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Pacific Plans

DISENFRANCHISED planholders of Pacific Plans have formed a coalition to protest the pre-need firm’s rehabilitation plan and are turning to the blogosphere — “Pacific Plans: Broken Dreams” — to network with each other and air their grievances.  One of their laments: “The Media has not covered this matter with the same zeal and frequency as they did with CAP which had a similar problem, albeit without any legal court order. Why?”

The planholders fear the odds are stacked against them. The biggest one, they say, is the closeness of the Yuchengco family to President Arroyo. The blog posts the President’s speech at the inauguration of the Yuchengco’s RCBC Plaza on Feb. 5, 2001 in which she acknowledges the support of the patriarch, Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco, to her at EDSA 2. Just how close the Yuchengcos are to Mrs. Arroyo? The President calls Yuchengco “Uncle Al” and describes his daughters as “my dear friends.”  Yuchengco, who serves as Mrs. Arroyo’s special envoy to China, Japan and Korea, also happened to host her mother’s — the late Eva Macapagal — last birthday in Japan.

For those who wish to meet the bloggers and other unhappy planholders in the flesh, an organizational meeting for planholders is scheduled at the St. Paul College in Pasig on April 23 at 8 a.m.

Note: Pacific Plans’ website is under construction.  So don’t bother to visit it.

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April 27th, 2005 at 5:23 pm

The PPI website is now running and seems designed to simply address the current issues they are facing.

Meanwhile, it seems that this huge problem did not elicit real and honest coverage by the media, which is detrimental both to the company and the plan holders. Everyone must realize that the death of PPI will not benefit the plan holders.

Is there a government agency investigating this matter? Has anyone obtained copies of their financial statements/public disclosures, and studied them for possibility of the company officer’s misdeeds (if there are)?

Rather than waste time on analyzing Mr. Yuchengco’s friendship with Pres. Arroyo, I am sure there are a lot more affected planholders that are asking the right questions but not given proper media attention.



October 11th, 2011 at 3:10 pm

last month, it was all over Singapore that the facebook and yahoo accts of 2 prominent filipinos, Paul Monozca and Rico Hizon were hacked. Bad blogs and messages were fabricated and it was revealed last week that the culprit was Marco Yuchengco Santos, a grandson of ambassador Yuchengco. No one believed it at first as he was a friend to both gentlemen and a yuchengco at that but little did anyone knew he is wanted for a failed drug deal with the military in manila and he was a drug addict desperate for money to buy drugs. He has since fled overseas (I heard he is also looking for a job in Singapore) to escape the authorities. It was also revealed Marco Yuchengco Santos is responsible for hacking into RCBC bank, Malayan insurance and Pacific Plans when he worked for Mapua (handles all back-end needs of YGC) defrauding millions from its members. He uses bogus titles from companies that he set up which have already closed down or companies he was fired from: edsamail, touchmedia, IPVG etc. (being vice-chairman of non-existent companies)His modus operandi is to make his friends fight against one another via facebook or yahoo, including some family members and he would ask a fee to stop it. hayop sa racket! this is the yuchengco name we bought plans from?????????? all 34,000 of us ?????????????

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