But of course the PLCPD and other peddlers of such abortifacients and manufactured statistics conveniently gloss over this fact. Maybe the manufacturer of Frenzy is making too much moeny?



May 31st, 2005 at 5:27 pm

I didnt realize you were addressing me. I was hoping for the stats to back the assertion but all you seem to have was:

“Manila’s population growth is negative because people who can afford to leave, do. That is a sad statistic.”

Oh, yes, btw, you also have the Manila website quote which does not also show any statistical data.

So I see that the point was:
“In this day and age, information must be free. A government office should, and must, provide sane, scientific and rational options, when asked. Statistics can never quantify how empowering that can be.”

Even if religious leaders of >80% of the population say it is morally wrong?

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