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The Government and Yolanda:

A lot of money, impact too little too late

AS DONATIONS continue to pour in from both local and foreign individuals and institutions for post-Yolanda recovery and rehabilitation efforts, the Philippine government has also loosened its purse strings and released funds to aid the typhoon-struck communities.

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Who, what, why, how much?

EXACTLY THREE months after Yolanda struck central Philippines, the government launched a worldwide campaign to thank everyone who had rushed to the country’s aid in the supertyphoon’s aftermath. Aside from print and TV ads, the government also paid for billboards in nine famous cities across the globe – New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Sydney — expressing the Filipinos’ gratitude for the hand extended to them by people all over the world. Indeed, while Filipinos themselves rushed to help their countrymen in need, the global response to the tragedy was overwhelming.

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The money trail of disaster aid

Yolanda: The disaster that lingers still

WHEN IT became evident that Typhoon Ruby was going to slam through central Philippines in December last year, many began wondering what would happen to the thousands who were still homeless more than a year after Super Typhoon Yolanda rampaged through communities in the Visayas and robbed many families of their loved ones as well as their homes.

Indeed, although monies continue to pour in even now for the communities devastated by Yolanda, thousands who survived its fury are still living in temporary shelters; damaged government offices and school buildings remain unrepaired; and many of those who lost their means of livelihood are still struggling to find steady work.

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Reality check: The DAP Express

Pork redux? Districts of LP solons, allies get biggest slabs

THERE ARE clear winners, as there are clear losers, in terms of provinces and congressional districts and project types, in the distribution of over P11 billion in tax money under the controversy-ridden Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

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Reality check: The DAP Express

Many projects short on speed, long on confusion

IT WAS supposed to speed up the disbursement of state monies for high-impact projects that have been badly needed by the people. Yet while there are government agencies that offer glowing reports on the status of the projects assigned to them with funding from the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), several admit to pale to poor performance when it comes to implementing DAP projects.

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2013 Summer Internship Program

The PCIJ is now accepting applications for its 2013 Summer Internship Program.

The program is open to Filipino college students. Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Social Sciences, and Economics majors are welcome to apply. PCIJ interns should be able to commit to a minimum of 200 hours for the summer.

Applications will be accepted until first week of April. The Program will commence 3rd week of April.

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