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The P144-B DAP Express

Results, impact? DBM, COA figures clash

IN ITS 2012 Annual Financial Report for National Government, the Commission on Audit (COA) said regular appropriation for programmed activities of the departments and agencies of the national government amounted to P868.92 billion.

The amount includes P11.28 billion in SAGF (Special Account in the General Fund) for specific programs provided in the Special Provisions of the General Appropriations Act or GAA. The total available allocation left was P857.64 billion that was supported by funds from two sources.

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The P144-B DAP Express

Funds freed in a rush, projects yield slow results

THE GOOD, the bad, and the dead combine, in terms of projects and activities, under the Aquino administration’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which is now wreaking havoc on relations between institutions, as well as between the government and the citizens.

Put aside the lack of transparency in details about which legislators and local officials pushed what projects, where, and for how much, under the “various priority local projects” funded by billions of DAP pesos. To date, the pace, quality, and impact of project implementation under DAP is a quizzical record.

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The P144-B DAP Express

A maze of good, bad, open, opaque projects

“Good intentions are not good enough.”

That, according to Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio ‘Babes’ Singson, is the lesson from the sorry episode that was the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP.

The Supreme Court on July 1 voted 13-0 to declare DAP unconstitutional in part because of the amounts that crossed over to other branches of government, the withdrawal of funding for items enrolled in the national budget, and the transfer of funding to items not enrolled in the national budget.

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Agalon Sang Kadutaan
(Masters of the Land)

AGALON SANG KADUTAAN is a collection of images and information about the people who till the volcanic land of Negros Occidental for their economic and political masters. The sacadas and dumaans, those who work the cane fields of Negros, are bound, not just to the soil, but to the whims and caprices of their AGALON. This feudal relationship easily transposes itself into the political arena, since the masters who hold the lives of the sugar workers in their hands have also used this economic power to build their political base.

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AFTA and the sugar industry

Tiempo Muerto for Negros,
Tiempo Suerte for Filipinos?

CUARESMA or Holy Week is the time when Filipinos reflect on the agony of Jesus Christ. It is also the time when the mamumugon — the workers in the vast haciendas or plantations of Negros Occidental — slip into a suspended state between life and death, a seeming purgatory on earth.

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2013 Summer Internship Program

The PCIJ is now accepting applications for its 2013 Summer Internship Program.

The program is open to Filipino college students. Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Social Sciences, and Economics majors are welcome to apply. PCIJ interns should be able to commit to a minimum of 200 hours for the summer.

Applications will be accepted until first week of April. The Program will commence 3rd week of April.

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